Man Allegedly Stabs Girlfriend To Death, Then Goes To Family Birthday Party And Stabs Both Parents

A young man in Massachusetts is accused of murdering his girlfriend and then attending a family party. According to People, 20-year-old Benjamin Walsh is a suspect in the killing of his 20-year-old girlfriend Olivia Bergstrom. He then went to a family birthday party and allegedly stabbed both of his parents.

The incident occurred on Saturday night following the stabbing at the Primavera restaurant. Both parents are expected to recover. Laura Walsh, the mother, was in serious condition on Monday while her husband was released after being treated. Apparently, Walsh’s other family members were able to subdue Benjamin and tie him up until authorities came to the scene.

Witnesses at the scene describe Walsh as making violent, verbal threats at the restaurant. As CBS Boston reports, witnesses overheard him proclaim, “I’m going to kill everyone!” Jerry Gaita, the owner of the restaurant, was leaving the restaurant when his employee called him about the

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