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Former Employees Of Popular NYC Restaurant Allege Owner Had A ‘Rape Room’

Ken Friedman, owner of the critically beloved Spotted Pig restaurant in New York City, is now facing a series of sexual harassment allegations. In a large-scale expose published in The New York Times, reporters reveal a series of hideous allegations being made against the noted restaurateur. One particularly horrific story involves a “rape room” inside one of his eateries.

Alongside specific accusations with detailed descriptions of incidences of forced kissing and non-consensual groping, former employees of the Spotted Pig restaurant discussed an extreme culture of sexually inappropriate behavior that was pervasive at the location. 

“There is a grab-ass, superfun late-night culture — I love that part of the industry. But there is a difference between fun and sexualized camaraderie and predation. When you are made to feel unsafe or dirty or embarrassed, that is a different thing,” said the former wine director of the Spotted Pig, Carla Rza Betts.

Sexually inappropriate behavior was so

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Video Goes Viral Of White Woman Accusing Taco Bell Employees Of Racism For Not Serving Fries

A woman cried racism after she was unable to order French fries in a Taco Bell. The bizarre incident was caught on video, which has since gone viral.

“I just literally want a medium French fries from the dollar menu,” the woman tells the cashier in the video.

The Taco Bell employee responds, “French fries? We don’t sell French fries.”

“You’re Burger King. You don’t sell French fries?” the woman asks.

“You think you’re in Burger King. This is Taco Bell. Welcome to Taco Bell…we don’t sell French fries.”

At this point, the woman becomes upset and turns around to talk to other customers. She makes the shocking statement: “This is racism at its f—king finest.”

Nobody seems to agree with her. One customer says “It’s not, girl,” while another calls her “ignorant as f—k.”

The woman grows emotional as she recounts ‘Do you sell French fries?’ And she said nothing to me. She just looked at

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