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White Restaurant Manager Accused Of Enslaving Black Disabled Employee

A white resturant manager in South Carolina is accused of enslaving a black employee. According to the Post-Courier, 52-year-old Bobby Paul Edwards of Lakeside Drive is facing a charge of forced labor for his treatment of Christopher Smith at JJ Cafeteria.

Smith had worked for 23 years at the restaurant. The allegations came to light after state social workers received a tip from someone concerned for his safety. According to prosecutors, Edwards “used force, threats of force, physical restraint and coercion” to get Smith to work. Smith, who has an intellectual disability, was said to work 18-hour shifts six days a week. He often worked without breaks and had been hit with a frying pan, burned with grease-covered tongs and beaten with butcher knives, belt buckles and fists “while being called the N-word repeatedly,” per his lawyers.

His salary was less than $3,000 a year.

Edwards’ lawyer asserts his innocence. If found

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Man Accused Of Raping 12-Year-Old Gets Joint Custody Of Her Child

A Michigan judge awarded joint legal custody of an eight-year-old boy to the man who was convicted of raping the boy’s mother nine years ago, when she was 12, The Detroit News reported.

Christopher Mirasolo, 27, is the biological father of the child, according to DNA testing.

“This is insane,” said Rebecca Kiessling, the victim’s attorney. “Nothing has been right about this since it was originally investigated. He was never properly charged and should still be sitting behind bars somewhere, but the system is victimizing my client, who was a child herself when this all happened.”

Kiessling is fighting the ruling under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, and a hearing is scheduled to be held on Oct. 25, according to the News.

Judge Gregory S. Ross disclosed the young victim’s address to Mirasolo in the custody case and ordered that his name be added to the boy’s birth certificate, Kiessling said,

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Soldier Accused Of Removing Parts To Wife’s Parachute To Be With Tinder GF

An Army sergeant in the United Kingdom is accused of trying to kill his wife in a dramatic parachute incident. According to BBC37-year-old Emilie Cilliers is accused of two counts of attempted murder of his former wife Victoria. She survived the jump on April 5, 2015 but endured multiple injuries. 

Authorities assert that Cilliers wanted to leave his wife for a woman he met on Tinder. They also claim he wanted to cash out a life insurance payout of £120,000 for her death, to cover his own debts of £22,000.

The incident occurred when the wife, who is an experienced parachutist and instructor, jumped out of the plane some  above Netheravon Airfield. She realized that “both her main parachute and her reserve parachute failed.”

The prosecutor shared, “Those at the scene immediately realised that something was seriously wrong with her reserve parachute, two vital pieces of equipment which

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Cannibal Couple Accused Of Eating At Least 30 People Confess Motive For Killing Final Victim

Natalia Baksheeva and Dmitry Baksheev, the Russian “cannibal” husband and wife, who allegedly killed 30 people have confessed the motive behind their one of the gruesome murders.

According to the New York Post, pickled body parts of their last murder victim Elena Vashrusheva, 35, were found in a glass jar inside the couple’s fridge. The couple allegedly confessed to killing Vashrusheva, a waitress, in a fit of jealousy. The murder allegedly happened after Baksheeva accused her of trying to seduce her husband.

Baksheeva, 42, has also complained that she has been mocked by fellow inmates. She claims inmates have asked her things, like, “Did you eat enough human meat?” Baksheev, 35, is being kept in solitary confinement so that he won’t be beaten by prisoners. He is reportedly unhappy about the forced separation of him and his wife.

Viktor Belikov, a human rights activist has stated, “It is obvious that he

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Family Defends Teen Cheer Camp Volunteer Accused Of Burning, Burying Newborn: She ‘Is A Pleaser’

The family of a teen accused of burning and burying her newborn baby in her parent’s backyard are defending her actions.

Over the summer, 18-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson was charged with reckless homicide after police in Carlisle, Ohio made the discovery of a dismembered and burned body, Dayton Daily News reports. Those charges were later upgraded, following a grand jury indictment, to aggravated murder, voluntary manslaughter, child endangerment and gross abuse of a corpse.

Several of Richardson’s family members – the teen’s maternal and paternal grandparents, some uncles, aunts, and cousins – spoke to the Cincinnati Magazine.

All of them told the publication that they believe their relative is innocent of the charges. They said they believe the baby was born stillborn, and that the only one aware of Richardson’s pregnancy was Richardson herself. The family members said they think that Richardson was scared. “They agree that the disposal of

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Principal Accused Of Locking 5-Year-Old In Closet With Spiders, Roaches Because She Was ‘Bad’

A principal of a charter school in Louisiana is wanted by authorities for allegedly locking a kindergartener in a closet to punish her.

According to WBRZ Shafeeq Syid Shamsid-Deen, the principal at Laurel Oaks Charter in Baton Rouge, will be arrested on felony cruelty to a juvenile and misdemeanor false imprisonment charges. The 31-year-old is alleged to have locked a 5-year-old girl inside a “nasty and gross” school closet filled with spiders and roaches.

On August 22, a teacher heard a child crying and screaming. Other teachers began to search and found the girl inside a closet in the school cafeteria. Authorities say the closet had paint, garbage bags, a ladder and what appeared to be a small chair.

The girl told authorities that her principal put her in the closet when she was “bad.” If she screamed, he turned off the light in the closet. She described the closet as “nasty and gross,” and said that it had spiders and roaches.

16 US Postal Workers Accused Of Accepting Bribes To Deliver Cocaine

Several U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employees working across Atlanta have been charged in connection with helping facilitate cocaine distribution. 

WSB-TV reports 16 employees allegedly took bribes in exchange for delivering packages of cocaine in a state-wide ring. According to three unsealed federal indictments, the workers allegedly accepted bribes from a drug trafficker to use the mail system to ship multiple kilograms of drugs.

The suspects range in age from 25 to 63 years old.

In exchange for the bribes, the accused provided the drug trafficker with special addresses to ship the drugs. The suspects then intercepted the packages and delivered them to the trafficker. Some of the employees recruited others to join the ring.

What the suspects didn’t realize is that the drug trafficker was working with law enforcement. The packages being delivered contained fake drugs.

“The defendants in this case allegedly sold that trust out to someone they knew to be a drug dealer, and simply for cash

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Man Accused Of Sex-Trafficking 15-Year-Old Pens Personal Letter To Judge On Why He’s A ‘Good Man’

A Detroit man accused of sex trafficking a 15-year-old runaway wrote a letter to his federal judge explaining that he is merely a “good man in a misunderstood situation.”

Malik McCaster, 21, is accused of child sex trafficking, child exploitation and possessing or producing child pornography, MLive reports. Last Thursday, he handwrote a note pleading for bond.

“I am no saint; neither am I perfect,” McCaster wrote. “I ask that you can find it in your heart to give me a bond so that I can get back to my job, school and my family. … I have a lot of responsibility on the outside life that I cannot keep under control while I am here.”

He even made a birthday plea, stating that being released on bond would “be the best birthday a 21-year-old innocent man could ask for.”

In July, the 15-year-old

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Mom Marries Boyfriend Accused Of Killing Her 19-Month-Old Disabled Daughter A Year After Death

A Salt Lake City man has been charged in the death of his wife’s daughter.

According to Deseret News, 29-year-old Jake Don Jensen has been charged with child abuse homicide, a first-degree felony, and child abuse in the death of a 19-month-old girl.

The charges stem from a January 2016 incident, in which the toddler was having a seizure. Jensen and the child’s mother (then-girlfriend) Stephanie Mahaffey Jensen refused on-site care and told emergency personnel that they would take the girl to the doctor soon.

Two days later, the child had another seizure and was taken to the hospital early the next morning. She “never regained consciousness,” per the charges. Doctors discovered that the child’s legs had been broken and were in various stages of healing, but the parents never reported broken bones. They believed the injuries were “most consistent with severe child physical abuse, given the lack of any other adequate explanation for either her broken legs

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Northwestern Professor Accused Of Killing Hair Dresser Sent Video To Victim’s Family: ‘Worst Mistake Of My Life’

A Northwestern University associate professor and an Oxford University employee have each turned themselves into police after the pair became suspects in the death of a 26-year-old man, People magazine reports.

Police found the body of Trenton Cornell-Duranleau at the home of Wyndham Lathem, 42, an associate professor of microbiology-immunology at Northwestern. The victim was apparently stabbed to death.

Police searched for Lathem and Andrew Warren, 56, for more than a week before they agreed to turn themselves in.

While on the run, Lathem allegedly sent a video to Cornell-Duranleau’s family, apologizing for “the worst mistake of my life,” investigators claimed.

One of the suspects also made a $1,000 donation to a local library in Cornell-Duranleau’s name, the Associated Press reports.

Lathem, who has been placed on administrative leave and banned from Northwestern’s campuses, plans to plead not guilty to the charge of murder, his attorney told People.

[Image: Chicago Police Department]

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