Woman Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping Newborn From Hospital In 1998, Raising Her For 18 Years

A woman who abducted a baby and raised her into adulthood has pleaded guilty for her actions. As CNN reported, 52-year-old Gloria Williams pleaded guilty to kidnapping and interference with custody. 

Back in 1998, Williams allegedly posed as a hospital worker in Jacksonville, Florida, and nabbed an infant baby girl. The infant’s biological mother, Shanara Mobley, told authorities that she thought the woman who entered her room was a nurse. When Mobley asked the woman to place the baby in a carrier, she left the room with the newborn.

The child (seen below) was renamed Alexis Manigo, and Williams raised her as her own daughter. Nearly two decades later, the child realized that Williams used fraudulent documents and wasn’t her biological mother. She discovered her true identity when she applied for a job that required a birth certificate and social security information. Her given name at birth was Kamiyah Mobley.

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