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Man Stabs Wife To Death After She Changed The Channel From His Football Game While He Stepped Outside To …

An Arkansas man has admitted to killing his wife because of a dispute over their television. According to People, 58-year-old Tony Thomas of Carlisle, Arkansas murdered his wife, Elke, because she changed the channel when he was watching football.

The incident took place on November 19, 2017.

Thomas says that he went outside for a smoke and when he came back, his show was no longer on. He says that he asked her the score of the game and a fight ensued. “She began yelling at him and got in his face,” the criminal complaint alleges. “He stated he got a knife from the wall and stabbed her. He claimed he’d blacked out and then when he ‘came to,’ he was over her with a knife in his hands.” 

The incident took place in the couple’s living room.

Once he killed her, Thomas took the body outside and he covered it with a blanket and tarp.

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3 High School Football Players Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old At Gunpoint Near County Fair

Kelvin J. Mercedes, Andrew R. Miller, and Daishon M. Richardson, three 16-year-olds from Pennsylvania, have been charged as adults after they allegedly raped a 14-year-old at gunpoint. According to USA Today, the charges filed against them include rape by force, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful restraint and terroristic threats.

The incident occurred after the group of teens were leaving the York fair. The victim, who has not been named, had reportedly known her attackers, all three of whom were members of their school’s football team. She was able to identify two by name.

The victim “advised she was taken to unknown locations, where she was forced to perform oral sex on three males and then forced to have sexual intercourse with … them,” according to police reports. She said she complied with their demands because she was afraid of being killed. She also later received harassing texts from her victimizers.

West York

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Football Party Mass Shooter Was Bragging About His Gun At Bar Moments Before Attack

Newly-released police documents have provided new details in the Plano, Texas mass murder investigation. Earlier this month, 32-year-old Spencer Hight shot nine people, including his ex-wife, at a football viewing party at her home. Eight of the nine died. Hight was shot and killed by police when they arrived on the scene.

The victims were Hight’s ex-wife Meredith Hight, 27, Anthony Michael Cross, 33, Olivia Nicole Deffner, 24, James Richard Dunlop, 29, Darryl William Hawkins, 22, Rion Christopher Morgan, 31, Myah Sade Bass, 28, and Caleb Seth Edwards, 25. The sole survivor, Carly Shockey, was shot in the jaw.

According to search warrant affidavits obtained by Fox4 News, Spencer stopped at a bar just three blocks away from the home that he and Meredith once shared. An affidavit from a bartender at Local Public House indicates that she saw him carrying weapons.

She told police, she “observed the suspect with a

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Court Allows 21-Year-Old Convicted Rapist To Play In College Football Game

A federal appeals court is allowing a man convicted of sexual assault to continue to play college football this weekend, Crime Online reported, even as his university tried to keep that from happening.

Ma’lik Richmond, 21, was convicted in 2013 of digitally penetrating a heavily intoxicated 16-year-old girl and taking photos of her naked body in the infamous Steubenville, Ohio case, along with his co-perpetrator Trent Mays. The victim apparently only learned that she had been raped through widely circulated social media posts showing her repeated assaults.

Richmond, who was 16 years old at the time, served about 10 months in a juvenile detention center for the crime, according to USA Today. He then returned to his high school football team and later joined the football team of Youngstown State University.

After the ensuing controversy, including a petition started by a Youngstown student, the university decided to block Richmond

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New Details Emerge About Victims Of Mass Shooting At Football Party: ‘We’ve Never Had A Shooting Of This Magnitude’

Nine people are dead, including the lone gunman, after a shooting at a Dallas Cowboys watch party in a Plano, Texas home on Sunday. 

In a CBS report, the city’s police chief called the football party shooting the worst mass shooting in Plano’s history.

“We’ve never had a shooting of this magnitude; never had this many victims,” Plano Police Chief Greg W. Rushin said. The victims are all in their 20s and 30s.

Neighbor Stacey Glover told Dallas News that the party started off cheerful; people were grilling outside in the afternoon. She heard laughter and conversation. Then around 8 pm, she heard gunshots and smelled gunpowder. By 8:30 pm, a police officer spotted “bodies down in the backyard” and an active shooter inside the home.

The shooter, Spencer Hight, was shot and killed by police. His estranged wife Meredith Lane, 27, was hosting the party. They separated in Spring.

Darryl Hawkins

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High School Football Player Sent Pics Of Mom’s Corpse To Friend After Murdering Her With Hammer

A Maryland teenager accused of beating his own mother to death with a hammer last week, allegedly texted a photo of his mom’s corpse to a friend after killing her.

Sixteen-year-old Andrew Zaragoza has been charged with murder in connection with the beating death of his mom, 56-year-old Donna Zaragoza.

According to ABC2, Andrew told police,”My mom was taking pills this morning, she hit me and I killed her.”

He sustained self-inflicted cuts and wounds to his face and neck. The mother suffered  major trauma to the skull, a stab wound to the back and a stab wound in the chest. A bloodied ball-peen hammer was found next to her body on her bed. There was also a bloody kitchen knife tucked behind Andrew’s bedroom door.

Police found a letter signed by Andrew in which he described how he killed his mother. In it, he wrote that he wanted to

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16-Year-Old High School Football Player Charged With Beating Mom To Death With A Hammer

A Maryland teenager is accused of beating his own mother to death with a hammer last week. Andrew Zaragoza, 16, has been charged as an adult for the bludgeoning death of his mom, 56-year-old Donna Zaragoza, according to The Baltimore Sun. Her body was found in a bedroom of the family’s Bel Air, Maryland house.

The high school student, known for playing football, was allegedly hit by his mother the morning of the murder, according to Zaragoza’s lawyer, public defender Tim Bahr. She allegedly took pills before striking her son. Zaragoza’s father and uncle both died of drug overdoses last year.

“He is a victim of abuse throughout his life, mental abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse,” Bahr said before a judge on Saturday.

Andrew Zaragoza had also suffered self-inflicted stab wounds, ABC2 reported.

Police had been called to the family home previously for drug abuse, domestic problems, and mental health concerns.


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