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English Teacher Arrested After Students Watch Her Snorting Drugs In Her Classroom

A high school English teacher from Indiana has been arrested after a student recorded a video of her snorting a powder believed to be a mix of cocaine and heroin in an empty classroom.

Samantha Cox, 24, was allegedly caught snorting a substance on a cellphone camera by a Lake Central High School student,  CBS Chicago reports. Student John Rogers said he began taking a video after witnessing the shocking act.  

“She tried to hide herself,” Rogers told CBS Chicago. “She wasn’t at her desk where we could see her. She was all the way in the corner where she thought we can’t see her.”

Rogers and another student told police what they saw. Soon after, a drug-sniffing dog was in the school and Cox was in handcuffs. She was arrested on Wednesday for drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges.

In a statement, St. John Chief James Kveton said the students showed

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August 27, 1660: English Writer John Milton’s Books Burned

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On August 27, 1660, books of English writer John Milton were burned. Milton wrote prose and poetry, often focusing on freedom and politics, during a time of serious political upheaval. That year marked the start of the English Restoration, a time of a major political change, when the monarchy went back into effect as Charles II took over the country. A warrant was issued for Milton’s arrest causing him to go into hiding until a general pardon was issued. He lived, but many of his writings did not. Milton served some time for his political writings. He later penned “Paradise Lost,” his most famous poem, which reportedly is about his time as a persecuted author.

On August 27, 1938, more papers were burned. This time it was a famous writer who ignited the fire.

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