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Plumber Found Guilty Of Slaughtering San Francisco Family Of 5

It was one of the most brutal mass slayings in the Bay area. In 2012, a family of five was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer inside their San Francisco home. On Monday, the man responsible for the murders was found guilty. After six days of deliberations, a jury found Binh Thai Luc, 41, guilty on all five counts of murder, the Associated Press reports.

“This was a very gruesome, brutal murder, and we’re pleased we’re getting some accountability for the family and for the community,” District Attorney George Gascón told SF Gate.

Plumber Luc murdered husband and wife Hua Shun Lei, 65 and Wan Yi Wu, 62 and two of their children Ying Xue Lei, 37 and Vincent Lei, 32. The fifth victim, Chia Huei Chu, 30, was Vincent’s wife. Tragically, Vincent’s 12-year-old niece was the one who found all five bodies. The San Francisco Chronicle reports

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At Least 2 Dead In San Francisco UPS Shooting

At least two people are dead after a shooting at a UPS facility in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. The gunman shot himself, and his condition is unknown, according to San Francisco Deputy Police Chief Mikail Ali in a CNN report. The Associated Press is reporting that at least four people are injured.

Antonio Salic, a construction worker, told CNN he was working in a house across from the UPS building when he heard shots.

“I was working and suddenly I heard shots and I peeked out the window,” he said. “I saw people getting out (of the building), and they were wounded. A lot of people were running.”

He said he also witnessed people on the roof with their hands up, to let police know they were unarmed.

UPS released a statement that said, “Local law enforcement have control of the facility and are conducting an investigation. The company is cooperating

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