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Man Kills Son, Daughter And Her Fiancé Before Fatally Shooting Himself At Abandoned Store

A man from White Plains, Alabama allegedly shot his son, daughter and his daughter’s fiancé to death on Thursday before turning the gun on himself. According to the Associated Press, Anthony Wayne Parker, 49, shot his 12-year-old son and his 19-year-old daughter Heather Parker. He also allegedly murdered Heather’s husband-to-be, 20-year-old Brandon Roberts.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told WHNT that after allegedly killing those three, Anthony called his sister to announce that he was also going to kill himself. According to the Associated Press, his sister called 911. When responding deputies got to Anthony’s home, they found the three victims in the front yard. Police found Anthony’s body not long after in front of an abandoned store, reported Alabama.com.

“We pulled the coordinates of the origin of the 911 call and traced it back to the Rabbittown store,” Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade told The Anniston Star.

He died

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Man Fatally Stabbed In Paris Metro As Onlookers Post On Social Media

Andy Brigitte, 22, was stabbed to death in the Paris subway system this past Friday night. Onlookers described a dystopian scene in which bystanders took pictures and video of the stabbing while doing nothing to intervene or help.

“No one lifted their finger to help Andy,” said Linda Brigitte, the victim’s mother. “Today, social media is too present. No one came to my son’s aid. Instead, they filmed it and shared it on social media,” she added tearfully.

According to the New York Post, Brigitte was allegedly attacked by an unidentified 33-year-old after an argument; he ultimately succumbed to injuries from the multiple stabbings. The victim worked as a mechanic before his death. He is a native of the Caribbean island Martinique.

“This is horrible and inadmissible,” added Betty Melinard, the victim’s aunt. “What these people did is unforgivable.”

Frighteningly, #chatelet began trending as users posted and shared pictures and videos of the

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Man Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Housemate After Workers Discover Human Skeleton Buried In Backyard

A man has been arrested after a skeleton surfaced in his backyard. According to CBS San Francisco, 22-year-old Michael Christopher Sager was arrested and taken into custody on Friday after his housemate’s buried bones were discovered.

According to Sacramento authorities, they believe that Sager fatally stabbed the roommate following a verbal argument in 2015. Workers who were renovating the house on Dundee Drive discovered the bones, which were an entire human skeleton, on December 26, 2017.

The victim is said to have been in his 20s, but no missing persons report was filed. No other information about the victim’s identity has been released, including the exact date of the killing, and the investigation is ongoing.

The house was vacant at the time, and no other remains have been found on the property. The homeowner, Dimas Velasquez, was renovating the home after the previous tenants were evicted in November for not paying rent and

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Mom Kills Husband, 2 Sons Before Fatally Shooting Herself While On Vacation At Texas Resort

A Texas woman is suspected of killing her entire family — and then herself — at a luxury spa and resort. According to Click 2 Houston, several gunshots were heard coming from the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas, around 4:30 AM on Monday. In a room at the resort, Flor De Maria Pineda Canas, 37, was found wounded, as was her 10-year-old son. Her husband, 39-year-old Mauricio Canas (seen below), and her 5-year-old son were found dead.

Originally, authorities heard moaning coming from the room. They forced their way in and found the family members. The wounded were taken to the hospital, where they later died.

Authorities shared an official statement explaining that they believe the mother was the shooter. They do not have a motive at this point. 

“Detectives with the Major Crimes Division have been able to confirm that this family arrived

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Dad Fatally Stabs Family Pit Bull To Stop It From Mauling 1-Year-Old Daughter’s Face

Tragedy struck a family when its pit bull terrier attacked a 1-year-old. According to the Providence Journal, Remmy Goulart of East Falmouth, Massachusetts, was mauled and left with life-threatening injuries. After the incident, her father stabbed and killed the dog.

According to Mass Live, the attack on the child occurred on Sunday at the family’s home on Brick Kiln Road. The child was apparently playing in the kitchen with her father nearby when the terrier attacked her. The dog bit the 1-year-old in the face and caused what authorities have described as “major trauma.”

The father, Reece Goulart, then sprung into action to try to keep the dog away from the child. He first wanted to shoot the dog, but ultimately stabbed it.

“The father immediately attempted to separate the dog from the child, but was unable,” police said. “He retrieved a pistol from an adjacent room, but when he realized that it was not

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What Drove Music Legend Phil Spector To Fatally Shoot An Actress In His Castle-Style Mansion

Phil Spector was a world-renowned music producer who became a self-made millionaire by age 21. Among his many successes, he produced music for The Ronettes, Ike and Tina Turner, and George Harrison and John Lennon’s solo albums. Spector was the man behind hits like “Da Doo Ron Ron.” He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

He was equally known for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson on February 3, 2003. She was fatally shot inside Spector’s 35-room mansion, known as the “Pyrenees Castle,” in Alhambra, California. Clarkson, age 40 at her death, had small roles in iconic ’80s films like “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Scarface.” She also made appearances on television shows like “Three’s Company,” “The Jeffersons,” “Who’s the Boss?” and “Knight Rider.” She was working as a hostess at the House of Blues in Los Angeles when she was killed. She was

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Man Fatally Shoots Girlfriend In Murder-Suicide Just Days Before He Was Planning To Propose

The family of a Florida man is in shock after he allegedly committed a murder-suicide just 30 minutes after he was seen seemingly “happy.” As the New York Daily News reported, 27-year-old Richard Travis Timilty shot his girlfriend, 26-year-old Holly Given. He then took his own life. The two were found inside their apartment in Palm Beach County on Wednesday.

His family says that Timilty was generally happy in both his personal and professional life. He was apparently very excited about recently being promoted to a fishing boat captain. He was seen drinking with friends the night of the crime. 

“He was smiling. He was happy,” his mother shared about his demeanor the night of the incident. 

“He finally achieved his goal, becoming a boat captain. He had such a bright future,” his father said.

Authorities shared that he had no recorded issues with domestic violence, according to the Palm Beach Post. They had not visited the

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Video Shows Man Attacking Deputy Before Being Fatally Shot By Police

On Friday, police in Broward County, Florida released footage of intense, violent moments that lead up to a fatal police shooting. In the video, 42-year-old Jean Pedro Pierre can be seen kicking, and even dragging, Deputy Sean Youngward outside a condominium.  

The officer was responding to a disturbance at the residential building when the violence broke out. Pierre can be seen dragging Youngward by his leg, while Youngward calls for backup.

The deputy tried to subdue the suspect by tasing him, but the attempt was in vain. Then, another deputy, Steven Briggs, shows up on the scene to help.

“Tase him, tase him; don’t shoot him,” a concerned citizen yelled at Briggs. Just like Youngward, Briggs was unsuccessful in his tasing attempt.

“Let it go, bro. They’re gonna shoot you, man,” a bystander yells at Pierre, who responded by letting go of Youngward only to charge at Briggs.

Pierre was then shot three times,

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Woman Fatally Poisons Husband And His Family To Escape Arranged Marriage

A Pakistani bride is making international headlines after being charged with the poisoning of her husband and his family. According to BBC, Asiya Bibi has been arrested on suspicion of killing her new husband and at least 14 of his relatives with poisoned milk.

Bibi was apparently forced into an arranged marriage in September. Local media in central Muzaffargarh share that the bride had tried to flee her marital home — unsuccessfully — and return to her parents. 

Arranged marriages are common in the country, and women have varying degrees of choice in whom they marry and their life thereafter. As PBS notes, an arranged marriage distinguishes itself from other kinds of marriages (such as “love marriages” more common in the US) by the significant role that parents or older family members play in selecting a match and being involved in the union.

Allegedly, Bibi tried to kill only her husband with poisoned milk

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Woman Fatally Shoots Husband In Groin After Catching Him Cheating: ‘You Know These Things Are Love Things’

A woman allegedly shot her common-law husband in the groin, killing him, after finding him cheating.

Debra Davis, 58, has been charged with the murder of 49-year-old Rodney Johnson. Police said she has already admitted to killing him, according to KHOU. Johnson was shot in his family’s Houston, Texas driveway on Tuesday while meeting up with his girlfriend. Then, Davis showed up with a gun, shooting Johnson in the “lower abdomen” region.  The other woman was present at the shooting, but she was not hurt.

“His girlfriend came and she shot him because he’s messing around with women,” Johnson’s cousin Robert Johnson said. “You know these things are love things.”

He said, while Johnson lived with Davis, he would often date other women.

“I’ll put it like this: [He] loved a lot of women,” Ralph Duncan, an ex-housemate of the slain man told KTRK. “That was the problem.”

Johnson and Davis met through

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