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Teacher Assigns Hitler-Themed Homework Project, Complete With Cartoon Of ‘My Little Pony’ In Nazi Uniform

Parents in Gurnee, Illinois were offended after their middle school children came home with a bizarre Hitler-themed homework assignment. The homework appears to be modeled after the children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” But in this case, it was called “If You Give Hitler a Country.”

The homework features a drawing of a “My Little Pony” character wearing Nazi gear and even a Hitler ‘stache. The pony is saluting an image of Europe.

The assignment instructed the students to “create a comic strip for little kids that exemplifies Europe’s appeasement towards Hitler.” Part of the lesson was to do so using “fun and colorful” images.

Kelly Masterton’s son Michael is one of the students who received the assignment. According to WGN, Michael is an eighth-grade student at Woodland Middle School.

“I asked him, ‘Did you ask the teacher if you could use these images?’ And he said, ‘Yes,’” Masterton

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