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Women Allegedly Beat Up Family Dollar Employee After Footage Of Them Stealing Was Posted On FB

Two women allegedly beat up a Family Dollar employee in Springfield, Ohio because they were upset that a video of them appearing to be shoplifting was posted to Facebook by the store’s manager. According to a police report, a group of women came into the store on Saturday asking for the manager.

The manager wasn’t there and apparently, the group decided to take out their anger on the employee. The report says that even though the employee asked the women to leave they did not. Instead, they allegedly followed her around the store until it escalated into a physical altercation.

One of the women allegedly punched the employee in the back of the head. Then, that same woman allegedly grabbed her by the hair and attacked her further after pushing her into the store’s stockroom. One woman is accused of punching the victim in her face while the other kicked

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Dramatic Surveillance Footage Of ‘Persons Of Interest’ Released After Couple ‘Executed’ In Gated Community

Police have released surveillance images of two people they are calling persons of interest in a double murder case. Last Thursday,  Bao and Jenny Lam, both 61, were bound by their hands and feet and shot to death. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has stated that the Lams “were ambushed by suspects as they parked their car in the garage.” The couple was also robbed in the horrible incident.

The couple’s son discovered their bodies on Sunday.

“They were executed,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated.

Now, newly released surveillance footage hopes to lead to answers to the couple’s death.

Surveillance footage from the entry gate of the home’s subdivision has been released by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. It shows two men driving in a black Lincoln Navigator. Police believe the car’s make could be anywhere from 2007 to 2014. The footage reveals that a suspect parked, then crawled under the gate.

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Police Release Body Cam Footage Of The Night A Republican Senator Was Caught In A Motel With A Teen Boy

Police from Moore, Oklahoma have released shocking body cam footage of the night a Republican Senator was found in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy he met off Craigslist.

The release of the footage, shot in March, came just days after former Sen. Ralph Shortey, 35,  pleaded guilty to federal child sex trafficking last week. As a result of his plea deal, child pornography charges were dropped, according to KFOR.

On March 9, police went to a Super 8 Motel for a welfare check. Soon, police began knocking on the senator’s door.

“What we are worried about is you having a juvenile in there. Yeah, this one,” a cop said to the door.

After seemingly getting dressed, Shortey answered the door in a religious tee, which is printed with a bible verse Ephesians 5:22 (which references women submitting to their husbands) in addition to the phrase, “now go make me a sandwich.”


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Bodycam Footage Shows Utah Police Officer Shoot And Kill Man Who Was Running Away

Bodycam footage from the Salt Lake City Police Department shows cops shooting and killing a man who appeared to be running away. As CNN reports, the victim was Patrick Harmon who was fleeing after being arrested on August 13.

The police department was under investigation for seven weeks following the incident. The Salt Lake County district attorney concluded the officers’ use of deadly force was justified as the officers said they feared Harmon was going to harm them. Harmon was a 50-year-old black man who was initially stopped for reportedly riding his bicycle across six lanes and a median. He was required to have a “red rear tail light on his bicycle,” per the officer who stopped him. After Harmon provided “a couple different names” when he was asked for identification, the officer called for backup. They discovered he had a felony warrant out for his arrest on charges of aggravated assault.

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