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Family Outraged After 2-Year-Old’s Kidney Transplant Is Put On Hold Because Dad Violated Parole

A 2-year-old boy will have to wait longer for his kidney transplant after his dad, who was discovered to be a match, violated the terms of his probation.

As AJC reports, the surgery for Anthony Dickerson Jr. was scheduled to take place on October 3 at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. That changed when the father, 26-year-old Anthony Dickerson, was arrested for a parole violation last month.

Dickerson was first arrested in 2011 on misdemeanor theft charges and a first-degree forgery charge. He was arrested for violating his probation in September and charged with possession of a firearm.

While incarcerated, Emory Hospital wrote a letter on his behalf to request that he be given blood work and pre-operative testing for his son, who was born without kidneys.

But in light of the parole violation, the hospital told the child’s mother, Carmellia Burgess, that it was changing its mind. The hospital said it

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Dad Allegedly Shoots Daughter’s Boyfriend In Groin After Catching Them In Hotel Room

A Pennsylvania father allegedly shot his daughter’s boyfriend in the groin after he found the two at a Motel 6 on Sunday.

Donald Jenkins, 40, of Shenandoah now faces attempted homicide and aggravated assault charges, according to Fox4.

Housekeeper Lisa Mowery was cleaning a room next door when she heard a gunshot. She then gave towels to the victim to stop the bleeding.“I was scared, you know, I was scared to death,” Mowery told WNEP. “I just stayed in the room because I didn’t know if he was going to shoot us.”

Jenkins allegedly shot his 20-year-old daughter’s boyfriend in the groin and upper leg.  Mowery said she gave the victim towels to help stop the bleeding. He is now recovering in a hospital.

“I didn’t even know what to do,” Mowery said. “I was like all upset, you know. I mean, I was scared.”

After the shooting, Jenkins fled in a vehicle,

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Missing Teacher’s Body Found After She’s Last Seen Bailing Man Out Of Jail

Police believe they may have found the remains of a kindergarten teacher who was last seen bailing a man out of jail.

Cathryn Gorospe taught at Arrowhead Elementary School in Glendale, Arizona.

Police are not releasing information about where the body was found until an investigation of that area is complete, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.  Police believe the body is Gorospe, but they are waiting for official identification to be sure.

Authorities confirmed that Gorospe and Mazahn had a romantic relationship, CBS 5 reports.

Gorospe’ roommate reported her missing after she left town to bail Charlie Malzahn out of jail on Friday, October 6, according to Fox 10. Malzahn, 27, had been in jail since August for theft and weapons-related charges.

It was later discovered that Malzahn attempted to purchase items at a mall with Gorospe’s credit and debit cards, TIME reports. He was spotted driving the teacher’s SUV and

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Man Attacks Wife, Mother-In-Law With Meat Cleaver After Release From Mental Health Evaluation

A Burlington, Vermont man who was just released from a hospital after asking for a mental-health evaluation has allegedly killed his wife on Thursday with a meat cleaver outside their home. Aita Gurung, 34, is accused of also severely injuring his mother-in-law in the attack.

Yogeswari Khadka, 32, died in the attack after suffering severe head and skull injuries. Her mother, Thulsa Rimal, 54, is in critical condition as of Thursday night.

Gurung’s and Khadka’s 8-year-old child was unhurt, as reported by Seven Days. The child was at school at the time of the deadly assault, which began not long after Gurung was released from the hospital. It started around 2:30 p.m. in the family’s kitchen and the violence soon spilled out into the street, where neighbors attempted to intervene. An armed bystander was able to detain Gurung until police arrived, according to the Burlington Free Press. Burlington Police Chief

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Topless Mother Hanging Out Of Car Window Killed After Her Head Hits Lamppost

A Russian woman has died in a gory crash while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. As Daily Mail reports, 35-year-old Natalia Borodina got into a car accident in the Caribbean while hanging out of the window on the passenger side of a moving car. The driver recorded the horrific incident on a mobile phone.

Borodina of Moscow had taken her bikini top off and was performing for the camera (screenshots below). The mother of an 8-year-old boy was suddenly hit by a lamppost while in the moving vehicle. 

The video was recorded by Ivanna Boirachuk, the victim’s friend, while driving on a highway near Punta Cana. After the crash, Borodina was rushed to hospital. She died there of serious injuries. 

It is believed that her son, an 8-year-old boy, was also on vacation with her.

Borodina had been working in Cannes, France as an estate agent. She

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Alert For Missing 8-Year-Old In Ohio After 3 People Found Shot To Death, Another Stabbed In Neck

A search is underway for a “person of interest” after three people were shot to death and another survived a stabbing. The violent attacks happened at two separate homes in Ohio. There was also a search out for a missing child, 8-year-old Devin Holston, who lived in one of the homes. However, that missing-child alert was later cancelled. The Associated Press reports that the Lawrence County sheriff’s office and the state attorney general’s office would not confirm if Holston was found safe.

The bodies of three adults in a house trailer were discovered on Wednesday evening by police. A fourth adult was found stabbed in the head and neck less than half a mile away in another home, the sheriff’s office stated. The person with the stab wounds survived and has been flown to a hospital in West Virginia.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless told the Ironton Tribune that the

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Dad Convicted For Doing Nothing After Stepmom Scalds Son To Death In 135-Degree Bathtub

After an Ohio woman scalded her 4-year-old stepson to death in a bathtub, both she and her husband, the boy’s father, were convicted in his death, Crime Online reported.

The boy’s father, Robert Ritchie, 32, was sentenced to seven years in prison on Tuesday for failing to get medical help for his son, Austin Cooper, in his 2016 death. His wife, Anna Ritchie, was previously sentenced to 18 years to life after pleading guilty to charges of murder, involuntary manslaughter, felonious assault and endangering children charges.

Prosecutors alleged that Anna Ritchie held Austin in 135-degree water for 20-25 minutes because she resented being his primary caregiver, according to WXIX.

Robert Ritchie came home shortly after the assault and did not care for his son, prosecutors claimed.

“The question that kept me awake at night is: why did you not check on this little boy, your son, Austin, as he lay there for

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Dad Arrested After Autopsy Reveals Newborn Found In Duffel Bag In The Woods Died Of Blunt-Force Trauma

A Georgia father was charged in the death of a 2-week-old infant girl whose remains were found abandoned in the woods after she was killed by blunt force head trauma, The Rockdale Citizen reported.

Newton County Coroner ruled infant Caliyah McNabb’s death a homicide.

The infant girl was reported missing by her parents Chris McNabb and Courtney Bell on Saturday morning. The parents told police that Caliyah was fed at 5 a.m., at which point the couple went back to sleep. 

When the parents woke back up at 10 a.m., they said they found that the infant girl was missing.

The Newton County’s Sheriff’s Office searched through a park on Saturday and Sunday, eventually discovering the child’s body wrapped in cloth inside a duffel bag that was hidden under a log in the woods.

At this discovery, Chris McNabb jumped out of a car and ran away. A food store clerk later called police

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3-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing After Her Father Told Her To Stand By A Tree For Not Drinking Her Milk

A 3-year-old Texas girl with special needs is missing after her adoptive father told her to stand by a tree outside her home at 3 a.m. to punish her because she didn’t drink her milk, police said, resulting in the father’s arrest.

Sherin Mathews, the girl, is still missing after her disappearance was reported at 8 a.m. on Saturday. She went missing just 15 minutes after her father, Wesley Mathews, told her to stand outside near the tree, which is 100 feet from the family’s house, KXAS reported.

Sherin has “developmental issues and has limited verbal communication skills,” according to police.

Wesley Mathews was arrested Saturday evening on the charge that he abandoned or endangered a child. He was released from jail on a $250,000 bond that night.

Sherin’s 4-year-old sister was removed from the family home and placed in protective custody, KXAS said.

The Mathews family were members of the Emmanuel Bible Chapel,

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Dad Captured After Newborn Girl Found Dead In A Duffel Bag In The Woods

The body of a 15-day-old girl from Covington, Georgia has been found in a duffel bag in a wooded area, not far from her family’s trailer. After the discovery, her father became a person of interest and subsequently fled.

Caliyah McNabb went missing around 10 a.m. Saturday, Channel 2 Action News reported. Her parents told police they noticed she disappeared when they woke up. Not long after, family and police with dogs searched a 2-mile radius around the trailer park where the family resides. By Sunday, family members found the baby’s body. When she was discovered, Caliyah’s father Christopher McNabb, ran off. A Chevron gas station clerk called 911 when they him in the store.

“He started hollering and talking about ‘they are going to get me. They are going to get me. I’ve been running all day. I have been in the woods all day,’” Julie Hannah, store clerk, told

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