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Corinna Slusser’s Aunt Believes She Was a ‘Call Girl’ Who Was Killed Or Abducted After Attempting To Go Home

A missing 19-year-old who may have been working as a “call girl,” according to a family member, called her mother to say she wanted to leave New York and return to her small-town home in Pennsylvania the day before all communication with friends and family stopped. Police believe Corinna Slusser was kidnapped and may have entered into a human trafficking ring after being lured to New York City and beginning to work as a “call girl,” Slusser’s aunt, Julie Anne Becker-Calfa, told Oxygen.com.

Corinna still has not been heard from since the last documented sighting of her in Queens on September 20, the New York Police Department told Oxgen.com. Corinna was reported missing by relatives on Sept. 12. While the NYPD declined to describe the case in greater detail, Slusser’s aunt said before she went missing she got involved in the wrong crowd at home in Pennsylvania and later moved to New York

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Dad Who Abducted 11-Year-Old Step-Daughter And Fathered Her 9 Kids Defends Abuse: ‘I Made Love To My Wife’

The Oklahoma man accused of abducting and sexually abusing his tween stepdaughter and fathering nine children with her says, “99 percent [of the charges] are lies.”

FOX23 caught up with 62-year-old Henry Piette as he appeared in court in Wagoner, Oklahoma after being extradited from Mexico where he was arrested. Piette is accused of raping his then 11-year-old stepdaughter Rosalynn McGinnis, before later abducting her and taking her to Mexico, where he fathered nine children with her.

McGinnis, now 33, says the abuse began when Piette was married to her mother, whom he frequently beat. After raping her, he had his teenage son “marry” them. “He said since he had already touched me, he needed to marry me or it was a sin,” McGinnis told People magazine. Despite her mother’s attempts to get away from him, he repeatedly tracked them down. When McGinnis was

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Terrifying Video Shows Moment Abducted Woman Is Forced To Marry Kidnapper In Las Vegas Chapel

Surveillance footage of a Las Vegas wedding chapel released by police shows the moment a woman was allegedly forced into marriage by the man who kidnapped her, Inside Edition reports.

In the footage, Joseph Hetzel, 52, kisses and holds Virginia Paris, 55, tightly. At one point, he puts his arm tightly around the back of her neck.

Paris told Inside Edition she was afraid that Hetzel might kill her, and tried to escape the chapel during the wedding but was blocked by her alleged captor, who had been an acquaintance of hers before the abduction.

According to Paris, she was leaving her job at a California retirement home when a car cut her off. The driver of the car, Hetzel, jumped into her car and ordered her to drive to Las Vegas, she claimed.

“I kept asking him to stop,” she told Inside Edition. “It was just horrible.”

After the wedding, Hetzel and Paris drove

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Model Who Was Allegedly Abducted And Sold As Sex Slave Says Her Instagram Saved Her Life

Instagram is full of budding models. A 20-year-old model says that the social media site helped her break free after she was abducted from a fake photo shoot.

According to The Telegraph, 20-year-old Chloe Ayling says that she was drugged, handcuffed and put into a suitcase by kidnappers who tried to to sell her as a sex slave online.

She tells the publication that her agent booked her for a gig in Milan on July 11. When she showed up at an abandoned building, a man grabbed and drugged her. “I realised I was in the boot of a car with my wrists and ankles handcuffed, adhesive tape on my mouth. I was inside a bag and was only able to breathe through a small hole,” she said when she woke.

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She alleges that the four men kept her hostage,

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