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Man Allegedly Forced Stepdaughter To Eat Cat Food, Drink Detergent As Punishment

A stepdad from Gwinnett County, Georgia reportedly tortured a teen girl in his care, beating her severely and forcing her to consume detergent and cat food. Rimmon H. Lewis has been charged with 15 counts of first-degree cruelty to children, four counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated stalking, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

In March, Lewis’ then-13-year-old stepdaughter was covered in bruises, prompting a staff member at her school to contact authorities. Lewis was arrested in April.

According to WSBTV, Gwinnett County Police initially charged Lewis and the victim’s mother, Angela Strothers, each with one count of abuse, but  prosecutors added more charges to the couple after looking further into the case, which led to another indictment in November.

According to Lewis’ indictment paperwork, the teen girl was routinely locked up in her family’s laundry room. While they ate decent meals, she was fed scraps and sometimes worse.

“There were times she was

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21-Year-Old Who Says Drink Was Spiked At Festival Shares Video To Show Its Horrifying Effects

Loren Froggatt, an attendee of the Leeds Festival in the United Kingdom, documented the effects of what she thinks was a drug that was slipped into her drink while partying.

According to The Independent, Froggatt says she might have died if her fiance had not been there to take care of her.

Froggatt says she was waiting in line for a bathroom when she was distracted by someone who she thinks may have put an unknown chemical into her drink. Within 20 minutes, she remembers becoming incredibly dizzy.

“As I was waiting outside the main arena, a man approached me and asked to borrow a lighter. I think that’s when it happened,” she recalls. “I remember feeling suddenly quite dizzy, and after that my mind just goes completely blank … Once back at the tent Adam said my eyes kept rolling into the back of my head, I urinated myself, lost control

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8-Year-Old Dies After She’s Dared To Drink Boiling Water Through A Straw

A Florida girl died several months after she was severely injured by drinking boiling water through a straw on a dare from her cousin, The Palm Beach Post reported.

Ki’ari Pope, 8, reportedly told her mother’s partner on Sunday night that she was unable to breathe, and was unresponsive just minutes later.

She was pronounced dead just after midnight on Monday.

Months earlier, Pope had received a tracheotomy after drinking the boiling water. The incident left her with chronic respiratory problems and damaged her ability to speak, according to a GoFundMe for Pope’s funeral expenses.

The girl and her cousin had seen the boiling water dare on a video from YouTube, the GoFundMe said.

Police are investigating allegations of abuse and neglect involving the girl, as well as between the girl’s mother and her partner.

“The loss of this child is truly devastating and our condolences go out to all those who loved her,”

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