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The Gun Used In Tupac’s Murder Was Allegedly Found In Compton Backyard In 1998

A bombshell allegation has surfaced this week about Tupac Shakur’s 1996 murder. The gun used to kill the beloved rapper in an unsolved drive-by shooting in Las Vegas was allegedly found in a man’s Compton, California backyard in 1998.

Producers of the new AE docu-series “Who Killed Tupac?” found a police document that allegedly states that an unidentified man discovered the .40-caliber Glock in his backyard. He called the police to report the weapon, but now, police allegedly have no idea where that gun is.

Law enforcement, however, may have an idea of who may have had it.

In 2006, a Sheriff’s deputy discovered that the address where it was found once belonged to a high-ranking Crips gang member’s girlfriend. The deputy who connected those dots was working on another major unsolved murder of another rap legend from the ’90s: the 1997 slaying of Biggie Smalls. Shakur was fighting with an alleged Crips member

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