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Walmart Faces Backlash After Advertising Guns As Back-To-School Item: ‘Own The School Like A Hero’

Images of a shocking and distasteful Walmart product display, which showcased firearms in the store’s back-to-school section, have prompted the company to offer an apology to customers.

According to The New York Times, images of the display began circulating on social media before Walmart addressed the situation.

“What’s seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores,” Walmart said in a statement. “We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened.”

On Wednesday, Walmart’s social media team determined that the sign had appeared at a store in Evansville, Indiana, and that it has since been removed.

On Thursday evening, a Walmart spokesperson told The Times that it was possible the image had been “digitally enhanced” or is some kind of prank.

“It was never confirmed the sign was [at the store in Indiana], and it wasn’t confirmed that this was the store in question,” Mr. Crowson said. The company’s social media

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Should Oxygen rebrand as True Crime Channel?

Oxygen recently announced that it was going to “expand to a crime destination network for women” in summer of 2017. With that announcement they made no mention of changing the name of the channel. If the channel stays as Oxygen, a name they spent a lot of money branding as a channel for women, it will most likely maintain the female true crime audience that it already has, but advertising to increase that audience or attract male true crime fans, will be an uphill battle. It will take a lot of advertising dollars to associate Oxygen as the true crime destination on television.

If it should, however, rebrand as True Crime Channel, then the channel’s name would have built in subject authority that would allow it to compete head-to-head with Investigation Discovery, the current leader in true crime television. It would be less expensive to advertise, in both the U.S and internationally, because the name is easily associated with its content. A viewer flipping through channels or scanning through their cable channel guide would know immediately what type of shows that channel features. Radio ads and billboards would be more memorable while driving, so potential viewers would actually remember it by the time they got home. Basically, true crime on television could be instantly associated with True Crime Channel in all forms of advertising, including magazine and television ads, so that you wouldn’t need to advertise as much or as often.

True crime is extremely popular right now and it looks like that trend will continue for quite awhile. There will probably be more channels jumping on the band wagon. So, rebranding to True Crime Channel would also be a defensive move, by preventing a third channel from leap frogging them to compete directly with Investigation Discovery. Just like Travel Channel, Science Channel, and History Channel, the name True Crime Channel would give instant credibility within that subject, so a small, new channel could conceivably become the true competitor to Investigation Discovery.

Somebody will use True Crime Channel to easily grab market share. Will it be Oxygen? Reelz? A completely new player? Or even Investigation Discovery?