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Model Stabs Himself In The Neck Near NYC’s Famous Waverly Inn Restaurant

A model stabbed himself in the neck in a townhouse above the famous Waverly Inn restaurant in the West Village of New York City after allegedly getting into an argument with his girlfriend on Monday morning. According to the New York Post, a trail of blood was running down the building’s stoop. Just four days earlier, he posted a photo of him on Instagram sitting on that stoop, captioned, “Stair wars if u gettit.”

Damon Tolstoy, 48, was rushed to a nearby hospital and he is now in stable condition. A knife was recovered from his apartment, where he has reportedly lived for about two months. Harvey Weinstein’s townhouse is located across the street.

“All I heard was someone shouting ‘help’ over and over in a very loud voice,” a neighbor told the New York Post. “The guy sounded like he was dying. It was terrible, like a wounded

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4 ‘Facts’ Movies Made You Believe About Famous Crime Mysteries That Are Completely False

Fictionalized versions of real-life crime stories often exaggerate or stylize true stories for the sake of drama, but sometimes, the true facts of a case get so distorted by moviemakers that it becomes difficult to tell truth from fiction.

We’re here to sort out some of the biggest things the movies got wrong about very real crimes.

1. Ed Gein never used a chainsaw.

The iconic horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” purports to be a depiction of real-life events, but the story of the movie greatly embellishes the actual crimes of serial killer Ed Gein.

While it is true Gein cannibalized his victims and preserved their body parts as keepsakes, pretty much everything else in the film is totally made up: even the eponymous detail of the chainsaw.

2. Zodiac’s infamous phone call went much differently in real life.

In Fincher’s “Zodiac” film, a person who claims to be the mysterious serial killer calls into

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Hurt Bae’s Cheating Ex Speaks Out: "I Made That Bitch Famous" (Video)

The world fell in love with #HurtBae, whose real name is Kourtney Jorge, after a video of her confronting her cheating ex-boyfriend went viral. The short video features the former couple sitting face-to-face and coming clean about all the problems in their relationship, one of the biggest being that Hurt Bae’s ex, whose real name is Leonard Long III, cheated on her so many times that he lost count.

“I did everything. I had sex with other girls,” he says at one point. And while the world — or, at least the internet — has fallen in love with Jorge, Long hasn’t been quite so lucky. He’s been dealt a ton of criticism online regarding everything from his horrendous actions towards Jorge when they were together as well as the way he acted during the video, but now he’s finally giving his side of the story.

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