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Man Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Housemate After Workers Discover Human Skeleton Buried In Backyard

A man has been arrested after a skeleton surfaced in his backyard. According to CBS San Francisco, 22-year-old Michael Christopher Sager was arrested and taken into custody on Friday after his housemate’s buried bones were discovered.

According to Sacramento authorities, they believe that Sager fatally stabbed the roommate following a verbal argument in 2015. Workers who were renovating the house on Dundee Drive discovered the bones, which were an entire human skeleton, on December 26, 2017.

The victim is said to have been in his 20s, but no missing persons report was filed. No other information about the victim’s identity has been released, including the exact date of the killing, and the investigation is ongoing.

The house was vacant at the time, and no other remains have been found on the property. The homeowner, Dimas Velasquez, was renovating the home after the previous tenants were evicted in November for not paying rent and

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