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Man Accused Of Beating 5-Year-Old Boy, Covering Him In Bruises For Opening Christmas Present Early

An Oklahoma man is accused of beating his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son as punishment for opening a Christmas present early, KJRH reported.

The boy’s mother claimed that her boyfriend, Wesley McCollum, was watching her son while she went Christmas shopping on Saturday. When she came back, “nothing seemed wrong,” she said. McCollum said he had sent her son to bed early for opening a wrapped Christmas present from under the tree, she claimed. 

When she went to check on her son, she allegedly saw bruises on her son’s back and arms, marks on his forehead and a hand print on his cheek. She took a photo of his cheek and posted it on Facebook with a description of what she saw.

“Words cannot explain seeing your baby like this and having no clue what happened. I ran to him like any mother would do crying, hugging him, begging what happened,” she wrote in

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Mom Sentenced For Using Makeup To Cover Baby’s Bruises After BF Beats Him Into Vegetative State

A Palmdale, California mother and her boyfriend have sentenced to life in prison on Monday for the death of her toddler son.

Three years ago, 23-month old Anthony Wilson was hospitalized after being hit in the head five times by 27-year-old Brandon Williams, KABC reported, leaving him in a vegetative state. The beating occurred when Anthony’s mother, 23-year-old Rosie Lee Wilson, left him alone in Williams’ care, the LA Times reported.

When Rosie Lee returned to find her injured son covered in bruises including on his head and groin, she tried to hide the bruises with makeup. She also did not take him to the hospital until the next day.

The toddler died 41 days later. Coroner’s reports revealed that the toddler suffered broken bones in both arms and broken ribs, according to the LA Times.

Rosie Lee Wilson received a 15-year-to-life sentence for second-degree murder and child abuse, while Williams

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