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Man Accused Of Killing A Couple That Helped Him In Another Alleged Murder

A man already charged in the murder of a couple found buried in a shallow grave in September has just been indicted for the murder of another body found buried under a vacant home in Fort Worth, Texas.

On Thursday, a grand jury indicted Hector “Cholo” Acosta, 28, and his alleged accomplice Felipe Eduardo Ortiz, 29, on capital murder charges in connection with the body found under the home, the Star-Telegram reports. That body was Triston Ray Algiene, 34, who had been missing since July. His body was discovered in October, cut in half before being shoved under a repair patch in the vacant home’s foundation.

Just one month before Algiene’s body was found, Acosta was indicted on the capital murder charge of Erick “Diablo” Zelaya and Zelaya’s girlfriend, Iris Chirinos, who was only 17 years old.

The severed head of Zelaya was discovered on a walking trail. Near the head,

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Woman Found Shackled To Couple’s Bed Was Allegedly Being Kept As Wife’s ‘Slave’

A woman was allegedly shackled and kept as a slave by the wife of the man she allegedly had an affair with for nearly a decade. The victim was found shackled to a bed inside an Ovilla, Texas home in late January after the victim contacted police with an electronic tablet given to her by the suspects.

According to an affidavit, the victim, a 51-year-old woman, told police she woke up restrained and shackled in that home after having a drink with 51-year-old Jean-Claude Demars at a gas station, WFAA reports. She said that he told her that she was now the slave of his wife, 48-year-old Charlotte Demars. Her main task was to clean up dog feces inside the home. Police said the victim was only given a bucket for her own restroom needs. Chains, leg and hand cuffs and collars were found in the home.

The victim’s affair

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Driver Accused Of Intentionally Mowing Down, Murdering Newlywed Couple

A driver is being charged in the intentional death of two young newlyweds in love. According to the Idaho Statesman, 22-year-old Matthew Parkison and 17-year-old Amelia Parkinson were walking hand-in-hand on a sidewalk in Fruitland, Idaho on June 24. At about 3 p.m., a car veered off of U.S. 95 and hit the couple. 

They died at the scene.

The driver was 37-year-old  Jason L. Verwer, a local man. As KTVB 7 reports, the suspect was charged with two counts of second-degree murder. The prosecution said that there’s no indication that the suspect knew the victims.

An autopsy was done and according to the pathologist, the cause of death was lethal traumatic blunt force. The pair was visibly in love. Shared the Payette County coroner sadly, “She was wearing a shirt that said, ‘I love you to the moon and back.'” He added, emphasizing their young life cut too short: “Just the thought of those innocent young lives walking

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Good Samaritan Known For Traveling With Goat Tries To Help Homeless Couple, Gets Brutally Attacked With Drill …

A Detroit man known for traveling around in an old, converted school bus with his pet goat Deer and for spreading the message of love was robbed and brutally attacked in his Detroit home on Tuesday. Erick Brown, 31, was trying to help out two homeless people and their dog, MLive reports.

Instead, the pair allegedly beat Brown with a Ryobi cordless drill. He was tied up and his bank cards were stolen. According to reports, the suspects also ordered their dog to attack the good Samaritan.

Brown met the two on the internet, on a Facebook ride-share page. He offered the couple a place to stay.

Friends and family told media outlets that Brown is generous and kind to a fault.

“I’ve been all across the country and met awesome people and sometimes they have issues, you know?” Brown told MLive on Thursday after spending two nights in the hospital following

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California Couple Charged With Torturing 13 Children Left Dead Dogs And Ropes Tied To Beds In Previous Home

The California couple, David and Louise Turpin, who allegedly kept their 13 kids captive have been charged and new details are emerging about the mysterious family. According to CNN, David and Louise were charged with 12 acts of torture and David was also charged with lewd acts on a child. The couple’s brave 17-year-old daughter escaped and called 911 last week, saving her 12 siblings. She had been planning the escape for two years. As the Los Angeles Times reports, former neighbors are now speaking out about the Turpins when they lived in Texas.

“When they moved in, they were really mysterious people. They didn’t talk to us or socialize,” shared their neighbor, Ricky Vinyard, of the family when they lived some 50 miles outside of Fort Worth. Vinyard said that the family moved in 2000 and were very reclusive. He shared that they the family members rarely left the four-bedroom

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3 Men Accused Of Brutally Slaying Texas Couple Execution-Style Held Without Bond

Three men have been arrested in connection with the heinous murder of a couple who police say were executed in their own home, located inside a Houston-area gated community.

Khari Kendrick, 23, Aakiel Kendrick, 21, and Erick Peralta, 20, were arraigned on Thursday. According to the Houston Chronicle, they are all being held without bail. Khari allegedly confessed to the murders, implicating his two friends in the double-murder.

All have been charged with capital murder for the death of Bao and Jenny Lam, both 61. They are currently being detained on no bond. It is unclear if they have made additional statements at this time.

The couple were bound by their hands and feet and shot to death last week. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated that the Lams “were ambushed by suspects as they parked their car in the garage.” The suspects

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Police Searching For Couple Who Allegedly Burned And Tortured 4-Year-Old Girl To Death

Police are currently on the hunt for Candice R. Diaz, 24, and Brad E. Fields, 28, a Detroit area couple who are suspects in the death of 4-year-old Gabby Barrett.

According to WXYZ, Barrett was found on New Year’s Day with severe injuries and burns on her extremities after police received a call about an unresponsive child. She was taken to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Her death was ruled a homicide, reported Detroit Free Press.

“Upon arrival, CPR was being administered by family members and officers found the child suffering from severe burns about her extremities,” read a news release.

Gabby’s numerous traumatic injuries indicated that she had been hurt at numerous times throughout her short life.

Diaz (Barrett’s mother) and Fields (her boyfriend) were named prime suspects in the death. They both now face charges on four counts, including murder, child abuse and torture.

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Couple Who Enslaved Nanny For Years Forced Her To Work 20-Hour Days Without Breaks, Eat Only Leftover Food

A couple in Katy, Texas, has been forced to pay an unnamed Nigerian woman more than $121,000 in restitution after enslaving her as a servant and nanny, making her work almost 20 hours a day without pay for two years.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Chudy Nsobundu, 57, and his wife Sandra Nsobundu, 49, were also sentenced to seven months in jail and seven months of home confinement, plus three years’ probation, in addition to the payment. The sentencing for the two naturalized United States citizens from Nigeria was delivered this past Friday.

According to The Washington Post, Sandra had pleaded guilty to unlawful conduct with respect to documents in furtherance of forced labor in October of 2016. Chudy had pleaded guilty to visa fraud.

The two, together, had faked immigration documents to bring their Nigerian victim to the United States. A false visa application was created for the Department of State

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Couple Get Caught Having Oral Sex At ‘Family Friendly’ Restaurant In Front Of Children

On Saturday, a couple apparently decided that they wanted to engage in oral sex and that nothing was going to stop them, not even the fact that they were inside a “family-friendly” restaurant.

A manager at Austin, Texas’s Baby Acapulco Tex-Mex restaurant allegedly caught Jonathan Hightower, 31, and Lashanda Fisher, 28, in the act inside a booth, reported Fox News. According to KXAN, the couple was going at it for about five minutes, all in front of young kids. The restaurant even reportedly offers a “kids eat free” deal at least once a week. A police affidavit states that other patrons in the restaurant were offended by the sexual act.

One patron told police she was trying to eat when she caught a glimpse of the X-rated sight. She said she “observed the female suspect giving oral sex to the male suspect” and that she saw the woman’s “head bobbing

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Elderly Couple Busted With 60 Pounds Of Marijuana They Were Planning To Give As ‘Christmas Presents’

A drug bust hit a little close to home for one Vermont prosecutor. According to the Burlington Free Press, the parents of a prosecutor in Chittenden County were arrested last week for allegedly transporting 60 pounds of marijuana across the country. The elderly couple apparently said they planned to gift the pot for Christmas.

Patrick Jiron, 83, (seen below) and his 70-year-old wife, Barbara, are of Clearlake Oaks, California. They were caught smuggling the drugs during a traffic stop on December 19 in Nebraska. Their truck smelled of weed. When their pickup was searched — as approved by the driver, Patrick — authorities found some 25 bags of marijuana. They told authorities they did plan on gifting the weed to family in Vermont and Boston.

The amount they were carrying is worth a lot. Authorities estimated they could get more than $300,000 for the weed.

The prosecutor, Justin Jiron, was not a part of

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