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5 Documented ‘Ghost’ Sightings That Are Too Convincing To Not Believe

There’s no such thing as ghosts… or is there?

There are countless stories of human interactions with spirits and those that have “crossed over” beyond the grave. From Marilyn Monroe to Abraham Lincoln — these documented encounters are hard to deny as paranormal activity.

Here are five ghostly sightings that are almost too convincing not to believe. 

1. Claude Monet

If a famous artist died, where else would his ghost show up other than to his own exhibit?

In 2015, a special Claude Monet exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art was overshadowed when a mysterious figure who looks exactly like the late French Impressionist painter showed up in a photograph.

“This snapshot taken by a staff member is not retouched or Photoshopped. And we have heard from others that they’ve seen the man, but there hasn’t been a confirmation in his identification!” Kelley Notaro, a communications associate with

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