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Man Stabs Wife To Death After She Changed The Channel From His Football Game While He Stepped Outside To …

An Arkansas man has admitted to killing his wife because of a dispute over their television. According to People, 58-year-old Tony Thomas of Carlisle, Arkansas murdered his wife, Elke, because she changed the channel when he was watching football.

The incident took place on November 19, 2017.

Thomas says that he went outside for a smoke and when he came back, his show was no longer on. He says that he asked her the score of the game and a fight ensued. “She began yelling at him and got in his face,” the criminal complaint alleges. “He stated he got a knife from the wall and stabbed her. He claimed he’d blacked out and then when he ‘came to,’ he was over her with a knife in his hands.” 

The incident took place in the couple’s living room.

Once he killed her, Thomas took the body outside and he covered it with a blanket and tarp.

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Harbor’s support for Trump shows times have changed

By William Yardley

Los Angeles Times

Before coal became king and the Rust Belt rusted, the Pacific Northwest began building an economy based on timber. The Oregon Country shipped its first load of logs to China in 1833.

A century later, as national politics and the Great Depression intruded, this remote and rainy corner of the country became an early West Coast battleground for workers’ rights, with bitter strikes silencing lumber mills for months. It also became a stronghold for the Democratic Party, a place where immigrants and their children embraced President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and his promise of solid wages for timber workers.

The region defied the Republican landslides that swept Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan into office in 1952 and 1980. It even stayed Democratic after Bill Clinton and later President Barack Obama sharply reduced logging in old-growth forests to save an endangered bird, the northern spotted

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