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Danny Masterson Fired After Reports Indicated Netflix Exec Didn’t Believe Rape Accuser

Reports indicated that a Netflix executive did not believe the accusations from four separate women about sexual assaults perpetrated by actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson, a star on their show The Ranch. Now, after an apology from the streaming service, Masterson has been let go from the program.

The Huffington Post claims that a woman identified only as Victim B approached Andy Yeatman, the director of global kids content at Netflix, who was dismissive of her claims — saying quite plainly “we don’t believe them.”

Netflix has since offered a statement on the matter: “Mr. Yeatman’s comments were careless, uninformed and do not represent the views of the company. Further, he would have no insights into decision making on The Ranch. We are aware of the allegations against Danny Masterson and we are following the current investigation, and will respond if developments occur.”

Now, Netflix’s investigation seems to have concluded. The Hollywood Reporter says that

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Utah Police Officer Fired For Roughing Up, Arresting Nurse Who Was Just Doing Her Job

The Salt Lake City police detective, Jeff Payne, who was caught on video aggressively arresting a nurse who was trying to protect an unconscious patient has been fired. Additionally, his watch commander James Tracy was demoted from lieutenant to officer, according to the Washington Post.

The actions were taken after internal review by the Salt Lake City Police Department was conducted. That review concluded that Payne and Tracey violated department policy.

“I have lost faith and confidence in your ability to continue to serve as a member of the Salt Lake City Police Department,” Chief Mike Brown stated in a termination letter to Payne. That letter was published by the Deseret News. “I am deeply troubled by your lack of sound, professional judgment and your discourteous, disrespectful and unwarranted behavior, which unnecessarily escalated a situation that could and should have been resolved in a manner far different from the course

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CBS Exec Fired Over Heartless Vegas Remarks Getting Death Threats

Hayley Geftman-Gold, a CBS executive who made a controversial social media post about this week’s Las Vegas shooting, has received a series of death threats following the scandal.

According to the New York Daily News, Geftman-Gold worked as a vice president and senior counsel in strategic transactions at CBS before being fired for her insensitive post about the horrific mass killing that occurred earlier in the week.

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing. I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans are often republican gun toters,” she reportedly wrote on Facebook.

“Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families,” said CBS in a statement, announcing her firing.

Now, multiple police reports suggest that she has received multiple death

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Woman Who Says She Got Fired Over Accidental Period Leaks Is Suing Former Employer

Alisha Coleman was fired from her job at the Bobby Dodd Institute, an employment agency in Fort Benning, Georgia, after her period accidentally leaked through her clothes. Now, Coleman and the ACLU are suing the organization over her termination, according to USA Today.

The lawsuit states that Coleman was fired because she didn’t “practice high standards of personal hygiene and maintain a clean, neat appearance while on duty.”

“I loved my job at the 911 call center because I got to help people,” Coleman said in a statement. “Every woman dreads getting period symptoms when they’re not expecting them, but I never thought I could be fired for it. Getting fired for an accidental period leak was humiliating. I don’t want any woman to have to go through what I did, so I’m fighting back.”

A first incident occurred in 2015, when her period leaked onto an office chair and she was told “she

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Google Employee Fired Over Viral Anti-Diversity Manifesto Speaks Out: ‘I’m Not A Sexist’

After being terminated from Google, engineer James Damore is speaking out about allegations that he’s sexist.

The 28-year-old’s “anti-diversity manifesto”—a lengthy memo that outlined his reasoning that there are genetic differences in women that explain their underrepresention in Silicon Valley—went viral and was met with criticism within and outside Google.

As The Washington Post shares, Damore has given interviews since his termination to defend his stance and reputation. “I’m not saying that any of the female engineers at Google are in any way worse than the average male engineer,” Damore told Stefan Molyneux, host of “Freedomain Radio.” “I’m just saying that this may explain some of the disparity in representation in the population.”

He then told Bloomberg TV, “The whole point of my memo was to improve Google and Google’s culture and they just punished me and shamed me for doing it,” he said. “I’m not a sexist.”

Damore filed a complaint with the National Labor

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"The Affair" Body Double Says She Was Fired After Reporting Director’s Sexual Harassment

A body double who appeared in the Showtime TV program The Affair is suing the network for sexual harassment. Ashlynn Alexander says she was promptly fired after reporting the incident.

According to TMZin September 2015, Alexander was allegedly referred to as “Alison Sexytime Double” on the assistant director’s call sheet (Alison is the name of the character played by Ruth Wilson). Alexander attempted to approach the assistant director about this and, although he admitted the wording was inappropriate, said that she was easily replaceable (and frequently naked). Six days later, she was fired.

The AD on the shoot later claimed Alexander’s hair was not the appropriate color for the job. Alexander retorted by saying she always wore a wig for the role.

Fox News notes that Alexander has previously appeared on Boardwalk EmpireGotham, and The Detour.

Showtime has offered no comment on the situation.

[Photo: Showtime]

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Fox Sports Exec Jamie Horowitz Fired Following Sexual Harassment Investigation

The Fox News Network’s sexual harassment problems continue this week as sports executive Jamie Horowitz is let go from the network following investigations into his misconduct. The investigations began only a week ago.

According to the New York Times, Fox is not giving a specific comment on why Horowitz had been fired, but internal emails hint at the situation: “Everyone at Fox Sports, no matter what role we play, or what business, function or show we contribute to — should act with respect and adhere to professional conduct at all times,” Eric Shanks, the president of Fox Sports, said in an email to employees. “These values are non-negotiable.”

“The way Jamie has been treated by Fox is appalling,” said Patricia Glaser, Horowitz’s lawyer, in a statement. “At no point in his tenure was there any mention by his superiors or human resources of any

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4 Day Care Workers Fired After Boy In Their Care Dies In A Hot Van

Four daycare employees in Arkansas were fired after a child placed in their care was left in a hot van for hours and died. 5-year-old Christopher Gardner, Jr. died on Monday.

Ascent Children’s Health CEO Dan Sullivan said the child would still be alive if the employees followed company policies and procedures. He me with the family of the child on Wednesday and offered to pay for the funeral expenses, according to WMC-TV.

“Justice still got to be done. It not done yet,” grandmother Carrie Smith said. “They go home to they kids. My daughter can’t come home to her son and I can’t come home to my grandbaby because he gone.”

Christopher’s family said he had undergone two heart operations in his life and had been attending Ascent since he was a year old for help with developmental issues, according to NBC News. The Arkansas Department of Human Services is

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Fired Reporter Says She "May Have Been Drugged" Before Yelling At Cop

A fired reporter for tv station PHL17 is reportedly blaming alcohol and being drugged for the reason she went on an angry tirade against a police officer. The rant, which was recorded and watched by millions online, took place after the officer asked Colleen Campbell to leave the Helim Comedy Club in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

As Philly.com originally reported, Campbell was asked to leave the club after allegedly whispering loudly and then assaulting employees at the bar area. Once outside, she threw profanities and insults at a police officer as well as kicked him. She spit and threw a shoe in the face of a manager, which is when the officer arrested her. “That’s why everyone hates you guys!” she yells. “That’s why society hates you!” The 28-year-old then tried to throw her credentials around by saying, “I work at a f— news station, motherf—. I work at PHL 17! “I’m not a f— hood

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Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Fired, But Not For Killing 12-year-old

The officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland has been fired from the police force— but not because of the shooting. Timothy Loehmann was fired today because he broke administrative rules.

According to NBC News, Loehmann was accused of giving false information on his job application to the Cleveland Division of Police.

Disciplinary action has also been taken against Officer Frank Garmback, the officer who was with Loehmann at the scene of the shooting. Garmback has been suspended for 10 days and must take additional training related to tactics used during the Rice incident.

On Nov. 22, 2014, Rice was shot and killed by Loehmann outside the Cudell Recreation Center. The officers thought Rice had a weapon but in actuality, it was a toy gun. The murder of Rice caused national outrage and protests

In December 2015, a grand jury declined to indict Loehmann and Garmback.


[Photo: NBC News/Family photo]






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