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‘Dr. Phil’ Accused Of Giving Booze And Drugs To Show Guests Struggling With Addiction

Some former guests of the “Dr. Phil” show are accusing the television series of exploiting them and putting them in danger by providing them alcohol or drugs before they appeared on stage to discuss their addiction problems. The bombshell allegations are laid out in a new STAT News/Boston Globe investigation.

“America’s best-known television doctor presents himself as a crusader for recovery who rescues people from their addictions — and even death,” that report states. “But in its pursuit of ratings, the ‘Dr. Phil’ show has put at risk the health of some of those guests it purports to help, according to people who have been on the show and addiction experts.”

Todd Herzog, the 2007 winner of “Survivor: China,” claimed that before he went on stage in 2013 to talk to host Phillip McGraw about his battle with alcoholism, a bottle of vodka was left in his dressing room. He

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Parents Try To Hide Newborn’s Heroin Addiction By Stuffing Her Gums With Other Drugs

Two Utah parents were arrested after police claimed they gave their newborn daughter drugs to hide that her mother continued using heroin and prescription pain medicine throughout her pregnancy, KUTV reported.

This resulted in their daughter having a drug addiction from the moment she was born, which the parents allegedly concealed by crushing pills of Suboxone—a painkiller used to treat opioid withdrawal—and rubbing the powder on their baby’s gums while hospital staff were out of the room.

Colby Glen Wilde, 29, and Lacey Dawn Christenson, 26, were charged with drug distribution and child endangerment for the action after Wilde was arrested for allegedly trying to “return” items at Walmart that had he hadn’t purchased.

When loss prevention employees stopped Wilde and his 2-month-old daughter from leaving the premises, he bolted, eventually handing off his daughter to a stranger before hopping in his car and driving away, KUTV reported.

Police managed to stop his

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Inmates Are Using Drones To Smuggle Drugs, Porn, and Phones Into Prison

Inmates in prisons across the country are using drones to smuggle contraband into prison, reports USA Today. I have to admit that my first reaction was that this is kind of brilliant, but experts say that this vulnerability could make prisons less safe.

A Freedom of Information Act request by USA Today uncovered more than a dozen attempts to bring contraband such as drugs, porn, and phones into federal prisons via drones—and experts warn that this could be a potential security risk, since drones could be used to transport more dangerous items, such as firearms.

For now, however, more mundane comforts are being smuggled. One inmate at a high-security federal prison in California worked with a friend outside the prison to smuggle in two cell phones via drone—a violation that wasn’t discovered for five months.

“Civilian drones are becoming more inexpensive, easy to operate and powerful. A growing number

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Woman Arrested For Allegedly Dragging Child While High On Drugs

A West Virginia mother is under arrest for allegedly dragging her child while under the influence of heroin, according to Charleston’s WCHS.

30-year-old Erica Bailey of Dunbar, West Virginia is charged with child neglect creating the risk of injury after she allegedly dragged her child while under the influence of drugs, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

Witnesses called 911 Friday morning to report a woman dragging a screaming child near the river bank behind a shopping mall in South Charleston. When police arrived, they allegedly observed Bailey swaying back and forth, in an unsteady manner. In her arms was the child, whom police say she almost dropped at one point, according to Huntington’s WSAZ.

While questioning Bailey, police allegedly noticed needle marks on her arms, consistent with the intravenous use of narcotics, including heroin. In her purse they found needles, a burnt

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A New Profile On Chris Brown Alleges He Has Serious Drugs And Money Problems

A new profile on Chris Brown in Billboard makes some pretty wild allegations about his lifestyle, which is reportedly hampered by serious drug abuse that feeds his mood swings and anger issues. Billboard spoke with many members of Brown’s team, past and present, many of whom wanted to speak anonymously on the matter. They also spoke with several people who were happy to comment on Brown’s good side. Even with everything he’s done, it appears that Brown is capable of still making friends in some places.

“I don’t think he hates women,” one anonymous female former employee of Brown’s told Billboard. “He’s actually a very sweet, sensitive guy. But they’re an easy target and he’s a bully. It’s not just women — it’s everyone, and he can get away with it.”

So he targets women because they’re more susceptible to harassment and he just needs to harass.

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