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15-Year-Old Florida School Shooting Hero Survives Being Shot 5 Times

Anthony Borges, a 15-year-old student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has miraculously survived after being shot five times in last week’s shooting in Parkland, Florida.

He remains in the hospital, recovering, WPTV reported. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel posted a photo of him visiting the teen at the hospital on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday. The officer said that the boy will require more surgeries because of his injuries.

“Fortunately, he is recovering, but has a long road ahead with more surgeries needed,” reads the tweet. “Please join us in praying for the swift recovery of Anthony and all the other victims of this horrific criminal act.”

Borges is being called a hero for what he did when shots rang out on Valentine’s Day. According to NBC News, he was shot both in his back and in his legs as he locked a door and blocked a doorway with

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11-Year-Old Girl Found In Hotel After Allegedly Being Lured By Man She Met On Minecraft

An 11-year-old girl from Florida was allegedly kidnapped by a man she met while playing Minecraft. On Sunday, Alice Johnson’s dad noticed she was gone when he tried to wake up her for church.

The child was found on Sunday after police and FBI agents were able to track her down and find her in at a Holiday Inn in Georgia with 24-year-old John Peter Byrns, from Illinois, WESH 2 reports.

“This is someone that she’s been communicating with online under the guise of being a female and basically has just pulled her into a trap, so to speak,” the girl’s dad told the publication. He said he and Johnson’s mother believed she had made an online friend, a girl from Illinois.


Police said during a press conference on Monday, according to an ABC affiliate, that Byrns “lived in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and he traveled quite a ways to get

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Ulta Is Being Sued For Allegedly Reselling Used Beauty Products

Two Illinois women have filed a lawsuit against the beauty company Ulta, citing numerous social media posts by former employees that accuse the company of re-selling used products that have been returned to the store.

According to Jezebel, the suit states that the dangerous re-selling policy, which poses a potential health risk for customers, is due to bureaucratic rules on the number of returned products that can be thrown away. Managers are forced to put products back on the shelf after re-sealing them due to the restrictions.

Social media users both disputed and agreed with testimony from alleged former employees.

“So I was a former employee at ULTA and whenever a customer would return a product, we were told by managers to repackage / reseal the item

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Woman Found Shackled To Couple’s Bed Was Allegedly Being Kept As Wife’s ‘Slave’

A woman was allegedly shackled and kept as a slave by the wife of the man she allegedly had an affair with for nearly a decade. The victim was found shackled to a bed inside an Ovilla, Texas home in late January after the victim contacted police with an electronic tablet given to her by the suspects.

According to an affidavit, the victim, a 51-year-old woman, told police she woke up restrained and shackled in that home after having a drink with 51-year-old Jean-Claude Demars at a gas station, WFAA reports. She said that he told her that she was now the slave of his wife, 48-year-old Charlotte Demars. Her main task was to clean up dog feces inside the home. Police said the victim was only given a bucket for her own restroom needs. Chains, leg and hand cuffs and collars were found in the home.

The victim’s affair

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Police Chief’s Son Cries In Court After Being Charged With Beating 3-Year-Old To Death With Belt

A man from Georgia has been charged with the beating death of his 3-year-old stepson. Joshua Richards, 21, was arrested on Sunday after the child, Brentley Gore, died as a result of blunt force trauma, NBC 11Alive reports. Gore was injured days earlier, on Tuesday, and fought for his young life until he succumbed to the skull fractures. His mom called police after noticing bruising on the toddler.

“There was some swelling around the eyes, some bruising that showed up on the forehead,” Villa Rica Police Captain Keith Shaddix said.

Richards, son of Carollton Police Chief Josh Richards, is accused of being the one who hurt and ultimately killed Gore. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police believe the mother was sleeping in the other room when he allegedly attacked the child. Prosecutors believe he used a belt as a weapon.

“He denies any sort of abuse, he does admit to

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Oldest California Sibling Tortured By Parents Was Bullied For Being Smelly, Says Classmate

A former classmate of the eldest sibling held captive in her home with her 12 brothers and sisters has written a gut-wrenching Facebook post about the bullying she endured.

Earlier this month, a 17-year-old girl escaped from her Perris, California home to report horrific abuse that she and her siblings were enduring, allegedly at the hands of their parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49. Police found her siblings, ranging in age from 2 to 29, with some of them allegedly shackled to furniture, inside their dark and “foul-smelling” home.

A man who went to elementary school with the oldest victim, a 29-year-old woman, said he felt an “overwhelming sense of guilt and shame.”

“Every grade level had a designated ‘cootie kid’ and she held the title for our year,” Taha Muntajibuddin wrote. “She was a frail girl, had pin-straight hair with bangs, and often wore the

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Shocking Video Captures Steve Brown Being Viciously Attacked With Mic Stand During Live Comedy Set

Comedians are often used to hecklers but Steve Brown faced a fan who turned violent. Brown was attacked during a set at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina on Sunday night. According to TMZ, Brown was on stage when a person from the audience jumped onstage and then came after him. He swung wildly at the comedian with the mic stand and a stool.

The comedian ducked out of the way multiple times and authorities were called in. Authorities shared that the suspect is someone named Marvin. In addition to Brown, four others at the club were injured and want to press charges against the attacker. One victim is a security guard who claimed that he got punched in the face as the assailant made his escape. There were also physical damages to the venue, including $400 worth of property damages.

Brown himself was not harmed. He took to Instagram to share the

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Dallas Model Accused Of Being Package Thief After Allegedly Being Caught On Video

A model and bartender from Dallas, Texas was arrested last week on suspicion of stealing packages from people’s doorsteps and porches. Kelli Russell, 33, reportedly refers to herself as a “hard working girl,” according to Fox News. She is also accused of working hard at being the “porch pirate,” the person behind multiple package thefts in town.

On Thursday night, Russell was arrested on alleged traffic violations, including driving without a license plate, according to KHOU. Police subsequently searched her home, which allegedly revealed  a “large amount of stolen packages.”

Russell’s neighbor Aubrey White told  CBS DFW that it looked like it took two patrol cars to haul away all the allegedly stolen packages.

“An insane amount of things,” White said. “They took two police cars, like the trunks and the backseats were both full of packages and stuff.”

White said she recognized her neighbor after surveillance video of a woman

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High School Boys Basketball Coach Arrested After Being Accused Of Having Relationship With Student

An employee of Gooding High School in Gooding, Idaho, was arrested on Friday night after facing charges of felony sexual battery, according to KMVT. Investigations began on Wednesday after it was reported that 26-year-old Ann Kuroki was accused of having a sexual relationship with a male student.

Kuroki is classified as an “at will” employee at the school, and internal documents list her as a JV boys basketball coach. Gooding Police Chief, Dave Fisher, said that Kuroki’s employment at the school has already been terminated and that an internal investigation has been launched. A meeting of the school’s board lists the subject as a topic to be discussed in a meeting that will occur on Tuesday, according to KMVT.

Kuroki’s arraignment is scheduled for Monday. It is unclear at this time if she has an attorney who can speak on her behalf.

According to Kuroki’s Instagram page (which has since been

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16-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted, Had Head Shaved While Being Held Captive In ‘Torture Chamber’

A pair of siblings and two of their friends from Auburn, Massachusetts are accused of keeping a 16-year-old girl captive, sexually abusing her and brutalizing her with lit cigarettes and hair clippers.

The alleged hostage situation began on Christmas Day and ended two days later, according to the Boston Herald. The victim is a 16-year-old girl, a runaway from New Jersey.

Auburn Police Department Officer George Vranos discovered the teen in a basement room he called a “torture chamber.” While explaining her condition in court, Vranso fought back tears, Mass Live reported.

When the victim was found, she was bald, crying and struggled to make eye contact with police. A Christmas bag filled up with her hair was found near the teen, who was confined to a chair.

“She was looking at the floor whimpering,” Vranos recalled as he spoke in court on Wednesday.

Krystal Lugo, 23, her 19-year-old brother Christopher Lugo, Krystal’s

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