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Special Education Teacher Raised Over $260K By Faking Terminal Cancer For Years

An Alabama woman raised over a quarter of a million dollars while pretending to have terminal cancer for three years. From from 2014 to 2017, Jennifer Flynn Cataldo, 37, collected a total of $264,163 from donors through GoFundMe accounts and by asking for money on social media pages. In August, the former special education teacher pleaded guilty to wire fraud and bank fraud, according to People. Last Wednesday, she was sentenced to serve 25 months in prison in addition to paying restitution to her victims.

Cataldo spoke at her sentencing last week.

“I am overcome with sorrow,” she said, according to AL.com. “They trusted me, they loved me. I was deceitful and I lied. I’m sorry. I don’t know a better word than sorry. […]I want to be a better person for my son, for my parents,” she said Wednesday.

In court, Cataldo’s lawyer Adam Danneman said she developed a painkiller

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Charlotte Twins Accused Of Faking Pregnancy To Scam People Out Of Money

Helping the homeless or helping criminals? People in Charlotte, North Carolina have spotted twin sisters—who appear to be pregnant— panhandling on the streets but it could be a total scam.  “They make really good money, it’s all cash, tax-free,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Andrew Innerfield, who cited both women with panhandling.

WSOCTV investigated and spotted one of the women panhandling at a crossection. She rubbed her belly, which indicated that she was pregnant. Neighbors claim the sisters aren’t homeless and have been faking pregnancies for months.

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The sisters are 27-year-old Brittany and Meghan Penninger and they both have previous rap sheets. Brittany has a felony conviction for conspiracy to commit breaking and entering and has been arrested more than a dozen times. She was arrested for panhandling earlier this month. When she

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Rob And Chyna Reportedly Faking Relationship For Million Dollar Paychecks

So much for true love. If you thought Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were the real deal, prepare yourself for a hefty dose of disappointment.

InTouch Weekly reports that the couple is putting on an act for the cameras so they can continue to rake in the cash from their reality show, Rob Chyna. In reality, things between the two are allegedly “messy” and “twisted.”

“Rob had agreed to have a fake relationship with Chyna because his momager, Kris Jenner, got E! to pay him more than $2 million to do a show,” a source close to the couple told InTouch.

The source went on to claim that the pressures of keeping the lie going are getting to be too much for Rob, and that he “completely regrets” agreeing to it. Coming clean about the staged relationship isn’t an option, though.

“It would be too humiliating,” the source explained.

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