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Disturbing Video Shows Woman Confessing To Murdering 5-Year-Old Daughter: ‘I Just Killed Her’

On Friday, a Jackson Township, Ohio mother pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for killing her 5-year-old daughter in early 2017 and then having her husband hide the body inside the restaurant the couple owned.

A videotaped confession, in which 30-year-old Ming Ming Chen reveals why she killed her child, was released this week. Last January, little Ashley Zhao’s body was discovered hidden in the family’s Chinese restaurant, just one day Chen and her husband Liang Zhao reported her missing. The confession took place in a police interrogation room, not long after the young girl’s body was found.

Initially, Chen said she didn’t know how Ashley died. According to Fox 8 Cleveland, a lead detective immediately noticed that Chen didn’t show emotion when she learned that her daughter was dead. That didn’t sit right with him.

Eventually, Chen admitted to the detective that during a moment of rage she beat her Ashley

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