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Naked, Disgruntled Postal Worker Who Was Facing Dismissal Allegedly Kills 2 Supervisors

Two days before Christmas, a mail carrier from Columbus, Ohio, who was facing dismissal from his job allegedly murdered a supervisor and United States Postal Service investigator who were involved in the disciplinary action against him.

According to ABC News, DeShaune Stewart, 24, has been charged with aggravated murder and murder for the two deaths, and it is unclear if he has an attorney who can speak on his behalf.

Stewart allegedly shot his supervisor, 52-year-old Lance Dempsey, to death at the post office he worked at.

Witnesses said that when Dempsey saw Stewart approaching him, naked and carrying a gun, Dempsey asked, “What the hell?”

Stewart then killed a postal inspector, 53-year-old Ginger Ballard, outside of her home. Stewart was reportedly naked during both killings.

During the latter killing, police were called after someone witnessed Stewart allegedly chasing Ballard with a gun. Her body was later found on the ground in between

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Texts Of Teen Facing Murder Trial For Helping Friend Commit Suicide Revealed: ‘I Wanna Help Kill Them’

Texts have emerged in the case of the Utah teen who allegedly helping a 16-year-old girl commit suicide.

Tyerell Przybycien, 18, texted a friend, expressing giddiness to watch somebody die, prosecutors allege.

“It be awesome,” he wrote, according to Inside Edition. “Be like getting away with murder.”

Turns out Przybycien will actually be tried with murder. He has been charged with murder and failure to report a dead body. On Tuesday, a judge made a ruling that he will stand trial for Jchandra Brown’s death, stating that it is “reasonable to infer” that Przybycine intended to cause Brown’s death and that she would not have died without his help.

“Because the probable cause standard at preliminary hearings is low, and because all reasonable inferences are viewed in a light most favorable to the State, the Court finds there is reasonable belief that [Przybycien’s] conduct meets the elements of murder,” Judge James Brady said

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