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Congress Faces Pressure To Reveal Details Of Privately Settled Sexual Harassment Cases

According to the New York Times, members of both the Democratic and Republican parties are urging Congress to end the culture of secrecy surrounding sexual harassment accusations within the United States government. Their plan includes reforming the ways that claims about misconduct are handled in private, often resolved in out-of-court settlements (using tax payer money), which protect abusers from public accountability.

The discussion comes in the wake of John Conyers stepping aside as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. Conyers is the longest-serving member of the House. He had recently been accused of inappropriate behavior towards women. He is now under investigation from the House Ethics Committee.

“I deny these allegations, many of which were raised by documents reportedly paid for by a partisan alt-right blogger. I very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family before the House Committee on Ethics,” Conyers said in a statement.


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Rising Rapper Kodak Black Faces 30 Years For Sex Assault

Rising rapper Kodak Black is facing up to 30 years in prison on sexual assault charges. As ABC15 reports, the rapper (named Dieuson Octave) has been indicted by a Florence County grand jury on charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct last November in Florence, South Carolina.

According to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, the incident in question says the assault occurred in February while Kodak was performing at the Treasure City nightclub. The 20-year-old Pompano Beach artist is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl, who reported the attack to her school nurse in Richland County, at the Comfort Inn and Suites. “According to investigators, on or about February 7, 2016, Octave is alleged to have engaged in the sexual battery of the victim at a hotel located at 2120 West Lucas Street, Florence, SC,” Major Michael M. Nunn, a spokesman for the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, wrote in

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Dad Faces Sentencing For Seducing 15-Year-Old Into Having Sex: ‘Are You Cool With Me Being 15?’

Defense attorney Michael Dobbs allegedly tried to seduce a teen after finding an ad on Craigslist.

“Are you cool with me being 15?” the Craigslist poster asked, according to The Washington Post.

The poster was actually a police officer, and the Craigslist ad was part of a sting operation.

“I appreciate your honesty about your age. But it’s not about being cool or uncool,” Dobbs, 57, responded.

“I’m running into a meeting,” Dobbs said in one message. “I’d like our first meeting to be spontaneous — another good SAT word.”

Dobbs has pleaded guilty to sexual solicitation of a minor, Patch reported.

On Thursday, he will be sentenced in the very Maryland courthouse where he practiced as a lawyer for 30 years. He faces six months in prison.

Dobbs and his defense lawyer claim that he wasn’t seeking out someone underage. They defended that he was suffering from depression, sex addiction and heavy drinking.

Dobbs is

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Dad Faces Sexual Assault Charges After Both Sons Are Convicted Of Raping Sisters Under Age 10

The father of two men who were convicted of rape this year has also been charged with rape.

Arthur Lyen French, 55, of Battle Creek, Michigan was arraigned on Tuesday, charged with the 2009 rape of a now-52-year-old woman.

The victim told police that she was sleeping when her acquaintance, French, knocked on the door, came in, and wouldn’t let her leave. She said that when she refused sex, he punched her multiple times, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. He allegedly punched her so hard, it punctured her eardrum.

French had just recently been released from jail at the time of that incident.

French told police back in 2009 that he went to the woman’s house to collect $25 she was holding for him. He alleged that she began to hit him when he asked for his cash and then claimed that she agreed to have sex to make up for not

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Walmart Faces Backlash After Advertising Guns As Back-To-School Item: ‘Own The School Like A Hero’

Images of a shocking and distasteful Walmart product display, which showcased firearms in the store’s back-to-school section, have prompted the company to offer an apology to customers.

According to The New York Times, images of the display began circulating on social media before Walmart addressed the situation.

“What’s seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores,” Walmart said in a statement. “We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened.”

On Wednesday, Walmart’s social media team determined that the sign had appeared at a store in Evansville, Indiana, and that it has since been removed.

On Thursday evening, a Walmart spokesperson told The Times that it was possible the image had been “digitally enhanced” or is some kind of prank.

“It was never confirmed the sign was [at the store in Indiana], and it wasn’t confirmed that this was the store in question,” Mr. Crowson said. The company’s social media

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Man Who Threw His Infant Son Off Bridge Faces Possible Life Sentence

A Connecticut father who threw his son off a 90-foot-high bridge is now facing a possible life in prison after being convicted of the boy’s murder.  The body of the 7-month-old was found two days after he was put into the river.  

According to Boston.com, 23-year-old Tony Moreno will be sentenced this Wednesday. A jury convicted him of murder and risk of injury to a child in February.

Moreno threw his son, Aaden, off the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown in July 2015. The father also jumped off, but survived. He testified that he accidentally dropped Aaden.

According to the report, Moreno’s relationship with the baby’s mother had become difficult in the months leading up to bridge incident. She said no to his marriage proposal and a custody dispute was settled just days before the son’s death.

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Man Faces Murder Charges After Accidentally Killing Girlfriend During Suicide Attempt

An Alaskan man is accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend during a suicide attempt in which he shot himself with a bullet that passed through his head and hit her, CBS News reported.

Victor Sibson, 21, is facing second-degree murder charges for the April death of Brittany-Mae Haag, who prosecutors believed tried to stop him as he put a gun to his left temple, according to The Washington Post

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Sibson then allegedly pulled the trigger. The bullet went behind his left eye, exited his body, and then hit Haag, 22, in the chest.

Haag staggered over to a neighbor’s door and asked for help. She died later that morning; Sibson survived with serious injuries, making his first court appearance on Tuesday while

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Tad Cummins Indicted On Federal Charges, Faces Potential Life Sentence

 The former high school teacher accused of abducting his teen student was indicted on two federal charges Thursday.

Tad Cummins, 50, was indicted on a charge of transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activities, according to PEOPLE. He was additionally charged with destruction, alteration or falsification of records in a federal investigation for allegedly destroying two phones to impede the investigation.

Cummins’ attorney stated that his client had no prior criminal history and noted that he did not coerce, force or threaten Elizabeth Thomas. The teen girl’s family disputes that claim. Thomas, who was 15 at the time of the alleged abduction, just turned 16 on Wednesday.

Cummins pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to CNN. Each count is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and, according to the Department of Justice, if convicted Cummins could face life in jail. He

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