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Man Allegedly Forced Stepdaughter To Eat Cat Food, Drink Detergent As Punishment

A stepdad from Gwinnett County, Georgia reportedly tortured a teen girl in his care, beating her severely and forcing her to consume detergent and cat food. Rimmon H. Lewis has been charged with 15 counts of first-degree cruelty to children, four counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated stalking, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

In March, Lewis’ then-13-year-old stepdaughter was covered in bruises, prompting a staff member at her school to contact authorities. Lewis was arrested in April.

According to WSBTV, Gwinnett County Police initially charged Lewis and the victim’s mother, Angela Strothers, each with one count of abuse, but  prosecutors added more charges to the couple after looking further into the case, which led to another indictment in November.

According to Lewis’ indictment paperwork, the teen girl was routinely locked up in her family’s laundry room. While they ate decent meals, she was fed scraps and sometimes worse.

“There were times she was

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Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Woman Discovers Husband’s Affair Mid-Flight

The distraught reaction of an Iranian woman who discovered her husband had been having an affair in the middle of a flight caused the plane’s pilot to make an emergency landing, The New York Post reported

The woman, who was flying with her husband and child on a trip from Doha to Bali last weekend, reportedly used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone, uncovering evidence that he had cheated on her.

The woman, who had drank alcohol during the flight, began arguing with her husband and disobeyed flight crew when they attempted to calm her down, Newsweek reported.

The woman caused such a ruckus that the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India. 

In Chennai, the three family members deplaned and the flight took off again, continuing to Bali. From Chennai, the family flew to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Doha.

India’s Central Industrial Security Force confirmed the

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R. Kelly’s Former GF Alleges Horrific Abuse, Claims She Was Forced To Have Sex With Other Women

A former Dallas radio DJ is speaking out about the abuse she allegedly endured as R. Kelly’s girlfriend. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kitti Jones alleges horrific sexual, mental and physical abuse allegations she endured while dating the rb superstar from 2011 to 2013. R. Kelly denied all allegations made in the Rolling Stone story. R. Kelly also previously denied allegations made in a BuzzFeed article that he was leading a cult by controlling women’s lives. “Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations attributed to him,” said his attorney.  

“He was everything that I thought,” says Jones. “He was handsome. He just owned the room.” Jones was a longtime fan of Kelly’s and was smitten when she met him at a concert after-party thrown by her radio station. They exchanged information and a relationship started quickly. The singer invited the mother-of-one on

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Body Found In Case Of 3-Year-Old Girl Forced To Stand Outside At 3AM For Not Drinking Her Milk

Texas investigators found the body of a small child after searching on Sunday for a 3-year-old girl who had been missing for more than two weeks, CNN reported.

Sherin Matthews had been reported missing on October 7 after she was allegedly sent to her backyard in the middle of the night by her father, Wesley Mathews, as punishment for not drinking milk.

The body, found in a conduit under a road, “is most likely”  Sherin Mathews, a spokesman for the Richardson Police Department told reporters, though a medical examiner had not yet made an official identification. The cause of death has not been determined.

Wesley made Sherin stand by a tree 100 feet from their home at 3 a.m., he told investigators, even though he knew that coyotes had been seen nearby. Sherin has “developmental issues and has limited verbal communication skills,” according to police.

Fifteen minutes later, he went looking for

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Terrifying Video Shows Moment Abducted Woman Is Forced To Marry Kidnapper In Las Vegas Chapel

Surveillance footage of a Las Vegas wedding chapel released by police shows the moment a woman was allegedly forced into marriage by the man who kidnapped her, Inside Edition reports.

In the footage, Joseph Hetzel, 52, kisses and holds Virginia Paris, 55, tightly. At one point, he puts his arm tightly around the back of her neck.

Paris told Inside Edition she was afraid that Hetzel might kill her, and tried to escape the chapel during the wedding but was blocked by her alleged captor, who had been an acquaintance of hers before the abduction.

According to Paris, she was leaving her job at a California retirement home when a car cut her off. The driver of the car, Hetzel, jumped into her car and ordered her to drive to Las Vegas, she claimed.

“I kept asking him to stop,” she told Inside Edition. “It was just horrible.”

After the wedding, Hetzel and Paris drove

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Distressing Video Shows High School Cheerleaders Repeatedly Forced To Do Splits: ‘Please Stop!’

A video shows what multiple cheerleaders at a Denver High School were forced to endure: being held down and forced into splits.

According to NBC affiliate K5, police are investigating the incidents. The school’s cheer coach, assistant cheer coach, high school principal, assistant principal and Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel have all been placed on leave.

School administrators were reportedly given at least one of the videos in June.

In the video shot in June, incoming freshman Ally Wakefield is seen crying as she is forced by teammates and the coach to go into an extended split. It was just the first week of cheer camp.

Seven other cheerleaders are forced to do the same. Coach Ozell Williams is shown in the video pushing each girl down by their shoulders.

Wakefield’s father, Eric Wakefield, told the New York Post that he’s been unable to sleep since the video of his

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Couple’s Adopted Baby Murdered By Birth Father After They’re Forced To Return Baby To Birth Parents

An Iowa couple will receive $3.25 million after winning a malpractice lawsuit against the lawyer who represented them in an adoption case in which the baby boy they were adopting was reclaimed by his biological parents and then murdered by his birth father, People magazine reports.

Rachel and Heidi McFarland were awarded the judgement on Tuesday against their former attorney Jason Rieper, whom they blamed for not getting the biological parents of the boy to sever their parental rights.

“The release-of-custody never got signed by either birth parent,” Rachel McFarland said to People. “Obviously our child and us weren’t a priority to [Rieper]. We are just happy he was found negligent. That was what our goal was. We will not see any money from this.”

The McFarlands had planned to have a private adoption in December 2013 from the daughter of one of Rachel’s co-workers. They were present at the birth and

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Teen Claims She Was Forced To Be Police Department’s Child Prostitute, Got Paid For Sex With Cash And Cheetos

A Bay Area teen sued two police departments, accusing them of forcing her to become a “department retained sex worker.” Courthouse News reported that 19-year-old Jasmine Abuslin sued the city of Richmond and its current and former police chiefs, in addition to six other police officers on Thursday.

The lawsuit states that Abuslin was “available to them [the Richmond Police Department] for sexual favors and pleasure in exchange for paid monies, protection, or other forms of consideration.”

Abuslin had previously worked as a child prostitute. Then she became, as the lawsuit put it, an “exclusively department retained sex worker.” She was a teen at the time.

Abuslin has already been awarded a $989,000 settlement for similar claims against the Oakland Police Department, according to CBS San Francisco.  

Abuslin said officers from both California police departments acted as her pimp and had sex with her in their patrol cars. In addition to

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Leonardo DiCaprio Forced To Hand Over Marlon Brando’s Oscar To US Government

Leonardo DiCaprio has some pretty cool stuff.

In 2012, the superstar received Marlon Brando’s best actor Oscar as a 38th birthday gift from the production company behind The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio has turned over the Oscar, as well as other pricey gifts, to the U.S. government as part of a massive money laundering investigation into the production company.

According to the LA Times, the Oscar and pricey art have been seized as part of the investigation into a $3.5 billion Malaysian money laundering scheme. Authorities from the U.S. Department of Justice believe that co-founder of Red Granite production companyRiza Aziz, helped his stepfather, Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak, embezzle $4.5 billion.

Part of this money was apparently used to bankroll the film The Wolf of Wall Street, which DiCaprio starred in, and buy lavish presents for the actor like works of art from Picasso and Basquiat.

In a statement by his spokesperson, DiCaprio shared

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Bobby Shmurda Lashed Out At Lawyer In Court, Says He Was Forced Into Plea Deal

The infuriating and sad case of Bobby Shmurda grows increasingly frustrating as new claims about his most recent plea deal are now coming from Shmurda himself. The young rapper is now saying that he was forced by his lawyers into taking a ridiculous bargain, landing him seven years in jail.

According to TMZ, Shmurda is attempting to have the plea thrown out entirely and during the trial, even told his lawyer he wanted to fire him. 

The judge, who has been rather unsympathetic to Shmurda throughout (despite legitimate questions about the credibility of the arresting officers in the case), was uninterested in hearing Bobby’s request. Shmurda, meanwhile, is still insisting he took the deal in an attempt to help a friend.

It doesn’t look like Shmurda will be getting out of this, but at least the 21 months he’s already been in jail (can you believe that? 21 months!) will

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