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More Than $20K Raised For 4-Month-Old Baby Who Was Dragged From Bed And Attacked By Raccoon

Over $20,000 has been raised for the family of a 4-month-old girl who was attacked by a raccoon inside her home. Ashley Rodgers of Philadelphia said her baby was viciously attacked on Wednesday inside the family’s studio apartment, The Associated Press reported. The family had just moved into the home days prior.

“My daughter was laying on the bed sleeping and I went to take my son to the bathroom. We heard a sound upstairs and we see a raccoon run down the steps,” Rodgers recalled to CBS Philadelphia. “When I finally got to her, she was laying on the floor so it had dragged her off the bed, across the room, and she was bleeding and crying and her whole face was red.”

The baby girl, Journi Black, had to undergo four hours of surgery as a result of the attack, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She

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Video Captures Terrifying Moment A Shark Attacked A Women On Her Honeymoon

A newlywed was attacked by a shark during her Caribbean honeymoon and the whole incident was caught on camera.

“I felt a whoosh of water, something clamped down on my arm and I assumed my husband was playing a prank on me,” Sarah Illig told the Daily Mail.

Illig was swimming with the sharks, which apparently was a luxury that the resort that she was staying at with her hubby were offered. The bride said she is lucky to still have her arm. She was injured but in the end, the bite didn’t require stitches. Her husband Evan Carroll caught the incident on camera.

In the video, Illig is seen recoiling in pain after being bitten.

“Less than a second later I realized how much it hurt and looked past where my goggles were blocking my side vision to see the shark [bigger than myself]

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Innocent Woman Attacked By K-9 For ‘Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time’ Files Suit

A Minnesota woman who was taking out her trash was attacked by a police dog on the hunt for two burglary suspects—and now she’s suing the dog’s officer, The Washington Post said.

The 5-year-old police dog, Gabe, was allowed to roam on a 20 foot leash at the time of the September attack, according to body cam footage. As the officers chased down the suspects, Gabe ran past a dumpster and bit the right arm of Desiree Collins, 52, refusing to let go.

“Please,” Collins yelled, according to the footage. “Help me!”

Gabe released Collins after 30 seconds of clenching. “What did I do to him?” Collins asked.

“Nothing,” an officer responded. “Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

But Collins is now filing a federal suit against one of the officers, Thaddeus Schmidt, for the incident.

“What you have here is a completely innocent person taking out their garbage … and a

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4 Times People Were Attacked Over Christmas Gifts

The Holiday season is supposed to be all about the spirit of giving. But in these four cases, the suspects involved were all about taking. Some stole presents, and others took lives. Tragic stories like these are the basis of the second season of Homicide For The Holidays, premiering Saturday, November 25 at 6/5c.



1. Murder over lack of Christmas gift

Julio Resto of Waltham, Massachusetts didn’t buy his wife, Gloria Resto, a Christmas gift in 2014. That upset Gloria, according to Julio. It caused a fight, which escalated to violence on New Year’s Eve. He stabbed  Gloria, 42, about 21 times on the head, neck torso and other extremities, according to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office. Julio was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for his wife’s death.

2. Mom beats kids for opening gifts early

In 2016,

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A Florida Mayor Was Allegedly Attacked By Ex-Husband At US Conference Of Mayors

The ex-husband of Cape Coral, Florida mayor Marni Sawicki was arrested on Saturday on charges that he violently attacked her in the Miami Beach hotel she was staying in for the United States Conference of Mayors, People reported.

Sawicki’s ex, Kenneth Retzer, was charged with domestic violence in the incident, after police were called to the hotel room and found the Democratic mayor sitting in bed surrounded by bloodied sheets, an arrest report obtained by People claimed. Police reportedly saw red marks around her neck, swelling in her left eye and cheek, and punch marks on the hotel room’s walls.

“I refuse to be ashamed of it,” Sawicki told reporters, according to the News-Press.com. “I will not let people shame me into not doing my job or [saying] that this is my fault.”

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82-Year-Old Tackles Intruder That Attacked His Wife

An elderly man tackled and restrained a woman who had allegedly beat up his wife and tried to break into their San Jose home Sunday evening. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the 82-year-old man pinned the suspect down in the street until authorities arrived.

By Monday, the wife said she was still shaking from the incident.

“I’m not doing OK,” Christine Youkhaneh, 76, told The Chronicle “Too much stress. Too much worry. Somebody just came to kill me, I don’t know why.”

Youkhaneh was headed into her backyard to do some tidying up when she was attacked. She had bent over to put on her shoes when she felt two hard cracks on her head. A woman was hitting her with a large piece of wood, according to the report.

“I put my hand to my head, and she hit at my hand, very bad,” Youkhaneh said. “I tried to see who they are,

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Boyfriend Who Attacked Men Who Catcalled His Girlfriend Turns Himself In

A man who brutally attacked two strangers that catcalled his girlfriend has turned himself in. According to the NYDailyNewsthe man who severely beat two men—leaving one brain dead— in New York City’s Inwood neighborhood turned himself in on Monday.

Branlee Gonzalez, 18, attacked the catcallers early Thursday, in an assault that left one in a coma. The victims 69-year-old Lucia Bravo and 39-year-old Juan Caldron. The two were sitting on a sidewalk and drinking prior to the assault, per police. They whistled and catcalled as Gonzalez’s girlfriend walked by. That’s when Gonzalez got mad and beat them while they remained seated.

Surveillance video footage shows Gonzalez pounding his victims until his girlfriend eventually urged him to stop. The victims were taken to the hospital. While Calderon suffered only a bruising and cut lip, Bravo was declared brain dead. He also suffered bruises to his head and brain bleeding.

Police asked the public for help

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Caitlyn Jenner Got Dragged To Hell For Acting Surprised That Trump Attacked The Trans Community

Rich people will almost always prioritize being rich over any other concern, and Caitlyn Jenner is a textbook case from the presidential election. Jenner was a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, and seemed to think that she could be the voice of reason in his ear on trans issues. Keep her money and protect the rights of LGBTQ people at the same time! Turns out you actually can’t deal with the Devil and Donald Trump cannot hear voice of reason.

This week, Donald Trump personally pressured Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos into rescinding protections for trans students. Much like a child, Trump is still obsessed with where other people go pee-pee. Unfortunately, where people go to the bathroom is a serious matter. Using public facilities that align with your gender identity is a basic right, it’s something that transgender people have been doing

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