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Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Woman Discovers Husband’s Affair Mid-Flight

The distraught reaction of an Iranian woman who discovered her husband had been having an affair in the middle of a flight caused the plane’s pilot to make an emergency landing, The New York Post reported

The woman, who was flying with her husband and child on a trip from Doha to Bali last weekend, reportedly used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone, uncovering evidence that he had cheated on her.

The woman, who had drank alcohol during the flight, began arguing with her husband and disobeyed flight crew when they attempted to calm her down, Newsweek reported.

The woman caused such a ruckus that the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India. 

In Chennai, the three family members deplaned and the flight took off again, continuing to Bali. From Chennai, the family flew to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Doha.

India’s Central Industrial Security Force confirmed the

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Mom Discovers 12-Year-Old Daughter Was Raped After Coming Across Disturbing Diary Entry

An 18-year-old man has been sentenced to a minimum of five years for sexually abusing  a 12-year-old girl.

According to MLiveTaylor James Dusen of Ravenna, Michigan pled guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct in July, a charge that involves sexual penetration with a child under age 13.

The case came to authorities’ attention when the victim’s mother found her daughter’s diary outlining the sexual assault.

According to Muskegon County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Maat, the victim and Dusen met through a mutual friend in 2016. The sexual assaults occurred in March 2017 at the victim’s home, and there were reportedly more than one on the same day.

Following the diary discovery, the mother reported the incident to the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department. Dusen was arrested on May 31. 

Dusen does not have a prior criminal history. The judge sentenced him to a minimum of five years and a maximum of 35 years, as is within state

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Daughter Discovers Mom Dead In Car After Note Reveals ‘Suicide Pact’ Parents Made Together

A Florida man is accused of helping his girlfriend kill herself after the couple made a “suicide pact.”

According to News-Journal, 52-year-old Bruce Haughton and his 52-year-old girlfriend, Katherine Goddard, tried to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning twice in June. She died during the second attempt, while he survived. Her daughter found the couple during the incident.

On June 30, Haughton and Goddard were both found in a car unresponsive. Haughton helped plan the suicide by placing duct tape around the garage door and attaching a dryer vent to the exhaust pipe of a vehicle so the car would fill with carbon monoxide. “I just got home and I just found my mom and my step-dad in the garage, in the car,” the daughter said, “and I don’t know if the car’s been on or what but … he’s barely breathing and I can’t get a pulse off of her.”

The daughter also found

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Couple Kills Man’s Second Wife And Her Family After She Discovers His Bigamy

An Alabama man and his wife are accused of murdering his second wife and her family after the woman left him when she discovered his bigamy, People magazine reports.

Married couple Christopher Henderson, 42, and Rhonda Carlson, 44, allegedly killed second wife Kristen Smallwood, 35, and her unborn child in 2015. Smallwood was nine months pregnant at the time of her death.

The couple allegedly shot or stabbed Kristen to death before cutting the child from her womb and stabbing the infant multiple times, police said.

They also allegedly killed Smallwood’s son, Clayton Chambers, 8; Smallwood’s mother, Carol Smallwood, 67; and Kristen’s nephew, Eli Sokolowski, 1.

Security footage reportedly shows a couple entering a the home with a gas can and leaving as the house burns down. All of the family members died before the arson, except Sokolowski, who was stabbed but who ultimately died from asphyxia in the flames.

The pair was

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