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Man Claims His Girlfriend’s Mutilated Corpse Was A Blow Up Doll With Human Flesh

After police discovered a woman’s mutilated body, her boyfriend claimed her remains were merely a blow-up doll with human flesh. Police in Miami, Florida found Deanna Clendinen’s corpse on Friday at 32-year-old Jerome Ernest Wright’s home, according to the Miami Herald.

The cops did not believe Wright’s story, and they subsequently arrested him and charged him with abusing a dead human body. According to police, Clendinen’s stomach has been lacerated and several of her internal organs were removed.

So far, Wright has denied killing his 52-year-old girlfriend. He has additionally denied that the corpse is even human. He has not yet been charged with murder.

“Pending the [Miami-Dade County] medical examiner’s report, we’ll know which way the investigation will go,” Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told the Miami Herald.

Wright’s mother Della Rosalie Wright called the police last week after noticing a foul smell coming from the bedroom of the home she shares with

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R. Kelly’s Former GF Alleges Horrific Abuse, Claims She Was Forced To Have Sex With Other Women

A former Dallas radio DJ is speaking out about the abuse she allegedly endured as R. Kelly’s girlfriend. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kitti Jones alleges horrific sexual, mental and physical abuse allegations she endured while dating the rb superstar from 2011 to 2013. R. Kelly denied all allegations made in the Rolling Stone story. R. Kelly also previously denied allegations made in a BuzzFeed article that he was leading a cult by controlling women’s lives. “Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations attributed to him,” said his attorney.  

“He was everything that I thought,” says Jones. “He was handsome. He just owned the room.” Jones was a longtime fan of Kelly’s and was smitten when she met him at a concert after-party thrown by her radio station. They exchanged information and a relationship started quickly. The singer invited the mother-of-one on

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Upcoming ‘Snapped’ Documentary Claims Police Prevented Tupac From Revealing His Killer

Over 20 years after his death, Tupac Shakur’s story lives on. A new documentary has opened a claim that the artist knew his killer.

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Snapped: Notorious airing on the Oxygen network Sept. 10, features close friends, family members and those who knew Shakur the best. The 25-year-old was shot Sept. 7 1996 in Las Vegas and died six days later from his injuries. TMZ reports the two-hour documentary features details behind the rapper’s life, including his friendship with fellow late rapper Notorious B.I.G and his final words.

The site also shares Shakur nodded when asked if he knew who fired the .40-caliber gun used in the shooting, but that portion isn’t included in the trailer. No questions followed because police reportedly refused to use their resources to look any further into the shooting. As we all know,

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Woman Claims R. Kelly Paid Her To Keep Silent After Alleged Underage Sexual Relationship: ‘I Had To Call Him Daddy’

A woman who claims to she was paid to keep quiet about her sexual relationship with R.Kelly as a teen has broken her silence.

BuzzFeed, who broke the shocking story about the RB singer’s alleged sex cult  has published a new story on the subject, an interview with 24-year-old Jerhonda Pace. She is claiming that Kelly physically abused her as a teenager. She told the publication that she met Kelly when she was 15 after she attended his 2008 child pornography trial. Pace was a fan of the singer at the time. She said they started having a sexual relationship when she was just 16.

During her second visit to Kelly’s mansion, Pace said Kelly told her to “undress for him [and] walk back and forth like I was modeling.” Then, the two allegedly engaged in oral sex, and they continued a sexual relationship for months. Pace said Kelly

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Teen Claims She Was Forced To Be Police Department’s Child Prostitute, Got Paid For Sex With Cash And Cheetos

A Bay Area teen sued two police departments, accusing them of forcing her to become a “department retained sex worker.” Courthouse News reported that 19-year-old Jasmine Abuslin sued the city of Richmond and its current and former police chiefs, in addition to six other police officers on Thursday.

The lawsuit states that Abuslin was “available to them [the Richmond Police Department] for sexual favors and pleasure in exchange for paid monies, protection, or other forms of consideration.”

Abuslin had previously worked as a child prostitute. Then she became, as the lawsuit put it, an “exclusively department retained sex worker.” She was a teen at the time.

Abuslin has already been awarded a $989,000 settlement for similar claims against the Oakland Police Department, according to CBS San Francisco.  

Abuslin said officers from both California police departments acted as her pimp and had sex with her in their patrol cars. In addition to

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Man Who Raped 7-Year-Old Girl ‘Thousands Of Times’ Claims It Was An Accident

A Cedar City, Utah man was charged on Monday for allegedly repeatedly raping a 7-year-old girl.

Victor Francisco Michel-Lara, 32, was arrested Sunday after an investigation by the Division of Child and Family Services. The girl told a DCFS agent that she was victimized by the suspect “thousands of times” over a period of six months, KSL reported.

Michel-Lara told police through a Spanish translator he was putting lotion on the girl as she sat on his lap, which led to him touching her appropriately.

He also admitted to raping her two times “accidentally” when they were “rough housing” and jumping around” after Michel-Lara took a shower, according to The Spectrum.

He was previously deported to Mexico for criminal charges. Police believe he may be living in the U.S. illegally.

[Image: Iron County Sheriff’s Office]

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Mom Accused Of Smothering 3 Sons To Death Out Of Jealousy Claims She Has Brain Damage

The lawyers of an Ohio woman accused of murdering her three sons claimed she suffered from brain damage. According to PEOPLE, 25-year-old Brittany Pilkington has suffered lead poisoning. A motion has been filed to heave 2015 videotaped confession to police suppressed because they claim the mother was easily influenced by detectives due to years of trauma and abuse by the hands of her relatives.

Her lawyers stated that she has a low IQ and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder which prompts her to detach under stress. They suggested she even dissociated during her confession.

Pilkington is accused of killing her 3 sons, Niall, Noah and Gavin, over the course of over a year. She allegedly smothered them to death because her husband gave them more attention than her daughter.

“In her mind, she was protecting her daughter from being not as loved as the boys were by their father,” prosecutor

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Woman Claims She Escaped R. Kelly’s Alleged Sex "Cult" After Posing In Nude Photos For Him

A woman spoke to TMZ about her interactions with R. Kelly, recounting a story that sounds eerily similar to last week’s BuzzFeed report, which alleged he is holding multiple women as sex slaves, and controlling their contact with the outside world.  

The woman, who remains unidentified, told TMZ she met R.Kelly backstage at one of his shows in December when she was 20. She was given a wristband from someone in his crew. R. Kelly gave her his number, and he would text and call her promising to help her acting and modeling career.

According to the report, he invited her to his Georgia home. He told her to “wear something sexy.” No phones were allowed. She claims she was escorted to the singer’s bedroom, where he asked her to pose for sexy photographs. She claimed he gave her $200 and told her to purchase black lingerie, heels and red

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Dad Of Son Found Covered Head To Toe In Feces Claims He Is The Victim

A pair of parents in Indiana have been charged with neglect and criminal confinement after their neighbor saw their son playing with his own feces. The mother stated the child was being punished for “pooping on the floor again,” according to Eagle Country Online.

Raymond L. Goodrich II, 52, and Sharon M. Goodrich, 34, allegedly forced their 3-year-old to live in filth. Police were forwarded a case from the Department of Child Services that reported their home was full of soda cans, trash cans and open diapers. The child would also often be left unsupervised.

Police visited the residence in June, where they saw two child gates stacked on top of each other, confining the child to one section of the trailer. Police said the child’s bed, walls and floor was covered with feces, urine and diapers. The officers claimed the child himself was covered in feces from head to toe. According

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Serial Killer Cosmo DiNardo Claims To Have Murdered At Least Two Others

The suspect who has confessed to murdering four young men and burying their bodies on his parents farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is now claiming he has killed before.

According to CBS Philadelphia, 20-year-old Cosmo DiNardo has confessed that he was involved in at least two other killings in Philadelphia over the last five years.

“Given what he was already been accused of it’s certainly a possibility we would be remissed if we didn’t investigate further,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told NBC Philadelphia.

Last week, DiNardo  confessed to murdering Jimi Taro Patrick, 19; Dean Finocchiaro, 19; Mark Sturgis, 22, and Tom Meo, 21. The four young men were shot and buried on DiNardo’s family farm. Families of the four have announced funeral plans this week. 



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