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Daughter Discovers Mom Dead In Car After Note Reveals ‘Suicide Pact’ Parents Made Together

A Florida man is accused of helping his girlfriend kill herself after the couple made a “suicide pact.”

According to News-Journal, 52-year-old Bruce Haughton and his 52-year-old girlfriend, Katherine Goddard, tried to kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning twice in June. She died during the second attempt, while he survived. Her daughter found the couple during the incident.

On June 30, Haughton and Goddard were both found in a car unresponsive. Haughton helped plan the suicide by placing duct tape around the garage door and attaching a dryer vent to the exhaust pipe of a vehicle so the car would fill with carbon monoxide. “I just got home and I just found my mom and my step-dad in the garage, in the car,” the daughter said, “and I don’t know if the car’s been on or what but … he’s barely breathing and I can’t get a pulse off of her.”

The daughter also found

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Film Producer Says Boss’s Daughter Sexually Harassed Him, Called Him Her ‘Gigolo’ – Then Threatened To Kill Him

A new law suit reveals the lascivious ongoings of a Hollywood scandal, in which a producer was seduced and then threatened by his investor’s daughter.

A report from the New York Post explains the bizarre story behind “Time Freak” and GTM Pictures.

After partnering with Chinese investor Sean Liao, producer Keith Wright found himself embroiled in trouble. Wright had been given $10 million to create three movies, including the rom-com “Time Freak,” through the newly founded GTM Pictures.

Wright was quickly made into a target for Wendy Liao, Sean’s daughter, whom he claims aggressively attempted to court him.

“She consistently asked Mr. Wright out for lunch and dinner,” the sexual harassment suit reads.

“Ms. Liao also repeatedly purchased or offered to purchase gifts for Mr. Wright. These gifts​ ​– including a Hugo Boss watch, Adidas shoes, engraved Tiffany cufflinks, a Coach backpack​ ​– were never solicited by Mr. Wright and made him uncomfortable.”

Wright says he returned the gifts

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Former FBI Agent And His Daughter Found Guilty Of Murdering Her Husband With Baseball Bat

A former FBI agent and his daughter were found guilty of killing the daughter’s husband in North Carolina.

According to ABC News, 67-year-old Thomas Martens, a veteran with the FBI for over 30 years, and 33-year-old Molly Corbett were found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of 39-year-old Jason Corbett yesterday.

On Aug. 2, 2015, Martens and Molly Corbett claim that the husband allegedly attacked his wife. In a 911 call, Martens tells the operator that he hit his son-in-law “in the head with a baseball bat.” 

“He was choking my daughter. He said, ‘I’m going to kill her.’ He’s bleeding all over and I may have killed him.”

Martens and his daughter, whom the Daily Mail says is a former model, claimed they were acting out in self-defense but the prosecution argued that neither had injuries to support that. Jason Corbett also had hair and blood evidence that pointed to a struggle. 

The jury

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Missing Man Charged With Murdering Wife, Mistress And Daughter After They Allegedly Uncovered Affair

A nationwide manhunt is underway for a 60-year-old pilot whom police say is responsible for a gruesome triple homicide in Caldwell, Idaho.

The Idaho State Journal reports that following the identification of 48-year-old Nadja Medley and her 14-year-old daughter Payton, the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office charged Gerald “Mike” Bullinger with first-degree murder for their deaths, as well as that of Cheryl Baker, 56, who was Bullinger’s wife of 10 years.

The Canyon County Coroner’s Office had to use DNA evidence to identify the Medleys after their bodies were left to rot for over a week in a shed on the property Bullinger and Baker allegedly planned to retire to. Baker’s body was next to theirs, all three dead from a single gun shot wound, and covered with a plastic sheet. Police also found several dead birds, dogs and rabbits in the shed, according to The Daily Mail.

While Bullinger’s

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Mom Marries Boyfriend Accused Of Killing Her 19-Month-Old Disabled Daughter A Year After Death

A Salt Lake City man has been charged in the death of his wife’s daughter.

According to Deseret News, 29-year-old Jake Don Jensen has been charged with child abuse homicide, a first-degree felony, and child abuse in the death of a 19-month-old girl.

The charges stem from a January 2016 incident, in which the toddler was having a seizure. Jensen and the child’s mother (then-girlfriend) Stephanie Mahaffey Jensen refused on-site care and told emergency personnel that they would take the girl to the doctor soon.

Two days later, the child had another seizure and was taken to the hospital early the next morning. She “never regained consciousness,” per the charges. Doctors discovered that the child’s legs had been broken and were in various stages of healing, but the parents never reported broken bones. They believed the injuries were “most consistent with severe child physical abuse, given the lack of any other adequate explanation for either her broken legs

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Mom Murders 11-Year-Old Daughter, Then Takes 700-Mile, Cross-Country Road Trip With Dead Body In Trunk

A mother has been charged with concealment of a deceased human body after her daughter’s body was found near a highway in West Virginia.

According to the Pocahontas Times, Erica Newsome, of Jacksonville, Florida, struck a guardrail when a couple saw her removing and disposing a body from her car. It belonged to her daughter, 11-year-old Kaye-lea Plummer.

Authorities found the woman and the body of her daughter on a road. “It was obvious that the 11-year-old did not die from injuries from the accident,” State Police Sergeant Herby Barlow said. “Her injuries were non-motor vehicle injuries.” 

According to authorities, Newsome told police that she had killed her daughter and was abusive to her.

She shared that the child’s father lived in Buffalo, New York and that’s where she was driving toward. The father says that he hasn’t seen his daughter since 2014 after the couple separated. 

“I can’t even wrap my head around what even would have made (my

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Co-Worker Sends Family Texts Pretending To Be Daughter After Murdering Her And Dumping Body

A restaurant co-worker of Savannah Gold, the 21-year-old Florida woman who was reported missing last Wednesday, confessed to her murder and led police to her body Saturday, according to NBC affiliate WTLV.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office posted a message on its Twitter page yesterday, saying, “Savannah Gold: #JSO has arrested Lee Rodarte, 28 years old, a manager at Bonefish Grill, where she worked, for her murder,” along with the killer’s mugshot. It is believed the two had a casual romantic relationship.

Gold’s family and friends became concerned Wednesday evening after she didn’t show up for her shift at the seafood restaurant chain’s Jacksonville, Florida location. In the parking lot, police found her car. It was unlocked, with her purse still inside it, and the front, left tire punctured.

Within hours of when her shift was supposed to begin, relatives received text messages from her phone, saying she had

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Mom Kills 6-Year-Old Daughter To Save Her From Aliens Trapped ‘Inside Her Body’

A Virginia mother charged with killing her 6-year-old daughter told a detective that she did so to send her to heaven and protect her from aliens, according to court documents filed this week.

Darla Elizabeth Hise, 27, is charged with first-degree murder in the February murder of her daughter Abigail Grace Hise. According to the Roanoke Times, she used a shotgun to kill the child in their home.

Hise’s attorney wrote that Hise told police at a psychiatric hospital, where Hise was diagnosed with a possible PTSD or drug-induced psychosis, that she had “aliens in her body and wanted them removed from her stomach.” Her lawyer, Tony Anderson, has asked that Hise’s statement to police be suppressed, arguing that she was unable to waive her right to remain silent because of her mental condition and drug use.

“In this case, the evidence will show that [Hise’s] drug use and psychosis prevented her

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‘It Was Not An Accident’: Mayor’s Daughter Arrested For Murder After Leaving Toddler To Die In Hot Car

The Tennessee parents of a 2-year-old boy who was killed while left overnight in the backseat of a car were arraigned on first-degree murder charges, indicating that the death was not an accident, WBIR reports.

Anthony Dyllan Phillips, 26, and Jade Elizabeth Phillips, 24, were arraigned on Monday morning after being indicted last week on murder, aggravated child abuse, and child neglect charges for the July 14 death of their son, Kipp Phillips.

Kipp’s body was found at 2 pm that day, but investigators said he had been there since the night before.

The car was parked outside the home of Jerry Kirkman, the mayor of Westmoreland and father of Jade Phillips. Kirkman has not been charged with any crime.

Jade Phillips was released from jail on a $250,000 bond. Anthony Phillips is still being held. Neither has reportedly entered a plea.

Their next hearing is set for November 1. If convicted, the

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Alaskan Cruise Ship Passengers Describe Heartbreaking Moment Teen Daughter Found Out Dad Murdered Mom

Passengers aboard the Princess Cruises ship on which a Utah husband allegedly murdered his wife during their 18th wedding anniversary recounted the moment when the couple’s 13-year-old daughter found out what happened.

The couple, Kristy and Kenneth Manzanares, both 39, traveled with their three daughters and other family members on the Alaskan cruise. Their children ranged in age from 13 to 22. Kenneth allegedly killed his wife in their cabin.

Passenger Chris Ceman told Inside Edition, “One of the little girls from that room came running out calling for help that her parents had been in a fight. She sounded pretty desperate.”

Passenger Natalie Beckstrom told the St. George News that she saw the couple’s 13-year-old daughter “standing there wrapped in a blanket, just sobbing.”

“And, right then, a man came out from the hallway where the room is that they were staying in. He had on jeans and a

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