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Human Remains Found By Hunter Have Been Identified As Two Different Missing Teen Girls

Human remains found this Spring have been identified as a Missouri teen who went missing over a decade ago.

Seventeen-year-old Kara Kopetsky vanished after leaving her Missouri high school in May 2007.

Her remains were found by a mushroom hunter in a rural area near Belton, Missouri back in April. A second skull was found nearby her remains the very next day, Inside Edition reports.

On Thursday, the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office the results of a laboratory analysis, conducted by the FBI.

“I have received both the mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA reports from the FBI for the unidentified skeleton recovered in Cass County. Both reports indicate the remains are that of Kara Elise Kopetsky.” Chief Medical Examiner Diane C. Peterson, M.D. said.

The second set of human remains were identified as 21-year-old Jessica Runions who went missing in 2016. She was last seen leaving a party with 28-year-old Kylr Yust, the estranged

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12-Year-Old Found Murdered In Home Shortly After Sending Mom Eerie Text About Knock On Door

Police are looking to neighbors for help in solving the vicious murder of a 12-year-old girl in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I’ve never seen anything this brutal in my entire career,” MNPD Sgt. David Kautzman said.

The body of the child was discovered by family members last Thursday. Yhoana Arteaga was killed by blunt-force trauma in her mobile home while home by herself, according to Fox17. She was on crutches after being injured in a skating accident. Yhoana’s last communication was when she texted her mother, telling her that someone was knocking at the door.

Police described the scene as ‘horrific.’

“Without being overly specific, there was blunt force trauma to her body and her clothing was in disarray,” MNPD Spokesperson Don Aaron said.

Police believe the young girl knew her killer.

The GoFundMe “Friends of Yhoana” said the murdered girl was “kind, polite, caring, fun, intelligent, and beautiful she will be remembered as a wonderful

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Former FBI Agent And His Daughter Found Guilty Of Murdering Her Husband With Baseball Bat

A former FBI agent and his daughter were found guilty of killing the daughter’s husband in North Carolina.

According to ABC News, 67-year-old Thomas Martens, a veteran with the FBI for over 30 years, and 33-year-old Molly Corbett were found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of 39-year-old Jason Corbett yesterday.

On Aug. 2, 2015, Martens and Molly Corbett claim that the husband allegedly attacked his wife. In a 911 call, Martens tells the operator that he hit his son-in-law “in the head with a baseball bat.” 

“He was choking my daughter. He said, ‘I’m going to kill her.’ He’s bleeding all over and I may have killed him.”

Martens and his daughter, whom the Daily Mail says is a former model, claimed they were acting out in self-defense but the prosecution argued that neither had injuries to support that. Jason Corbett also had hair and blood evidence that pointed to a struggle. 

The jury

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Woman Mysteriously Found Dead In Sand Hole During Her Family Vacation

A woman’s body was found buried in a hole in the sand on a beach in Maryland.

Thirty-year-old Ashley O’Connor, an artist from Plano, Texas, was taking stroll on the beach in the middle of the night, according to the Associated Press. Authorities believe she either fell or sat in a hole dug by another vacationer. The sand then collapsed, burying her alive.

Beachgoers discovered her body a little before dawn on Monday. According to ABC News, they spotted her arm sticking out of the sand. Investigators spent 9 hours digging for clues in the spot where O’Connor died. Meanwhile, sunbathers laid on towels just a few feet away.

A medical examiner confirmed that the death was an accident and a rare one: ABC News reports that there has only been 31 incidents of people dying in recreational sand holes over a 10-year period worldwide.

Maryland authorities are reminding people not to

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Mom Found Dead On Alaskan Cruise Ship After Passenger Overhears Her Arguing With 2 Men

A suspect has been taken into the custody by the FBI in the death of a woman aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship in Alaska. The woman died Tuesday night on the vessel carrying 3,400 passengers and 1,100 crew members on a weeklong excursion leaving Seattle on Sunday.

According to Timethe U.S. attorney’s office will hold a news conference with the FBI and Coast Guard today in Anchorage to share the federal charges being filed in the case. The FBI gets involved with deaths that occur in international or U.S. waters.

ABC News shares that the victim is 39-year-old Kristy Manzanares. She died aboard the ship following a domestic dispute, per a source. The FBI is investigating the “suspicious” death. Manzanares’ online profile on her employer’s website shows that she was a married mother and a real estate agent with Sotheby’s in St. George, Utah.  According to the Daily Mail, passengers saw her arguing

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Female Hunter Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide After Online Threats From Animal Activists

A female hunter is dead by apparent suicide amid claims that she was bullied by animal rights activists online. According to RTMelania Capitan was found dead at a farm in Huesca, Spain on Wednesday. The 27-year-old reportedly shot herself with a rifle and left a suicide note.

Capitan shared her love of hunting online with thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers. She had nearly 40,000 Facebook fans. Crime Online shares the young woman would sometimes post trophy photos of her kills, such as dead deer. With such a controversial lifestyle, RT explains that Capitan was reportedly flooded with messages and threats by those who were against hunting. 

A post shared by Mel Capitan Hunter (@melct24) on Jul 9, 2017 at 11:39am PDT

Despite her controversial posts, according to El Mundo, a close friend says that the cyber bullying was not the reason that Capitan killed herself. The person reportedly cited “personal problems.”


[Photo: Instagram]


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9 Dead After Human Trafficking Truck Found At Walmart – Here’s Everything We Know

At least 10 people were found dead in a tractor-trailer parked outside a San Antonio, Texas Walmart on Sunday. Dozens of undocumented immigrants were in the truck, many of them badly injured. They were discovered after a man in the truck asked a Walmart employee for water. The worker called police after bringing the man water, according to CNN.

Police found eight bodies in the 18-wheeler. Thirty-one people were suffering from various injuries. Many suffered heat strokes and face potential brain damage. A ninth victim later died at a hospital. The air conditioner in the trailer was not working, Yahoo! reported, and on Saturday, it was a scorching 100 degrees in Texas. Two of the people hospitalized are just 15 years old, a fire spokesman said.

At least 100 undocumented immigrants may have been in the vehicle at some point, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting Director Thomas Homan stated.

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Authorities Believe They’ve Found Remains Of 10th Arizona Flash Flood Victim

Authorities believe they have found the remains of the last victim of the Arizona flash flood tragedy. According to CBSNewsthe remains found Wednesday may belong to missing 27-year-old Hector Miguel Garnica. He would be the 10th victim to perish in the flash flood.

Gila County Sheriff’s officials said that the official identification of the body is dependent on DNA analysis. However, they do believe that the body does belong to Garnica and have notified his family.

Last weekend, the extended Garnica family was swimming along the river at the Tonto National Forest. A flash flood came upon them and killed nine, including Garnica’s wife and three children (pictured above). 

First responders called the flash flood a “40-foot-wide black wave” moving at 45 miles per hour. “All of a sudden, this wall of water, and rock and debris, just came rushing at them,” a witness said of the incident.

Four of the 14 family members were rescued. They

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Dad Of Son Found Covered Head To Toe In Feces Claims He Is The Victim

A pair of parents in Indiana have been charged with neglect and criminal confinement after their neighbor saw their son playing with his own feces. The mother stated the child was being punished for “pooping on the floor again,” according to Eagle Country Online.

Raymond L. Goodrich II, 52, and Sharon M. Goodrich, 34, allegedly forced their 3-year-old to live in filth. Police were forwarded a case from the Department of Child Services that reported their home was full of soda cans, trash cans and open diapers. The child would also often be left unsupervised.

Police visited the residence in June, where they saw two child gates stacked on top of each other, confining the child to one section of the trailer. Police said the child’s bed, walls and floor was covered with feces, urine and diapers. The officers claimed the child himself was covered in feces from head to toe. According

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Multiple Human Remains Found On Farm, 1 Out Of 4 Missing Men ID’d

Investigators found the body of one of four missing young men in addition to other human remains buried on a Pennsylvania farm, according to the Associated Press.  Cadaver dogs led authorities to a 12.5-foot-deep common grave.

The body of Dean Finocchiaro, 19, who is pictured above on the right, was identified. Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub called it a homicide but he did give any more specifics at this time. There are human remains of others in the grave, but police do not yet know how many.

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He vowed to “bring each and every one of these lost boys home to their families” during a midnight news conference.

The other men are 22-year-old Mark Sturgis, 21-year-old Tom Meo and 19-year-old Jimi Tar Patrick. One of the missing,

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