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Man Allegedly Stabs Girlfriend To Death, Then Goes To Family Birthday Party And Stabs Both Parents

A young man in Massachusetts is accused of murdering his girlfriend and then attending a family party. According to People, 20-year-old Benjamin Walsh is a suspect in the killing of his 20-year-old girlfriend Olivia Bergstrom. He then went to a family birthday party and allegedly stabbed both of his parents.

The incident occurred on Saturday night following the stabbing at the Primavera restaurant. Both parents are expected to recover. Laura Walsh, the mother, was in serious condition on Monday while her husband was released after being treated. Apparently, Walsh’s other family members were able to subdue Benjamin and tie him up until authorities came to the scene.

Witnesses at the scene describe Walsh as making violent, verbal threats at the restaurant. As CBS Boston reports, witnesses overheard him proclaim, “I’m going to kill everyone!” Jerry Gaita, the owner of the restaurant, was leaving the restaurant when his employee called him about the

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Man Fatally Shoots Parents, Girlfriend And Her Mom Before Turning Gun On Himself

A small community in Kentucky is grieving after a man allegedly murdered his parents, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother before turning a gun on himself on Sunday.

Joseph Nickell’s parents James and Arlene Nickell, age 75 and 70, were found shot to death in a Flatgap home. Joseph’s girlfriend 41-year-old Lindsey Vanhoose, and her mother 57-year-old Patricia Vanhoose, were found fatally at another home nearby, State Police Trooper William Petry said in a statement. The body of Joseph was found in the same home of his girlfriend and her mother, and police are calling the deaths a murder-suicide, Fox News reported.

Johnson County Coroner J.R. Frisby told the Lexington Herald-Leader that all four victims were shot once each with a 9mm handgun and that there were no signs of a struggle before the shooting. Frisby said he believes that the parents just finished baking a cake when they

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Man Gets Life In Prison For Fatally Stabbing Tinder Ex-Girlfriend 75 Times

A man has received life in prison for violently attacking his ex-girlfriend and fatally stabbing her 75 times. As the New York Post shared, Joshua Stimpson of Kent, England, murdered his 23-year-old ex, Molly McLaren.

“You are supremely selfish and callous. You planned this killing,” said the judge during sentencing. “She was 23 years old, beautiful and intelligent. She was a second-year student at the University of Kent. She had her whole life in front of her. She was loved and a much loving daughter, family member and friend to many. She is mourned by a large number of people. Their loss and grief is immeasurable, and nothing I can say or any sentence I can pass can deal with that grief and loss.”

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Teen Arrested For Fatally Shooting 16-Year-Old Girlfriend: ‘I Did Not Mean To Do It’

A teenager from Washington DC was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly shot his girlfriend in the head inside an apartment. Dekale Bowman, 18, has been charged with second-degree murder for the death of 16-year-old Taiyania Thompson, The Washington Post reported.

Thompson was a sophomore in high school. She died on Sunday, three days after she was shot.

An arrest affidavit reveals that the girl was shot as she sat on a living room couch. A witness told police that Bowman said the teen couple was “fooling around with their dogs and junk, that she had pointed hers at me and I pointed mine at her, and pow, it just went off.”

According to the affidavit, Bowman also told that witness, “That’s my b*tch. I love her. I did not mean to do it.” 

WJLA reported that the witness also revealed, “He [Bowman] told me that while on social media [he was] playing

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Man Arrested After Cutting Unconscious Girlfriend’s Body As Part Of ‘Satanic Ritual’

A man from Pennsylvania man is accused of slicing his girlfriend’s hand and leg with a razor blade while she was unconscious. The victim had passed out after getting her palm cut during a violent altercation with the suspect, Kyle Parker.

The day after the incident, according to WPXI, the woman returned to Parker’s home to retrieve some of her personal belongings. When she did, Parker allegedly told her, “By the way, I sold your soul to the devil.”

Parker has been arrested on assault and harassment charges. He is in jail in lieu of $75,000 bond, according to Trib Live.
According to police, he told him that the cutting was part of a satanic ritual. It is unclear if Parker has a lawyer who can speak to his defense. One neighbor, though, said that he doesn’t think Parker, 21, is satanic at all.

“I do think he just goes

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Teen Suspected Of Murdering Girlfriend’s Parents Allegedly Mowed A Giant Swastika On A Field

A 17-year-old Virginia boy arrested on charges that he shot and killed his girlfriend’s parents on Friday also mowed a giant swastika on a public field, friends and neighbors of the murdered couple said.

Scott Fricker, 48, and his wife Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, forbade their 16-year-old daughter to continue dating her boyfriend after they discovered a neo-Nazi Twitter account they believed belonged to the teen, The Washington Post reported.

Just a week later, the teen, who was not named by police, was arrested on charges that he allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend’s parents while they were gathered in their home for the holidays, after he had snuck into their house and into their daughter’s room.

The teen then allegedly turned the gun on himself, but he survived. He is now in critical condition at a hospital and charged with two counts of murder, according to The Washington Post.

Neighbors said

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Man Convicted Of Kidnapping His Ex-Girlfriend With Plans To Take Her To A Cave To ‘Brainwash Her’

A man who abducted his ex-girlfriend with plans on taking her to a cave and making her his wife was found guilty on Tuesday, December 19 of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping charges, according to The Dallas Morning News. He faces sentencing in March.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 32-year-old Jack Morgan and a female accomplice, 19-year-old Sophie Brown, stalked and then kidnapped 28-year-old Jane Priebe earlier this year from her Las Vegas apartment. Brown pleaded guilty in November to one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and is currently awaiting sentencing, according to The Dallas Morning News.

A witness saw Priebe being dragged into a white van by Morgan. She was bound by chains and wearing only her underwear. Authorities were called in and then notified the area about the van. At about 11 PM the same day, a police officer in New Mexico stopped the van and heard Priebe shouting

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Man Fatally Shoots Girlfriend In Murder-Suicide Just Days Before He Was Planning To Propose

The family of a Florida man is in shock after he allegedly committed a murder-suicide just 30 minutes after he was seen seemingly “happy.” As the New York Daily News reported, 27-year-old Richard Travis Timilty shot his girlfriend, 26-year-old Holly Given. He then took his own life. The two were found inside their apartment in Palm Beach County on Wednesday.

His family says that Timilty was generally happy in both his personal and professional life. He was apparently very excited about recently being promoted to a fishing boat captain. He was seen drinking with friends the night of the crime. 

“He was smiling. He was happy,” his mother shared about his demeanor the night of the incident. 

“He finally achieved his goal, becoming a boat captain. He had such a bright future,” his father said.

Authorities shared that he had no recorded issues with domestic violence, according to the Palm Beach Post. They had not visited the

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17-Year-Old Kills His Girlfriend’s Parents After They Allegedly Found Out He Was A Neo-Nazi

An unnamed 17-year-old in Reston, Virginia, has been charged with two counts of murder after allegedly murdering his girlfriend’s parents, according to The New York Times. The teen is currently recovering from life-threatening injuries from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The victims, Scott Fricker and his wife Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, were killed in their own home. The incident reportedly occurred after the Frickers encouraged their teenage daughter to break up with her boyfriend due to his white supremacist beliefs, according to The Washington Post. Kuhn-Fricker believed the teen was attempting to indoctrinate her daughter into Nazism, noting that she had begun casually parroting his rhetoric. A previous attempt at encouraging the end of the relationship resulted in Kuhn-Fricker’s daughter refusing to eat.

“They kept a tight eye on her and they disapproved of all the time she was spending with him, hours on the phone,” Kuhn-Fricker’s mother, Janet Kuhn, told ABC

“I’m in shock,”

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Man Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend’s Molester Says He’s ‘Not …

A Louisiana man admitted to killing his girlfriend’s convicted molester while being interviewed by a detective days after the murder, as shown in a tape of the interview that was played in the alleged killer’s trial.

Jace Crehan, 23, admitted to the killing of Robert Noce Jr., 47, on July 4, 2015—just thirteen days after Noce pleaded no contest to a charge of sexually molesting Brittany Monk, 20, when she was a child and Noce was dating her mother, The Advocate reported.

Noce avoided jail time for the molestation, instead being placed on probation for five years.

In the video, Crehan said that he killed Noce inside his trailer, but he initially said that Monk was not present at the scene of the crime. 

The detective then told him that Monk’s DNA was located at the scene, and Crehan said that Monk was there, but had not taken part in the assault leading

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