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Everything We Know About Penn Student Blaze Bernstein, Whose Body Was Discovered In A California Park

The body of college student Blaze Bernstein has been discovered after an exhaustive search had been executed following his disappearance. Now, information about the case is slowly being revealed.

Bernstein vanished after allegedly meeting with a friend at Borrego Park in Southern California at around 11pm on January 2nd. He had been home from school for winter break. The friend who was with him before the disappearance is not being considered a suspect in the case.

Amateur drone users were offering assistance in the search for Bernstein. 

“It’s going to take a lot of time to go through all the data they collected.” said Jeanne Pepper Bernstein, Blaze’s mother. “We are only just beginning. The world is a big place and we are hunting aggressively for answers.”

“The only thing I can think of is that maybe he was abducted,” Jeanne had said to NBC. “I can’t figure out why anybody

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22-Year-Old Woman Mauled To Death By Her Pit Bulls, Dad Discovered Her Body In The Woods

A woman from Goochland County, Virginia was found mauled to death after taking her two pit bulls for a walk in the woods. Police blamed her two pets, owned by Bethany Lynn Stephens.

Her father made the grim discovery on Thursday after he went looking for his 22-year-old daughter. He found the two dogs near Stephens’ body, which they appeared to be “guarding,” according to WTVR. At first, he thought maybe they were just guarding an animal carcass.

“Much to his horror, discovered that it was not,” Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew said at a press conference on Friday.  

“It appeared the attack was a violent attack initiated by the victims’ dogs while the victim was out for a walk with the dogs,” Agnew said. “The victim had defensive wounds on her hands and arms trying to keep the dogs away from her, which would be consistent with being attacked

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15-Year-Old Detained Trying To Enter Canada After Grandmother’s Body Discovered Buried In Backyard

A missing Florida teen accused of murdering his own grandmother was arrested on Friday trying to enter Canada near Buffalo, New York. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office announced Logan Mott’s detainment on Friday night.

Mott, 15, was named a “person of interest” in the death of his grandmother, Kristina French, 53, after police discovered a shallow grave with human remains in French’s backyard in Neptune Beach, Florida, according to ABC News.

On Wednesday, Mott’s father returned from a trip to find both his son and mother missing. The home was in disarray, according to First Coast News. French’s car and several firearms were missing.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found Mott after he made a wrong turn onto Peace Bridge near downtown Buffalo. The bridge is one of the busiest border crossings in the United States. A primary inspection revealed to the officers that the teen was a subject of a

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Husband’s Affair Discovered Mid-Flight, Causes Emergency …

The distraught reaction of an Iranian woman who discovered her husband had been having an affair in the middle of a flight caused the plane’s pilot to make an emergency landing, The New York Post reported

The woman, who was flying with her husband and child on a trip from Doha to Bali last weekend, reportedly used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone, uncovering evidence that he had cheated on her.

The woman, who had drank alcohol during the flight, began arguing with her husband and disobeyed flight crew when they attempted to calm her down, Newsweek reported.

The woman caused such a ruckus that the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India. 

In Chennai, the three family members deplaned and the flight took off again, continuing to Bali. From Chennai, the family flew to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Doha.

India’s Central Industrial Security Force confirmed the

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