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Former Pilot Sentenced To Life In Prison For Traveling To Philippines To Buy, Rape Young Girls

A man from Sacramento, California has been sentenced to life in federal prison for buying Filipino children for sex and pornography. Michael Carey Clemans, 57, was handed down the sentence on Tuesday. According to the Associated Press, Clemans is an Army veteran who lived in Bangkok for two years while working as a pilot for a small airline. 

Prosecutors detailed how Clemans returned multiple times to the Philippines with malicious intentions. According to authorities, he would ask a woman in the Philippines to take sexually explicit photographs of the children so that he could decide which child he wanted to rape when he came to the country.

Prosecutors claim that Clemans raped at least three girls, according to ABC13. The woman he conspired with from the Philippines, Lyan Tandeg, and another co-conspirator, Shellina Atad, were arrested for producing child pornography to show Clemans images of potential victims, some as young as 7. They were

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Former Jodi Arias Detective Calls Case A ‘Travesty,’ Details Her Bizarre Behavior

Ten years after the death of 30-year-old Travis Alexander, a new limited series is airing an exclusive interview with the detective who investigated the case that landed Jodi Arias behind bars, Fox News reported.

In 2008, Alexander, a Mormon salesman living in Arizona, was discovered dead in his shower with nearly 30 stab wounds and a bullet in his head. 

His girlfriend, Jodi Arias, was arrested for the murder, with prosecutors claiming that she planned the killing after Alexander broke up with her.

Arias was found guilty in 2013 of first-degree premeditated murder. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and she remains behind bars at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Perryville.

Now, Nathan Mendes — the detective who arrested Arias — is speaking out for the first time in a three-part Investigation Discovery series called “Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery.”

“I think people should realize the whole thing is

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James Franco Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By His Former Acting Students

Five women have come forward with more details on the sexual misconduct allegations against actor James Franco. Just days after he won a Golden Globe Award, the women—four of whom say they were students at his film school—claim that Franco demonstrated sexually exploitative or inappropriate behavior against them while serving as their teacher or mentor.

“I feel there was an abuse of power, and there was a culture of exploiting non-celebrity women, and a culture of women being replaceable,” said 39-year-old Sarah Tither-Kaplan to the Los Angeles Times. The women say some believed that working with Franco could lead them to career advancement in Hollywood. They describe uncomfortable working environments, including sex scenes that made them uneasy. Tither-Kaplan said she was in a nude orgy scene with Franco years ago and he removed protective plastic safeguards covering the actresses’ vaginas while simulating oral sex on them.

In addition to incidents alleged at Franco’s school, Studio

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Former Olympic Figure Skating Superstar Tonya Harding: Then and Now


Tonya Harding took the ice skating world by storm in so many ways. The two-time Olympian was also the 1991 U.S. champion and 1991 World Championship silver medalist. One of her biggest accomplishments: being the first woman in the world to ever execute two triple Axels.

She also contributed to a black mark on the U.S. Figure Skating Association, the association that banned her for life in 1994. That year, just weeks before the 1994 Olympics, Harding’s rival was beaten in her knee with a crowbar. Harding was thought to have played a part in that attack but said she didn’t know about it beforehand. Her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, allegedly hired the man who took the crowbar to the popular Kerrigan’s knee. She pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder prosecution in the attack, the New York Times reports. Harding got three years’ probation for the incident.

Harding, who had a rough-around-the-edges

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Former Friend Reveals He Was Terrified Of OJ Simpson

In 2007, OJ Simpson got a call from Tom Riccio, a collectibles broker who had worked with Simpson in the past. He informed Simpson that a couple of dealers had some of OJ’s personal property that went missing or were stolen from him.

“OJ was both angered and excited that a lot of his stuff he’d been looking for for many years was back in his grasp,” Riccio says during the series premiere of Mysteries Scandals. “He wanted it back. He came up with the idea to tell them that we had a rich OJ fan that wanted to buy this stuff. And that he would go there and try to get it back himself.”

Eventually Riccio and Simpson showed up to the Las Vegas hotel room where the infamous crime went down. Riccio secretly recorded the entire event to cover

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Socialite And Daughter Of Former Washington Redskins Owner Arrested After Alleged Assault, Anti-Semitic Slur At …

The 29-year-old daughter of the former owner of the Washington Redskins was arrested in New York City on Wednesday after she allegedly assaulted someone with a $300 glass purse and made an anti-Semitic remark, The Washington Post reported.

Jacqueline Kent Cooke — the millionaire daughter of Jack Kent Cooke, who owned The Washington Redskins football team for decades until his death in 1997 — was charged with second-degree assault and is being investigated by the Hate Crimes Task Force.

“The people are investigating this case as a possible hate crime,” Assistant District Attorney Jorge Deossa said at Cooke’s arraignment.

Cooke was waiting in the coat check line at the upscale Upper East Side restaurant Caravaggio at just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, near Matthew Haberkorn, a 52-year-old man, and his family. Cooke became impatient and snapped at Haberkorn’s mother, a 77-year-old woman, and said “Hurry up, Jew,” Haberkorn told the Read more at: http://www.oxygen.com/crime-time/socialite-and-daughter-of-former-washington-redskins-owner-arrested-after-alleged-assault

Police: Former School Principal And Her Mom Died Of Gunshot Wounds

On Thursday, police released previously withheld information about the deaths of a mother and daughter who were found dead in their Fresno, California home in mid-December. Now, police reveal that Jennifer DuPras, 55, and Cynthia Houk, 88, died of gunshot wounds. DuPras was a former school principal. Houk was a widow of a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer.

“Both victims died as a result of gunshot wounds and nobody has been ruled out. We are still investigating this, we have a lot of forensic evidence that we’ve sent to lab for testing, we’re waiting for the return of that evidence now,” Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims stated, according to Your Central Valley.

Police said that there was no evidence of a forced entry in the home. According to the Fresno Bee, no arrests have been made and it is unclear if police have any suspects in mind. Police

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Woman Allegedly Destroys Two Andy Warhol Paintings While On Date With Former Trump Donor

Dallas resident and court reporter Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on charges of criminal mischief after destroying approximately $300,000 of property during a date gone awry. 

According to KHOU, Layman has been accused of damaging three paintings and two sculptures at the River Oaks home of 49-year-old attorney Anthony Buzbee. Reports indicate that she allegedly poured an unspecified liquid onto the artworks. She also allegedly tore the paintings off the wall and tossed the sculptures around. Two of the paintings are reported to have been created by Andy Warhol and were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each, according to CBS News.

Buzbee had reportedly called Layman an Uber after she became too intoxicated on a date, reported Time. Later, he could not get her to vacate the premises. Buzbee’s lawyer added that Layman “at some point appeared too intoxicated and she was asked to leave. She wouldn’t and got angry

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Former Christian School Teacher Arrested After Husband Catches Her In Bed With Teen Boy

A former Christian school teacher from Oregon was allegedly caught in the act of sleeping with a teen boy by her husband. Andrea Nicole Baber, 29, was arrested on Friday after being accused of having sexual relations with a 17-year-old student for over a year, the Register-Guard reported. The abuse allegedly began when the victim was just 15.

Baber’s husband reportedly walked in on her and the student in the couple’s bed, according to The News-Review. His wife was partially unclothed. The husband also reportedly discovered that his wife had been sexting the teen after he found topless photos of her, which were sent to the underage boy from her phone. And the husband wasn’t the only one who found out something was wrong prior to the arrest.

The victim’s parents also reportedly received an email from an anonymous tipster. It asked the parents if they were aware their son

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Ex-Wife Of Former NBA Star Lorenzen Wright Charged In His Grisly Murder

There are new developments in the violent murder of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright. As CNN shares, the 34-year-old’s body was found with multiple bullet wounds in a swampy area outside Memphis in 2010. His ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson, has now been charged with conspiring to kill him with along with another man.

Wright-Robinson, 46, was arrested on December 15 and indicted on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. Her alleged co-conspirator, 46-year-old Billy Turner was arrested 10 days prior and charged with the same crimes. He has pleaded not guilty.

Memphis authorities did not share a motive for the murder but they said that the duo tried to kill Wright in the past. According to Memphis Police Director Mike Rallings, there is a relationship of some sort between the suspects. “It’s safe to say they knew each other.” The New York Daily News

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