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Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Killed 4 At Pennsylvania Car Wash

Four people were shot to death at a car wash in rural Pennsylvania over the weekend. The alleged gunman Timothy Smith was reportedly fueled by jealous rage.

According to the Associated Press, Smith, 28, showed up to Ed’s Car Wash in Saltlick Township sporting body armor and armed with three guns. There, he shot four people to death: William Porterfield, 27; Chelsie Cline, 25; Courtney Snyder, 23;  and Seth Cline, 21. Pennsylvania State Police have stated that the gunman was also wounded, likely from a self-inflicted gunshot. He is not expected to survive and is currently on life support. An additional woman in her early twenties was injured in the attack. She has not been identified.

“Obviously, it’s a traumatic experience for her,” Sgt. Jeremy Barni of the state police told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The victims had driven to the car wash in two separate vehicles. Smith was already parked

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Mother’s Boyfriend Charged With Murdering 3-Year-Old Mariah Woods

More details have emerged about the tragic death of 3-year-old Mariah Woods, who was found dead in North Carolina back in December. This week, her mother’s live-in boyfriend was charged with the girl’s murder following an autopsy report. That report revealed that Woods died from chloroform toxicity, the Onslow County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office stated on Wednesday.

As People explained, a chloroform-soaked rag is often used by criminals to knock people out in popular culture and media.

The suspect, Adolphus Earl Kimrey, 32, was already in custody. He was arrested in December in connection with the little girl’s disappearance on charges of obstruction of justice, conceal an unattended death, possession of stolen goods, second-degree burglary and larceny after breaking and entering, according to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office

Now, those charges have been upgraded. He has been charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury/death. It

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Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Murders Woman Days After Her Younger Sister Is Killed In Tragic Car Accident

It is an overwhelming tragedy for one family. Just one day after a woman died in a horrific car accident along with four other people, her sister was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

The family knew something was wrong when 21-year-old Karen Garcia didn’t show up to her sister Jessica’s vigil. According to KCRA, Garcia’s body was found in a Woodland, California parking lot. Police have called her death a homicide.

She was last seen on the morning of January 8, after telling a friend she was going to go to a mall to try to clear her head after her sister’s tragic accident. Jessica Garcia and four friends died after they were struck by a wrong-way driver.

Nearly a week later, on Sunday, Karen’s body was found inside a car parked by the department store Marshall’s.

Police subsequently accused Salvador Garcia, Jr., Karen’s ex-boyfriend and father of their 2-year-old daughter,

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Woman Sentenced For Kidnapping, Murdering 3-Week-Old Girl In Failed Plot To Convince Boyfriend She Had Baby

A California woman was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for kidnapping and killing a 3-week-old girl in a scheme to convince her boyfriend that she had twins, CBS News reported.

Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian and a friend stole the infant Eliza De La Cruz from her Long Beach home in 2015, after she faked a pregnancy by her married boyfriend and pretended to give birth to twins.

“She fabricated a story and wanted him to believe these children were his. Why? We don’t know,” Long Beach police Lt. Lloyd Cox said after her 2015 arrest.

“She told him that she gave birth to his children in December of 2014 while out of the country,” Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said during a news conference. “Based on our investigation, D’Milian never gave birth to any children last year and, in order to continue with this deception, she needed to

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19-Year-Old Accused Of Robbing, Shooting Boyfriend To Death On New Year’s Eve

A Texas teen allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve while she was attempting to rob him, ABC News reported. Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, 19, was charged with murder in the early morning for the death of Joshua McKinney, also 19, whom she had recently begun dating.

Police claim that Ramirez took multiple guns from McKinney and said she would only return them if he paid her $2,000. When the couple met in the street at about 4:30 AM on Sunday, according to a witness, McKinney was able to put Ramirez in a neck hold and hold a gun to her head. The witness ran to call 911, and upon returning found that Ramirez had apparently escape the hold and shot McKinney.

Another witness claimed to see Ramirez attempting to move McKinney’s body after the shooting. Ramirez, who was shot in the shoulder during the struggle, claimed that she fired in self-defense

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47-Year-Old Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering Wife’s 24-Year-Old Boyfriend, Then Jumping In A Pool To Wash Off The …

A California man accused of killing his wife’s much younger boyfriend in August 2014 pled guilty to the murder charges, The Modesto Bee reported.

Russell Kee, 47, pleaded guilty on Dec. 22 to the second-degree murder of Kyle Hoffman, 24, and was sentenced to 18 years to life in state prison.

“This case is a tragedy for everyone involved,” says Kee’s attorney, Douglas Maner, to People magazine. “Russell is looking forward to moving on with his life and do the best he can and get paroled at the earliest possible opportunity. He will be eligible for parole in 15 years.”

Kee reportedly killed Hoffman while he was waiting in a car outside Kee’s apartment complex on Aug. 10, 2014. At the time Hoffman dated Kee’s wife, Brandye, and lived with Brandye in 2012.

After shooting Hoffman, Kee got into the car and drove away with the body, an eyewitness reportedly told investigators.


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19-Year-Old Killed After Texting Her Boyfriend Immediately Before Hitting A Tree

A teenager was killed moments after texting her boyfriend a sweet message. 19-year-old Angelina Holloway of Citrus County, Florida was killed after texting her boyfriend and then hitting a tree. On April 18, 2016, she was driving home when she sent her boyfriend a loving note.

At 2:11pm, she wrote: “I can’t wait to see you this weekend!” Moments later, she veered off of the road. That’s when she crashed her car into a tree and died on impact.

Her family is now dealing with the sad aftermath. “It was devastating because she knew better,” said Marvalene Corlett. “When I found her phone the next day, it was in the rubble in her car under everything,”

Holloway had just graduated from Citrus High School. She was planning to study psychology at Southeastern University in Lakeland and study abroad. “She was going to go to Uganda for missionary. She was excited for that, and three days later is when

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Woman Claims Doctor Ex-Boyfriend Spiked Her Drink With Abortion Pills To Kill Their Unborn Baby

A New York woman claims that her ex-boyfriend laced her tea with an abortion pill, killing her unborn baby, WROC reported.

Brooke Fiske and Sikander Imran had been dating for about three years on and off when Fiske learned that she was pregnant.

“He didn’t want to have a baby so he tried to talk me into having an abortion… which I didn’t want to do,” said Fiske.

Imran, a doctor of hematology and oncology, had just moved to Virginia for a new job, and when Fiske was 17 weeks pregnant, she went to visit Imran in Arlington.

“When I was drinking my tea in the evening I got to the bottom of the cup. There was a gritty substance in there and when I looked at it, I could tell that it was a pill that had been ground up,” she said.

In a few hours, Fiske began having contractions, she claimed.

“He immediately

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Man Who Had Pregnant Fiancée Was Convicted Of Murdering His Wealthy Boyfriend: He Did ‘Gay Things’ For Money

A San Diego man was convicted of murdering his wealthy boyfriend by stabbing him 24 times and dumping him off a cliff, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

David Meza, 26, brought his boyfriend Jake Merendino, 51, to the side of a road in Mexico in 2015 and repeatedly stabbed him, gutted him, and slashed his neck, prosecutors said. The older man was then dropped off the side of a cliff.

Prosecutors argued that Meza killed his boyfriend in order to inherit about $3.27 million in property, including a $273,000 ocean condo that Merendino had just purchased the day before.

Meza and Merendino met in 2013 after Meza posted an online ad saying that he was straight but did “gay things” for money. The two began a relationship in which Meza received money and expensive gifts from Merendino.

But, unbeknownst to Merendino, Meza had a girlfriend, Taylor Langston, who would became his fiancée. He

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Mother And Boyfriend Accused Of Murdering 3-Year-Old Boy, Encasing His Body In Concrete

The body of a 3-year-old boy was discovered encased in concrete at a Wichita, Kansas home back in September. Now, the child’s mother and her boyfriend are being charged with first-degree murder. On Tuesday, Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine were charged for Evan Brewer’s death, according to The New York Times. The couple is expected to appear in court this week, and at this time, it is unclear if they have lawyers who can speak on their behalf.

A landlord discovered Brewer’s body while cleaning out the home after Miller and Bodine had moved out. According to The New York Times, the landlord noticed a foul smell exuding through a concrete structure in the home. The couple, however, was already in jail on prior, unrelated charges, and each of them are now being held on $500,000 bail.

Evan’s dad, Carlo Brewer, was concerned about

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