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Tried and True – True Crime Details from Local Menendez Juror

| News, Sand Canyon Journal | 2 hours ago

It isn’t often that Sand Canyon has a prison insider. But viewers of “NBC News” following episodes of “Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders” can see local resident Betty Oldfield share what she knows about the famous trial 23 years ago. She served as a substitute on the jury for Erik Menendez during the first trial, which ended in a deadlock. After a second trial, in 1996, the brothers were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

NBC began airing the “Law Order True Crime” series on Sep. 26, which will be presented in eight one-hour segments. It is a drama starring Emmy Award-winner Edie

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Pick gains rights to new NBCUniversal crime docs

Three Days to Live looks at abduction cases in the USA, where the first 72 hours after a kidnapping prove crucial to a victim’s chances of survival. Using re-enactments and first-hand interviews, each hour-long episode delves into the hunt for a missing person. The show gives viewers rare insight into this critical timeframe, following the detectives who are working against the clock to save the victim. Each mystery is unravelled, and viewers will witness justice being served, no matter the outcome.

Homicide For The Holidays delves into the twists, turns and tell-alls that reveal how the Christmas holiday season can be. For most, the period between Christmas and New Year means bringing family and friends together to create joyous memories to last a lifetime, but for others, it’s a time where emotions run high, anger and animosity set in and can spark an explosive combination of simmering resentments and volatile secrets.

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Pick chooses NBCU’s true crime

Three Days to Live focuses on abductions

Pick, the free-to-air channel operated by Sky in the UK, has acquired two true crime documentaries from NBCUniversal International Distribution.

The network will premiere Three Days to Live and Homicide for the Holidays in the UK and Ireland after they air on Oxygen in the US in November and December respectively.

Three Days to Live explores abduction cases in the US, where the first 72 hours after a kidnapping prove crucial to a victim’s chances of survival.

Homicide for the Holidays, meanwhile, looks at examples of crime stories that have taken place during the emotionally fraught period between Christmas and New Year.

The deal was brokered by Charlie Charalambous, acquisitions executive for Sky, with NBCUniversal International Distribution.

Stephen Ladlow, director of Pick, Challenge and Real Lives, said the two shows were bought because “they offer unique and fascinating examinations of

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Police To Question New Suspect in Delphi Murders | Crime Time

Police arrested a person of interest in the unsolved murders of two Delphi teens last week, police confirmed Friday as their search for the attacker continues.

Daniel Nations, 31, was homeless and living under bridges in Morgan County — the same area Abby Williams and Libby German went missing on February 14. Williams and German’s bodies were found near Monon High Bridge, in an area about 1.5 hours from where Nations was living at the time.  

German and Williams’ family dropped them off in the area for a hike near Deer Creek on February 13, who were 13 and 14 at the time, respectively. Their family became worried when the girls did not return from their hike at the time they’d agreed upon. Their bodies were found the next day about a mile away from where they’d been dropped off. Police have yet to release information on how the girls were

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5 Reasons We’re Excited About NBC’s ‘Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders’

Money, privilege and murder. The Menendez brothers case riveted the country as the perfect family unmasked. In 1994, brothers Lyle and Erik were sentenced to life in prison without parole for the 1989 killing of their parents, Jose and Mary “Kitty.” The grisly act—the parents were shot multiple times at close range with a shotgun and rendered unrecognizable—was a far cry from the idyllic Beverly Hills mansion where the brothers grew up.


The Menendez Brothers enjoyed the finest of everything but did greed push them too far? The case comes to TV in “Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders,” which premieres tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

Trial of the Century

Before there was O.J. Simpson, the trial of the Menendez brothers enthralled viewers as the first courtroom trial to be televised. In

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Arby’s Employee Arrested For Stabbing Manager John Price | Crime …

Family members of a suburban Chicago fast food restaurant manager who was stabbed to death last week were seeking answers at the scene, where they said police had not yet told them how or why he was killed. Autopsy results have since been released, but some questions still remain. 

John Price, 35, was working the overnight shift at Arby’s in Hickory Hills, where he has worked for five years, when he was killed. The Cook County medical examiner’s office determined on Friday Price died from multiple sharp-force injuries and ruled the death a homicide. An Arby’s employee, Irvin Thomas, 26, is being charged with first-degree murder for the stabbing and will appear in court Tuesday. Police found Thomas at his residence, where he was taken into custody.

Though police have now updated family and the public, details surrounding Price’s death were unclear in the hours after his alleged murder. 

“My sister needs

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5 Kids Who Confessed To Murder | Crime Time – Oxygen

  1. Criminal Confessions, which debuts Sunday, October 1 at 7pm ET/PT,  is a new series that takes an eye-opening look at what happens inside the interrogation room. Diving inside actual police interrogations, viewers will see first-hand the exchange between law enforcement and suspects— no matter the age. Here are 5 kids who actually confessed to murder.


Eric Smith

Why did a teen boy kill a four-year-old child? That was the question in the case of Eric Smith. The 13-year-old was convicted of choking and battering Derrick Robie in 1994. Investigator John Hibsch, who repeatedly talked with Smith said that the teen enjoyed killing the child and then posing the body. “[He] totally enjoyed it. Totally enjoyed it. Didn’t want it to end.” Seven days after the murder, Smith confessed.


Lionel Tate

14-year-old Lionel Tate said he was imitating professional wrestlers when he killed 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick.

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5 Of The Most Shocking Criminal Confessions Of All Time | Crime Time

Some of the most notorious murderers of all time kept the truth of their crimes to the grave. Others, for whatever reason, come clean about their killings. We’re counting down the most shocking criminal confessions of all time, in anticipation of the premiere of Criminal Confessions, which premieres October 1.

Check out our list, below:

1. Ted Bundy

Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy maintained his innocence up until very late in his life, creating excuses, alibis, and rationalizions up until the very end, even acting as his own belligerent attorney in court in the hopes of getting the charges dismissed. In her groundbreaking book The Stranger Beside Me, Anne Rule details the extreme lengths Bundy went to clear his name. But when he finally did confess to his crimes, he exaggerated them with great braggadocio: “Add one digit to that, and you’ll have it,” responded Bundy to an FBI agent who guessed

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7 Facts You Need To Know About The Menendez Brothers | Crime …

Before there was O.J. Simpson, there was another “trial of the century.” It was the case of the Menendez Brothers, the subject of NBC’s “Law Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders,” which premieres on NBC Tuesday at Sept. 26 at 10/9c and on Oxygen as an encore on Oct. 2 at 8/7c. 

In 1994, the nation watched as brothers Lyle and Erik were sentenced to life in prison without parole in the 1989 killing of their parents, Jose and Mary “Kitty.” The Menendez trial had it all: affluence, greed and murder. Here’s seven facts you should know about the Menendez Brothers.

Rags to Riches

The Menendez Brothers grew up in the lap of luxury from New Jersey and later, Beverly Hills. It was all possible because of their father Jose. A refuge from Cuba, he was the quintessential rags-to-riches tale, working his way

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Sky Vision Commits to True Crime

Barnaby Shingleton, the director of entertainment and factual at Sky Vision, talks to TV Real about the ongoing demand for crime-themed factual programming.

Chalk it up to morbid curiosity but there’s something fascinating about stories centered on illegal activity. These tales are even more intriguing—and terrifying—when they involve real-life crimes, including murder. As dark as the material is, true-crime TV programming continues to be an extremely popular genre and one that Sky Vision, the production and distribution arm of Sky, has had success with.

“Over the last couple of years Sky Vision has greatly expanded its true-crime catalog, reflecting the increased audience demand for this genre of programming,” says Barnaby Shingleton, the director of entertainment and factual at Sky Vision. “There are close to 500 hours of [true-crime] content in Sky Vision’s catalog, from long-running series like I Knew My Murderer and It Takes a Killer (Bellum Entertainment) through to limited series

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