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Everything You Need To Know About The Deliberate SUV Ramming In Melbourne That Injured 19 People

On Thursday, a white Suzuki SUV deliberately rammed into a crowd of holiday shoppers in a busy area of Melbourne, Australia. Here is what we know about the incident so far.

1. There are many injured

According to various reports, the number of injured is at 19, according to ABC News. Four of the 15 are in critical condition while the rest are reportedly stable.

2. A young child is among them

According to 9News in Australia, a 4-year-old was injured in the incident and reportedly suffered a serious head injury.

3. The driver has been arrested

A 32-year-old man has been arrested. Police said he is Australian and of Afghan descent. Witnesses appeared to drag him out of his SUV before his arrest.

4. Mental health could be at play

Police have revealed that the driver has known drug abuse and mental health issues. He was reportedly known to police because of his

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