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Teen Accused Of Killing Grandmother And Burying Her In A Shallow Grave Pleads Not Guilty

A Florida teen has pleaded not guilty to killing his grandmother and dumping her in a shallow grave. According to First Coast News, Logan Mott of Neptune Beach, Florida is accused of killing his grandmother, 53-year-old Kristina French. 

On November 22, both 15-year-old Mott and the grandmother were reported missing by family after noticing that their vacation home had been ransacked. Shortly after, authorities unearthed the body of French. They believe she had died from a gunshot wound but her body also showed signs of stab wounds.

Authorities then found the teen trying to leave the country. He was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for trying to cross into Canada.

He had three guns and a knife covered in what looked like blood on him at the time.

Mott has been charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty.

As previously reported by First Coast News, Mott is being represented by a

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Man Charged With Digging Up His Grandma’s Grave To Steal Jewelry From Coffin

A man allegedly dug up his own grandmother’s grave, 15 years after she died, in an attempt to steal jewelry from the coffin.

James Howard, along with Tea Jay Luster, are accused of digging up Emily Howard’s grave in a cemetery located in Martin County, Kentucky.

Family members were shocked when they found out who dug up their long-dead loved one.

“It hurt the family very much,” George Jude, Emily’s grandson-in-law, told WSAZ. “They really weren’t expecting it to be part of the family that did it.”

Police said that both Howard and Luster confessed, claiming that they wanted to sell the jewelry that was buried with the woman.

“They had to be in a bad mindset,” Jude said, blaming drugs. “Anybody in their right mind I don’t think would’ve been up there digging out a grave. They put in a lot of work. It’s crazy.”

Both men are charged with violating a grave. Although

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