Daughter of Murdered Hollywood Actress Christa Helm Is Still Seeking Justice For Her Mother

Recently, an episode of Oxygen’s Mysteries Scandals focused on the untimely and tragic death of Christa Helm. An aspiring actress and known Hollywood socialite, Helm was murdered in West Hollywood in 1977.

Watch the full episode here.

Her daughter Nicole Clements was also featured in the episode hoping to find some sort of justice or solace all these years later. “My mother was a very complicated woman, like so many of us,” Clements tells Oxygen exclusively. “She used her brain as well as her charm. She was warm and loving to those of us she loved and cared for. She was also fearless with her ambition.”

Clements still struggles with the reality of her mother’s death, noting that some memories are just too harsh to recall. In the episode, it’s noted that Clements wasn’t even told the real reason her mother passed away until later. “I believe it was a couple of

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