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Fyre Festival Organizer Pleads Not Guilty To Fraud Charges After Disturbing Email Leaks

Early in the summer, the Fyre Festival made headlines as reports from the event showed the grave conditions guests were faced with, contrasting sharply with the promises of luxury and opulence offered by the organizers. Now, Billy McFarland, the festival’s organizer often blamed for the event’s total failure, is pleading not guilty to charges of wire fraud and making false statements to a bank in Manhattan federal court.

The Fyre Festival used an influencer marketing strategy that appealed to the wealthy by showing off extravagent ammenities and a lineup of big-name musical acts.

The festival fell apart as guests arrived on the Bahamian island, with all of the performers and the caterer pulling out. Attendees were met with incredibly poor conditions, including a lack of food, roving stray dogs, and unsanitary tents — contrasting sharply with the images of models on jetskis

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Teen Who Strangled Mom’s Abusive Ex-Boyfriend To Death Won’t Face Charges

A high school teenager who was accused of strangling his mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend will not face charges.

As the Huffington Post shares, 18-year-old Luis Moux of New York City stepped in to stop the ex-boyfriend from beating his mother. 

Forty-three-year-old Stanley Washington was killed on August 14. On Monday, a grand jury declined to indict the high school football player for manslaughter. Moux told authorities, per the NY Daily News, that he put Washington in the fatal chokehold for two minutes until he “fell asleep.” He said he woke up to find his mom, 37-year-old Lorena Sesma (pictured below with her son), being beaten by the man following a  4:30 am argument in the hallway of her apartment.

Sources tell the Daily News that Washington had been arrested 33 times for an array of charges, ranging from assault to criminal possession of a weapon, menacing, criminal trespass and possession and sale

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Teens Could Face Charges After Posting Horrifying Snapchat Videos Of Themselves Setting Dog On Fire

Two teenage girls may face charges of animal cruelty after posting Snapchat videos of themselves setting a dog on fire.

According to My Fox 8the teens from Guilford County, North Carolina posted clips that show one girl using an aerosol can and lighter to create flames that she points at a dog. The video was captioned, “she burnt the dog.”

The Snapchat was shared on Facebook this weekend and quickly went viral. Sheriff’s officials share that concerned viewers of the video contacted them.

You can watch the video here (warning: content may be disturbing to some viewers). 



The dog’s fur was singed but its skin was not burned. 

“At this point I have no idea what led up to the act. I just know what we saw with the video,” said Sgt. David Posten, with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.

The girls are 13 and 14

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August 23, 2012: Lance Armstrong Does Not Contest Doping Charges

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On August 23, 2012 seven-time Tour de France-winner Lance Armstrong announced that he would not be contesting the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency charges against him. He had adamantly denied doping allegations for years, as he had been accused of doping as far back as 1999.

In 2005, Armstrong stated, “If you consider my situation: a guy who comes back from arguably, you know, a death sentence [his 1996 cancer diagnosis and treatment], why would I then enter into a sport and dope myself up and risk my life again? That’s crazy. I would never do that. No. No way.”

By not contesting, Armstrong was stripped of all of his tour de France victories.

Not long after, Armstrong publicly confessed to cheating by doping in a 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey. He blamed it on his consumption of

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Family Outraged Over Charges Filed Against Driver In Daughter’s Fatal ATV Crash: ‘They Just Left Her There’

Antonette Thevenin, a Grass Valley, California woman, was killed in an ATV accident while the driver was under the influence of alcohol, according to CBS.

Now, driver Carlee D’Arata faces manslaughter charges. D’Arata was a close family friend of the victim.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any remorse for her right now,” said Trish Strom, Antonette’s mother. “Her going to prison is not going to bring my daughter back. But she gets to see her children when she comes out too … The fact that her and her husband have never come forward to say they’re sorry, not a card, not anything.”

“They just left her there,” Strom added.

“I know one thing, she gets to tuck her kids in at night for the last four months while my granddaughter cries herself to sleep for her mom,” Strom concluded. 

Those close to the women involved in the accident say D’Arata has had a drinking problem for a while: “I

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Dad Faces Sexual Assault Charges After Both Sons Are Convicted Of Raping Sisters Under Age 10

The father of two men who were convicted of rape this year has also been charged with rape.

Arthur Lyen French, 55, of Battle Creek, Michigan was arraigned on Tuesday, charged with the 2009 rape of a now-52-year-old woman.

The victim told police that she was sleeping when her acquaintance, French, knocked on the door, came in, and wouldn’t let her leave. She said that when she refused sex, he punched her multiple times, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. He allegedly punched her so hard, it punctured her eardrum.

French had just recently been released from jail at the time of that incident.

French told police back in 2009 that he went to the woman’s house to collect $25 she was holding for him. He alleged that she began to hit him when he asked for his cash and then claimed that she agreed to have sex to make up for not

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Alabama Cheerleading Coach Who Had Sex With 2 Students Gets Charges Completely Dropped By Judge

A judge in Decatur, Alabama has thrown out charges against a teacher for allegedly having sexual relations with two students when she taught at Decatur High School. 44-year-old Carrie Witt had her charges dismissed without prejudice on constitutional grounds on Thursday.

According to WHNT, Witt was accused of sleeping with two students between 16 and 19 years old. 

Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson ruled students can consent to sex under state law once they turn 16, unless someone uses  a “position of authority” to “coerce, groom, or otherwise obtain the illegitimate consent of the alleged victims.” Although a teacher may be in a position of authority, the judge found that it “clearly does not exist between every school employee and every student regardless of where that student is enrolled.”

In other words, prosecutors have to prove that Witt “was actually in a position of authority over the victim/student and that the position of authority was

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‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Sentenced To 5 Years Probation Over 4 Charges, And She’ll Hate The Conditions

Danielle Bregoli, also known as the ‘Cash Me Ousside” girl, has been sentenced to five years probation. She became famous after being featured on an episode  of “Dr. Phil” entitled  “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime,” where she introduced the world to the viral catchphrase, “Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dat?”

Fourteen-year-old Bregoli pleaded guilty last month to charges of possession of marijuana, grand theft, and grand theft auto. She also pleaded guilty to the filing of a false police report in which she accused her mother of using heroin. However, it was later revealed that the “heroin” was powdered sugar spread on a bathroom counter.

According to TMZ, Bregoli received a plea deal, and on Tuesday in a Florida court, she was given five years probation. The judge said she can complete her probation in

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Man Faces Murder Charges After Accidentally Killing Girlfriend During Suicide Attempt

An Alaskan man is accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend during a suicide attempt in which he shot himself with a bullet that passed through his head and hit her, CBS News reported.

Victor Sibson, 21, is facing second-degree murder charges for the April death of Brittany-Mae Haag, who prosecutors believed tried to stop him as he put a gun to his left temple, according to The Washington Post

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Sibson then allegedly pulled the trigger. The bullet went behind his left eye, exited his body, and then hit Haag, 22, in the chest.

Haag staggered over to a neighbor’s door and asked for help. She died later that morning; Sibson survived with serious injuries, making his first court appearance on Tuesday while

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Tad Cummins Indicted On Federal Charges, Faces Potential Life Sentence

 The former high school teacher accused of abducting his teen student was indicted on two federal charges Thursday.

Tad Cummins, 50, was indicted on a charge of transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activities, according to PEOPLE. He was additionally charged with destruction, alteration or falsification of records in a federal investigation for allegedly destroying two phones to impede the investigation.

Cummins’ attorney stated that his client had no prior criminal history and noted that he did not coerce, force or threaten Elizabeth Thomas. The teen girl’s family disputes that claim. Thomas, who was 15 at the time of the alleged abduction, just turned 16 on Wednesday.

Cummins pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to CNN. Each count is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and, according to the Department of Justice, if convicted Cummins could face life in jail. He

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