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Interpreter At News Conference About Florida Serial Killer Spoke In Sign Language Gibberish

A sign language interpreter at a local news conference in Tampa, Florida communicated in completely indecipherable sentences. The briefing, set up to discuss the recent arrest of Howell Donaldson on Wednesday night, became the subject of criticism after members of the area’s deaf community said they could not understand the translation at all. Now, police say they are not even sure how the interpreter got there in the first place.

“Fifty-one hours ago, zero 12 22 (indecipherable) murder three minutes in 14 weeks ago in old (indecipherable) murder four five 55,000 plea 10 arrest murder bush (indecipherable) three age 24,” signed Derlyn Roberts at the conference, according to NBC Miami.

“She sat up there and waved her arms like she was singing Jingle Bells,” said local sign language instructor Rachell Settambrino. “I was disappointed, confused, upset and really want to know why the city of Tampa’s chief of police, who is responsible

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A Florida Mayor Was Allegedly Attacked By Ex-Husband At US Conference Of Mayors

The ex-husband of Cape Coral, Florida mayor Marni Sawicki was arrested on Saturday on charges that he violently attacked her in the Miami Beach hotel she was staying in for the United States Conference of Mayors, People reported.

Sawicki’s ex, Kenneth Retzer, was charged with domestic violence in the incident, after police were called to the hotel room and found the Democratic mayor sitting in bed surrounded by bloodied sheets, an arrest report obtained by People claimed. Police reportedly saw red marks around her neck, swelling in her left eye and cheek, and punch marks on the hotel room’s walls.

“I refuse to be ashamed of it,” Sawicki told reporters, according to the News-Press.com. “I will not let people shame me into not doing my job or [saying] that this is my fault.”

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