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‘I Want This To Go Viral’: Mom Posts Graphic Photos Of Son After He Got Bullied, Beaten At School

A mother from San Antonio has posted graphic photos of her son after he was bullied and badly beaten at school. Valerie Ann Lozano said that the boy, who is in middle school, repeatedly asked for help from his coach before the fight went down.

Valerie Ann Lozano told KSAT that the attack happened when the eighth grade student was in “P.E. when the other student threatened to beat him up after school” and that her son “told the coach (a student) wants to fight me.”

The mother claimed that the Resnik Middle School coach told her son, “Don’t worry, I got you.”

Lozano’s son, however, was still attacked, and she posted the aftermath of the bloody fight on Facebook.

According to KENS5, some witnesses claim the fight was initiated by Lozano’s son. The school district called the fight “mutual.”

The Facebook post, which went viral as the mother requested, has since been taken

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15-Year-Old Viciously Beaten In McDonald’s Bathroom While Another Teen Takes Video

A disturbing video shows a 15-year-old boy backing up into the corner of a McDonald’s bathroom and curling up in a ball on top of a toilet in an attempt to protect himself from the punches of another boy. That video, recorded by another student, has been shared all over Wellington High School in Florida.

“I’m terrified for my kid,” the victim’s mother told WPTV.

In the minute long-clip, the alleged perpetrator, a 17-year-old boy, kicks the bathroom stall open to attack the victim. He then takes his phone only to throw it onto the ground.

“I was furious first of all then I became scared and then it was like disbelief,” the victim’s mother told WPTV. She said her son was followed into the fast food establishment’s bathroom.

According to an NBC affiliate, the victim suffered minor injuries and bruises.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office stated that a 17-year-old was arrested in

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Autistic Man Beaten Up And Robbed While Trying To Make Friends On Basketball Court

After a violent incident in Tampa, Florida, two people are under arrest and an adult man with autism is left not knowing who he can trust. The victim told ABC Action News that he was just trying to make friends on the basketball court near his home, but he ended up being beaten and robbed.

“They tried to take my phone. They beat me up. They punched me in my face,” the 22-year-old man said. The young man suffers from autism, the neurological disorder that can inhibit and impair communication and social interactions and affects one in 68 children nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The victim, whose father asked that he not be named, had gone to a basketball court near his home on Sunday, December 3, The Washington Post reported. He enjoys playing the sport and was hoping to make new friends with whom he

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8-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death By Mom’s Ex-BF For Protecting His Little Sister From Assault

An 8-year-old boy was beaten to death with a hammer while trying to defend his sister from being molested.

According to WSFA, Dante Daniels, 8, caught his mother’s ex-boyfriend trying to commit a lewd act on his 7-year-old sister, Danae. That prompted 23-year-old Deandre Chaney Jr. to attack Dante, Danae and their 28-year-old mother Elizabeth Salone.

Police say that Chaney Jr. used a knife, a hammer and lighter fluid in the attack. Dante was injured the most. He was declared brain dead and died six days after the incident.

“Trying to save his sister from this child molester, and that’s why he was beat the worst,” Dante’s grandmother, Monique Brown, told WSFA.

Salone and Danae survived, but they have been badly hurt. Brown said Salone will likely never see out of her left eye again. She added that her granddaughter will need a lot of

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3-Year-Old Beaten To Death With Window-Blinds Rod For Drinking Milk From Jug

A young boy died after he was beaten with a plastic rod and thrown across a room for drinking milk from a jug. His mom’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s mother all allegedly participated in the beating.

The 3-year-old, Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel, died of from his injuries. According to the Associated Press, Lakesha Lewis, 28, and her mother, Callene Barton, 58, have each been charged with first-degree murder.

Xavier’s mother, Brandi Mokarzel lived with Lewis and Satchel in Orlando, Florida. According to the AP, Mokarzel woke up Friday to the sounds of Barton yelling at her son for drinking from the milk jug. Lewis allegedly grabbed a plastic window-blinds rod and beat Xavier until the rod broke. Mokarzel claimed she took her son into her bedroom, but Barton grabbed him, and threw him down a hall.

Instead of calling 911, Lewis and Barton tried splashing water on the boy to wake him up. Barton

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Shocking Video Captures 89-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient Being Beaten At Nursing Home

Shocking camera footage shows an elderly man who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease being beaten by a care worker at a Canadian nursing home. The family of 89-year-old Georges Karam installed the surveillance cameras in his room at Ottawa’s Gary J. Armstrong Long Term Care Home after noticing several unexplained injuries to their loved one. Police arrested personal care worker Jie Xiao in connection with the incident and charged him with assault.

“In the fall of 2016 and early 2017, my grandfather kept suffering from bruises, cuts and lesions — mostly to his face,” Karam’s grandson Daniel Nassrallah told CBC Radio-Canada. “Sometimes the home would have answers saying he fell out of bed, [but] my grandfather is immobile, so we didn’t necessarily believe [that].” With the approval of the Armstrong Home’s management and the knowledge of staff, the family installed the camera, which Nassrallah said was “extremely visible.”

Karam suffers from

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