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Teen Accused Of Killing Grandmother And Burying Her In A Shallow Grave Pleads Not Guilty

A Florida teen has pleaded not guilty to killing his grandmother and dumping her in a shallow grave. According to First Coast News, Logan Mott of Neptune Beach, Florida is accused of killing his grandmother, 53-year-old Kristina French. 

On November 22, both 15-year-old Mott and the grandmother were reported missing by family after noticing that their vacation home had been ransacked. Shortly after, authorities unearthed the body of French. They believe she had died from a gunshot wound but her body also showed signs of stab wounds.

Authorities then found the teen trying to leave the country. He was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for trying to cross into Canada.

He had three guns and a knife covered in what looked like blood on him at the time.

Mott has been charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty.

As previously reported by First Coast News, Mott is being represented by a

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Family Defends Teen Cheer Camp Volunteer Accused Of Burning, Burying Newborn: She ‘Is A Pleaser’

The family of a teen accused of burning and burying her newborn baby in her parent’s backyard are defending her actions.

Over the summer, 18-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson was charged with reckless homicide after police in Carlisle, Ohio made the discovery of a dismembered and burned body, Dayton Daily News reports. Those charges were later upgraded, following a grand jury indictment, to aggravated murder, voluntary manslaughter, child endangerment and gross abuse of a corpse.

Several of Richardson’s family members – the teen’s maternal and paternal grandparents, some uncles, aunts, and cousins – spoke to the Cincinnati Magazine.

All of them told the publication that they believe their relative is innocent of the charges. They said they believe the baby was born stillborn, and that the only one aware of Richardson’s pregnancy was Richardson herself. The family members said they think that Richardson was scared. “They agree that the disposal of

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Mom Gets Ice Cream With Friends After Leaving 17-Month-Old To Die In Desert, Burying Body

A Phoenix mother has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for pushing her daughter in a stroller and leaving her in a desert to die. According to The Washington Post, 23-year-old Ashley Denise Attson pled guilty to second-degree murder in the September 2016 killing that occured on the Navajo Nation reservation.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Arizona, Attson left her 17-month daughter in the desert for four days. “Over the next few days, she met friends for ice cream and posted pictures of herself on Facebook,” the prosecutor’s office said. She eventually came back only to bury the child in an animal hole.

The child was born with methamphetamine in her system and in the custody of tribal social services for much of her life. Attson only regained custody of her about two months before killing her.

Under the plea agreement, the mother received a 20-year sentence. The maximum sentence otherwise would have been life.

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Teen Cheer Camp Volunteer Charged With Killing Baby And Burying Body In Parents’ Yard

A teen mom is facing homicide charges after the body of her infant was found in her family’s backyard. According to the Dayton Daily News, Brooke Skylar Richardson was charged Friday with reckless homicide after her 2-month-old was found buried in her parents’ backyard in Carlisle, Ohio. 

Authorities are treating the case as an ongoing investigation. Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said the charge “is based upon evidence that the infant whose remains were discovered at the defendant’s residence in Carlisle one week ago today was born alive and was not a stillborn baby.” 

In a complaint, Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandi Carter shared a timeline of the incident: “On or about May 7, 2017, one Brooke Richardson … did recklessly cause the death of another, or the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy.” The body was found July 14, following a tip from a doctor’s office. Authorities are still waiting on a final

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