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Girl Beats Up 13-Year-Old Classmate While Friends Record Assault On Snapchat

On Sunday, a 13-year-old girl from Martin County, Florida was viciously attacked by a classmate, and the entire fight was caught on a cellphone camera. According to ABC Action News, the 13-year-old was lured to a park so that a girl, one year her senior, could assault her.

In the clip, the victim does not appear to fight back. Police found footage of the attack on Snapchat.

The victim’s mother told WFTS on Tuesday, “[Detectives] called me on Sunday to say my daughter was at the park, that she had been assaulted, and that she was being rushed to the hospital.”

She said her daughter is recovering, but she is not without injuries. The teen has bruises, a swollen jaw, headaches and is missing hair after the attack, according to her mom.

“This was animal behavior,” the mother said. The mother also stated eight other kids who were watching the fight did nothing

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Autistic Man Beaten Up And Robbed While Trying To Make Friends On Basketball Court

After a violent incident in Tampa, Florida, two people are under arrest and an adult man with autism is left not knowing who he can trust. The victim told ABC Action News that he was just trying to make friends on the basketball court near his home, but he ended up being beaten and robbed.

“They tried to take my phone. They beat me up. They punched me in my face,” the 22-year-old man said. The young man suffers from autism, the neurological disorder that can inhibit and impair communication and social interactions and affects one in 68 children nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The victim, whose father asked that he not be named, had gone to a basketball court near his home on Sunday, December 3, The Washington Post reported. He enjoys playing the sport and was hoping to make new friends with whom he

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20-Year-Old Student Mysteriously Dies After She Starts Vomiting During Hike With Friends

A 20-Year-Old college student died while on a hike to a hot spring in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, according to Denver NBC affiliate KUSA

Susanna Deforest of Collegeville, Pennsylvania fell ill while on a 16-mile hike to Conundrum Hot Springs, south of Aspen.

DeForest was visiting three friends from Pennsylvania who now live in the town of Dillon, Colorado.

Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Todaro told The Aspen Times the group had the proper gear, water and food to spend the night at the hot spring, but left late in the day on Thursday, August 18. According to the website AllTrails, the hike is rated as “difficult” and can take up to eight hours to complete.  

About six miles into the hike Deforest became ill and started vomiting. The group set up a tent for her to rest in, while two members of the party hiked out to get help. They

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Mom Gets Ice Cream With Friends After Leaving 17-Month-Old To Die In Desert, Burying Body

A Phoenix mother has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for pushing her daughter in a stroller and leaving her in a desert to die. According to The Washington Post, 23-year-old Ashley Denise Attson pled guilty to second-degree murder in the September 2016 killing that occured on the Navajo Nation reservation.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Arizona, Attson left her 17-month daughter in the desert for four days. “Over the next few days, she met friends for ice cream and posted pictures of herself on Facebook,” the prosecutor’s office said. She eventually came back only to bury the child in an animal hole.

The child was born with methamphetamine in her system and in the custody of tribal social services for much of her life. Attson only regained custody of her about two months before killing her.

Under the plea agreement, the mother received a 20-year sentence. The maximum sentence otherwise would have been life.

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