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Mother And Boyfriend Accused Of Murdering 3-Year-Old Boy, Encasing His Body In Concrete

The body of a 3-year-old boy was discovered encased in concrete at a Wichita, Kansas home back in September. Now, the child’s mother and her boyfriend are being charged with first-degree murder. On Tuesday, Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine were charged for Evan Brewer’s death, according to The New York Times. The couple is expected to appear in court this week, and at this time, it is unclear if they have lawyers who can speak on their behalf.

A landlord discovered Brewer’s body while cleaning out the home after Miller and Bodine had moved out. According to The New York Times, the landlord noticed a foul smell exuding through a concrete structure in the home. The couple, however, was already in jail on prior, unrelated charges, and each of them are now being held on $500,000 bail.

Evan’s dad, Carlo Brewer, was concerned about

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Concrete Slab Found In Home May Help Solve Mystery Of Woman Missing Since 1989

Police are testing a chunk of concrete found in a Pennsylvania home in hopes to solve a 1989 cold case.

FOX News reports that Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller announced forensic experts are testing the concrete slab to see if it contains any information on the disappearance of Barbara Elizabeth Miller (no relation to Tim Miller.)

Police have speculated that Barbara was killed and dismembered by a wood chipper. Preliminary tests on the slab, conducted earlier this month, revealed that it contained wood chips.

A forensic pathologist is “dissecting the walls, so to speak, piece by piece, hammer-and-chisel type, looking for the smallest of clues,” Tim Miller said last week. “Obviously the presence of wood chips in a concrete wall is highly suspicious.”

Police believe that Barbara may have been killed in 1989 by her former boyfriend and ex-cop, Mike Egan. Egan, now 59, still maintains his innocence. He has served time in

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