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17-Year-Old Captive Who Heroically Saved Her 12 Siblings Planned Escape For 2 Years

New chilling details have been released about the 13 malnourished brothers and sisters who were allegedly kept in captivity by their parents in their Perris, California home.

Police are now saying that the 17-year-old girl who fled the home plotted her escape for two years, the Associated Press reports. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who escaped on Sunday. Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin announced that another sibling escaped alongside her. However, that sibling retreated out of fear.

After the brave teen girl called 911 using a phone she took from her parents house, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department raided the home where they found “several children shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in dark and foul-smelling surroundings” while the “parents were unable to immediately provide a logical reason why their children were restrained in that manner.”

The 13 victims, ranging in age from 2 to 29,

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Woman Who Fabricated Gang Rape By 4 Black Men Imprisoned After Attempting To Escape Jail

Leiha Ann-Sue Artman of Montague, Michigan has been 4 to 13 months to four years on charges of resisting and obstructing police. Artman had previously fabricated a story about being abducted by a group of men and raped.

According to MLive.com, Artman, a mother of three, has blamed her addictions on a series of crimes she’s committed, including various probation violations.

In March of 2016, Artman claimed that she was taken from her home by four black men who physically and sexually assaulted her over the course of two days. Artman’s boyfriend at the time received picture messages that showed her gagged and bleeding from the head as she demanded money as ransom. He showed the evidence to police. Artman says that the boyfriend was able to collect her from where the gang had supposedly dropped her off, despite not receiving the ransom, at a location near her home. She later confessed

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Video Shows Kidnapped Woman Escape Trunk Of Car After Alleged Abductor Stops For Gas

Surveillance footage captured the remarkable moment of a kidnapping victim in Alabama escaping from the trunk of her alleged abductor’s car. After the attacker stopped for gas, she was able to open the trunk from the inside.

Timothy Wyatt, 36, allegedly entered the woman’s home in the middle of the night Monday and began to choke her as she slept. When the victim woke up, Wyatt allegedly demanded money before tying her hands behind her back and forcing her into a Ford Taurus. According to NBC4i, Wyatt threatened to stab the victim as they drove. At some point, he allegedly forced her into the trunk.

While stopping at a gas station, the victim managed to escape the trunk, authorities said. According to Inside Edition, she untied her hands before using the emergency latch from inside the trunk. Surveillance video reveals the dramatic moment the victim pushed open the trunk, jumped

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Woman Fatally Poisons Husband And His Family To Escape Arranged Marriage

A Pakistani bride is making international headlines after being charged with the poisoning of her husband and his family. According to BBC, Asiya Bibi has been arrested on suspicion of killing her new husband and at least 14 of his relatives with poisoned milk.

Bibi was apparently forced into an arranged marriage in September. Local media in central Muzaffargarh share that the bride had tried to flee her marital home — unsuccessfully — and return to her parents. 

Arranged marriages are common in the country, and women have varying degrees of choice in whom they marry and their life thereafter. As PBS notes, an arranged marriage distinguishes itself from other kinds of marriages (such as “love marriages” more common in the US) by the significant role that parents or older family members play in selecting a match and being involved in the union.

Allegedly, Bibi tried to kill only her husband with poisoned milk

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Roommates Film Their Harrowing Escape From Deadly California Wildfire: ‘My Eyes Are Burning’

Harrowing phone camera footage brings the life threatening California wildfires in full view. CBS13 in Sacramento aired the footage and spoke to the men who filmed it, Mike Vien and his roommate Leighton Smith. The incident occurred at the Cascade fire, which as of last week had burned over 12,000 acres of land.

Vien and Smith were at the home they shared in Loma Rica, California when the lights began to flicker and they knew something was wrong. “It went dark and then it got really, really bright,” Vien says of their nighttime escape. Gathering their pet dogs and getting into one of their Ford Expedition, the found the fire coming straight at them as they went outdoors. “It didn’t look real, honestly. It looked fake,” says Vien. “It looked like something that should be in a movie.”

“We’re going to die dude, we got to get out of here,” Vien

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Vegas Shooter Had An Escape Plan, Explosives And 1600 Rounds Of Ammunition In His Car

Police believe that the Las Vegas shooter, who killed at least 58 people and injured over 500 in Sunday night’s shooting spree, organized an escape route. Stephen Paddock, 64, shot rapid fire at country music festival attendees from a smashed out window on the 32nd floor of a hotel.

Now, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo believes Paddock thought he could have escaped after committing the worst mass shooting in modern American history, according to the Business Insider.

“Did you see any evidence that he planned to survive this, or try to escape?” a reporter asked Lombardo during a press conference on Wednesday.

“Yes,” Lombardo replied, not yet revealing details of what what a possible escape plan could have entailed. “He was doing everything possible to see how he could escape at this point.”  

Lombardo referenced the cameras Paddock set up in his hotel suite and in the hallway of the hotel.

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Woman Fakes Seizure To Escape Armed Robber Who Threatened Her With Terrifying Note

A woman may have thwarted being a victim of a violent crime by faking a seizure.

According to SF Gate, Julie Dragland was on a BART train heading to San Francisco when a person reportedly handed her a note threatening to rob her at gunpoint. The 32-year-old Oakland resident then faked a seizure, which attracted the attention of other passengers on the train and scared the mugger into fleeing from the train.

“When I read the note, I started freaking out,” she said in an interview Sunday. “I did not want to give up my stuff, but I had no idea who was behind me.” She shared the threatening note on Twitter (Her profile is private and the note cannot be seen) but KTVU shared an image in a news airing about the incident:

The note read, “There are 2 guns pointed at you now. If

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Here’s How 12 Inmates Used Peanut Butter To Successfully Escape An Alabama Jail

A dozen inmates broke out of an Alabama prison Sunday night, and one of the 12 is still at large. How did they do it? Peanut butter!

The convicts used peanut butter to alter the number on a door to the outside to make it look like another cell door., according to Mashable. Then, one of them convinced a new jail employee, who was watching the prisoners on closed-circuit TV from a control room, to open it. The new worker unknowingly unlocked a door that opened to the outside. He thought he had just opened a cell door. 

“Changing numbers on doors with peanut butter – It may sound crazy, but these kinds of people are crazy like a fox,”  Walker County Sheriff James Underwood said during a press conference. “He thought he was opening the cell door for this man to go in his cell, but in fact he

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Man Who Robbed Bank To Escape Wife Sentenced To Be Confined With His Wife At Home

A Kansas City man claimed he robbed a bank because he wanted to go to prison to avoid going home to his wife. His wish didn’t come true. On Tuesday, Lawrence John Ripple, 71, was sentenced in federal court to six months home confinement and 50 hours of community service, according to The Wichita Eagle.

Ripple robbed a bank in September, giving a note to the bank teller that read: “I have a gun, give me money,” according to The Kansas City Star.  After robbing the bank, Ripple sat down in the lobby and waited for the police. He told law enforcement that he and his wife had an argument, which made him decide that he’d rather be in prison than go back home.

In court on Tuesday, Ripple’s public defender called the robbery a “cry for help.” Ramsey has been since diagnosed, and is on medication. He has

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