Man Recovering After Pushing Pregnant Wife From Path Of Speeding Truck

A California man is being called a hero after saving his pregnant wife from the path of a speeding truck. As People reported, Aaron Gutierrez and his family were at a local pizza joint in Fresno celebrating his 6-year-old son’s birthday on January 5. They took the bus home and were walking from their stop when the driver of a speeding Toyota Tacoma ran a red light and lost control. The quick-thinking father sprung into action and pushed his wife out of the truck’s path.

The couple was with their three children as well as Gutierrez’s mother during the incident.

“I heard a big bang, I looked over my shoulder and I saw the truck flying towards us. I looked at my wife, and it was heading right towards her direction,” the 31-year-old father told People.  

He knew that he was going to experience impact, but

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